Some pictures that Dave took of the aircraft's first flight in 20 years.  The flight was an adrenaline kick as I had not done a takeoff in a tail dragger in many years. It didn't help that there was a bit of crosswind and the tailwheel would swivel every direction but straight. The brakes are old cable brakes and require lots of heel pressure while also trying to use the rudder at the same time. Some interesting history of this Taylorcraft is that it is a 1953 model 19 and was the first aircraft of Dick Turner. He wrote about it in his second book "Wings of the North". He also wrote Nahanni. His third book never got published but I read the manuscript. It was called Mackenzie.

The Taylorcraft has twice the wing and half the power of my last aircraft.

I hope to get to a few more local airports before the snow flies. It does have skis but I have never flown it on skis.

I purchased CF-HAL back in 1987 and flew it for 10 years. The annuals were too expensive, so I stopped flying it and built an Avid Flyer and installed a Subaru engine. I had paid 8 thou for the aircraft but the first annual was 2 thou and the second was 6 thou.

It now is completely rebuilt and in owner maintenance.