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Previous Newsletter   May 2020  

Next meeting: June 11, 2020

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse

From John McLintock

Kitfox III lift struts with wood fairings

This is confirmation of what was learned from Piper struts years ago tubes should be sealed closed with preservative oil, and delete the wood fairings. This rebuild project is another example of lessons already learned by others.

While the exterior appearance of these faired pieces was great, the internals were very suspect, and I’m glad I stripped the fabric away in order to inspect. (but the replacement cost makes me think of learning how to create a go-fund me account!). But this is just another little ripple in the rebuilding of an aircraft, a huge task as many of our members know so well.

This plane was built in 1992, and wood fairings were used on the lift struts and cabane landing gear legs. The faired combination was then wrapped with fabric and painted. So 28 years later, the struts look great from the outside.

The plane was on floats for a long time, so the landing gear must have been kept out of the weather, they were not too bad. Hysol was the typical structural adhesive of the day, and it was difficult to remove the wood fairings. The steel had a primer, it seemed to be a single coat, and rust could live under the primer. So in removing the fairings, sometimes the wood split along the grain and other times the glue and wood stayed together and separated from the rust layer.

The lift struts were in worse shape because the jury struts allowed moisture into the fabric wrapped combination, so the lower half of the struts were showing far more rust than the upper half. The wood retains moisture. And the jury strut attachment strap (like an Adel clamp without the rubber cushion) was not corrosion protected, so of all places, near the mid-point of the lift strut was the highest amount of surface rust. And we all know you can’t see what’s happening on the inside of the tubes.

A few days were lost while I checked the price of 4130, before biting the bullet and just going with factory made replacements. BTW, when you shop online at aircraft spruce, the prices aren’t being kept up to date. Put something on your wishlist and the next screen comes up with the current price. Another complaint about pricing is Poly Fibre products, did you know the price in the warehouse in Ontario is now $200 per US gallon.

This time around, the frame is getting Endura epoxy primer, it sticks something quite amazing. There’s a good sand blasting shop nearby, they are using glass beads and they are willing to do it without their powder coating service … have you seen how well powder coating hides surface rust?


From Dan Thomas

Your club guys might like this. Maybe they’ve seen it already?


From John McDermott

To ; All Salmon Arm Pilots and Visiting Pilots, the NOTAM for the closure of the Salmon Arm Airport for the Construction of  ‘’TAXIWAY CHARLIE” has been canceled.

The Airport is NOW OPEN.

However, Taxiway Charlie will not be available for use until we complete the installation of the electrical, signage and update of the CFS.

With additional work requiring completion, please make sure you check for NOTAMS before flight planning to Salmon Arm.

 John Mc Dermott, Salmon Arm Airport


From Gordon Isaac

Hi  folks! I want to share my  excitement   to  be  able  to  get  this  new  " glider  " type  trike  wing  for the  little  airplane .. Will  be  a  lot  easier  to  hangar  and  less  hassle to  deal  with  taking  wing  up  and  down after /  for  each  flying  session  .. Traded  in the  "king post  " wing  for  this   "strutted  " type  wing .

I hope  it  can  be  delivered  mid  July . 


From Jan Nademlenjsky


294. South Thompson River Flooding Part 2 of 2, June 3, 2020.

This is unedited and complete aerial view from front camera only. It starts at 17 km east of Kamloops and ends at Kamloops Lake delta.


293. North Thompson River Flooding Part 1 of 2, June 3, 2020.

This is unedited and complete aerial view from front camera only. It starts at 28 km north of Kamloops and ends by rivers junction in downtown Kamloops.


292. Survey of North and South Thompson River Flooding, June 3, 2020.

Both Kamloops rivers are very ripe to cause some serious damage from their floods. Low laying areas are already submerged and the water is slowly creeping into Riverside Park. I flew straight north about 15 km and then flew above North Thompson River to downtown. Then I turned east and at 15 km I started my flight west above South Thompson River. The countryside is even more beautiful now when everything is green with many patched of yellow flowers. I notice that I left the neck camera on the back seat. It was major decision to land or to retrieve it in flight. I did it in flight.


291. Fun with Clouds in Nicola Valley, May 27, 2020.

Beautiful flight, south of Kamloops, over green meadows, fields, hills and lakes. This area is always challenging for me to fly, because the conditions are very often unpredictable and changing quickly. It started with no wind, but turbulent, bumpy ride, eventually smooth and relaxing when flying over the clouds by Stump Lake. I almost wanted to jump into those fluffs, which reminded me my childhood dreams to do something like that.

ops downtown rivers junction valley displayed all its beauty and the comSpectacular Kamloplexness of that nature creation. I finally checked the Tranquille Farm are flood situation. It was perfect flight 90 min long and recorded by 4 cameras. I found very jumpy music as a background, to highlight my flying mood during that flight.



290. Flying along North Ridge and Flooded Tranquille Farm, May 24, 2020.

I had totally different plan where to fly, but sudden and unexpected turbulence put dumper into my expectation. It started peacefully when flying east until I crossed the North Thompson River. It became unpleasant and especially to deal with the anticipation what would come next. Would it stay at lease the same of even worse? Eventually I decided to turn back without pushing my luck. Once I crossed that river again, everything stopped. It became enjoyable flight again. This is typical challenge of flying in Kamloops. I never know what will happen during my flight as far as weather is concern.


289. Flying to Knutsford, Ajax and Flooded Tranquille Farm, May 19, 2020.

I decided that it is just about time to land on our grassy landing strip in Knutsford. I was very hesitant to do it, because the terrain is very bumpy and landing is up or downhill. This is very fast trike with landing speed of 90 km/h. I could land in much worse areas in the case of emergency, but this was not emergency and I didn’t want to create one.


Regardless, I did it and I was glad. I met there another trike pilot from Kamloops. It looks like we could do some flying together. See my previous video # 288.  I spent there just few minutes, because I was anxious to fly back. The heat turbulence and upper winds were getting more unpleasant then I liked.

I flew over the AJAX gold mine which polarized Kamloopsiens  into two groups: People who need money (jobs) and people who want to preserve Kamloops beautiful nature. Final place was to check the flood situation by river delta with Kamloops Lake at Tranquille Farm. This area is always the first one to end up under water. Kamloops is expecting major flood this year and we are on its way to go there and ahead of regular schedule.




288. My Trike in the Air, May 19, 2020.

When circling our flying club airstrip, I noticed another trike on the ground. I could not believe it. So far I was here just lonely ultralight flyer. That’s very good. New member who kindly took the pictures and video. I have tons of pictures and videos, but nothing of me from ground up. I was really impressed how fast this trike really is. It does not feel too fast when flying it.




287. Flight from Kamloops to Brigade Lake, May 14, 2020.

Kamloops. Then I flew a bit North above North Thompson River to check the developing flood area. City of Kamloops is getting ready for the big one. Almost all the river beaches are under water and my popular sand bars are all gone too. I flew over the Tranquille farm, which has significant section of land already under water.



Buy And Sell

New (or modified) ads since last Newsletter.


Hangar #8 is available at Blair Field. It is a modified T-Hangar that was built to store an RX-550 Beaver.  For details, contact Bill Davidson at 250-554-7007 or

MERLIN GT      $17,000. OBO

Merlin GT aircraft with Speed Wing (Tapered Wing), Tundra tires, Aerodynamic struts.  Rotax 582 and 2x 40 Litre Fuel tanks (4 hours flying) large storage area. Intercom.Excellent performance with shorter take off, better climb rate and faster cruise than the Hershey Bar wing models.View Youtube channel “Flyscross” or playlist link below.  Located Indus, Alberta. Asking price $17,000 OBO.  Contact: Kevin (403) 614-1555


Renegade Spirit      NOW $18,500.

Murphy Renegade biplane.  Recently completed after long delayed build.  Equipped with a 0-170  continental 75 horse.  Plenty of hours on engine but runs strong. Long range tanks. Equipped with electric starter, no hand propping. Basic VFR instruments.  Plane was build following homebuilt rules and was inspected mid build. Then registered as a basic ultralight after completion. Contact Craig at 604- 339-4073. Or 


C-FTJY Merlin Ultralight    $25,000. OBO

Advanced ultralight aircraft, easy and fun to fly. Rotax 912 80 Hp burns 15 litres. per hour. Always hangared, comes with long range fuel tanks 120 liters (35 gal) and large storage compartment for back country camping..

Standard gages include airspeed, tachometer, VSI, oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, fuel gages 3 tanks, rpm, tiny tach, radio, transponder, LED fuse box, etc.

It’s well build for what I need it, and is serving me well but need the space in my hangar for another plane. Good strong robust flyer easy to fly, takeoff and landing on paved and unpaved runways. Have videos and photos on request.

Asking price $25.000.00 OBO

The Kiewiets [] 1-403-686-6481


MUSTANG II      $60,000. USD OBO

First flew in 1983. Always hangared. Flies very nice.  160HP Lycoming, fuel injected, constant speed Hartzell prop.  440 Hrs on airframe.  200 Hrs since complete overhaul on engine.  440 Hrs on prop but it has been freshly overhauled.  I built the airplane, sold it to a fellow in the U.S. He registered it there. I bought it back and re-registered it in Canada. It has just completed a major inspection as per MD/RA requirements Everything works. Lost license. Contact C. Hawthorne, Grande Prairie, AB.  Home 1-780-539-1155 or Cell 1-780-518-2694


QUAZAR      $40,000. USD OBO

First flown in 2012.  Always hangared. Flies very nice. 80HP Rotax 912, adjustable prop. It has Pulsar wings., the fuselage is my own design. 100 Hrs total time on engine and airframe. You can fly it for $20./hour.  Terra radio.  Terra transponder. Voice activated intercom.  Great airplane to build hours on.  Contact C. Hawthorne, Grande Prairie, AB.  Home 1-780-539-1155 or Cell 1-780-518-2694


RV-6     SOLD!

Aerocomp 1400 superfloats.     $2,000.

Amphibious but no gear or rigging. They weigh between 100 and 105lbs each. Ph. 250 398 0522. Email.


Full Lotus 2150 floats $8,200.

Contact Arnie at 780-832-9750 or


Lotus 1650 with rigging,        $7,500.  


Federal 2000 skis with tags    $ 2,100.

Contact Rick Pinger at 403-783-1450 Alberta, or



$3500.00 firm.

Single seat aircraft. Aluminum construction. Wings fold for storage. Now on tricycle gear. Weighs approx. 250#. Approx. 250 hr TT. Needs finishing. Must sell for health reasons.. $3,500. firm. 250-260-0700   Dan McGladdery  250-260-0700  Armstrong, BC


Some 290 parts for sale

-O290D Carb $550.

-Bendix Starter working condition will fit 290 and 320. Asking $250.

-Sensenich Excellent Shape low time. 76AM-2 56 pitch, and Sensenich 74DM 61 Pitch asking $1,200./ piece.

Willing to negotiate. Please email  or call Jared at 306 961-0168


CGS Hawk Arrow 2.   $14,000. OBO

CGS Hawk Arrow 2,  2 seater Ultralight. Lotus Floats, Skis.  130 total time on frame and 582 Rotax motor. Located near Whitehorse Yukon. 867-336-3383


Large Aviation Estate Sale  Lycoming Parts

Cylinder Lycoming 0360 -just like new $500.00 

Exhaust system 0320 Cessna 172,   $700.00

2 pairs  Slick Mags   500 Hr. Inspection Done   $500.00 ea. 

Slick Harness        $150.00 ea. 

Vacuum pumps parts and pieces $300.00 for all 

New REM Champion Spark plugs x 6  $210.00 

Used Serviceable  REM Spark Plugs x 13  $200.00 

2 Lycoming starters $150.00 ea 

Valve covers X 5  $25.00 

Carb MA 4 $500.00

Gascolators $50.00 ea. 

Aviation Tools  

Rivet gun, bucking bars, C frame Dimpler ,dimple dies etc. (Too numerous to mention everything) All you need to set up shop. $900.00 for all. Pick up would be best  CAH3  Courtenay B.C.  Please email Chris


RV-3B   NOW $48,500.

Extremely well built RV-3B. Built and flown just about daily by former AME,  MDRA rep. and very knowledgeable and experienced aviation enthusiast. 821 Hrs. TTSN.  0320, fixed prop. This is a reliable fast aircraft that will provide a new owner with years of trouble free fun!    For more info please email Chris   250 898 7840


Aircraft Detailing Service       $325.

Here at SOLEIL AIRCRAFT CLEANING we pride ourselves in providing the highest standard when it comes to aircraft detailing .

We only use the finest products at an exceptional value and deliver unparalleled service. Our technicians are aircraft owners and pilots themselves and will treat your plane as if it was theirs.

We serve all airports in the greater Vancouver area, on Vancouver Island and the Okanagan Valley. Examples include Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB), Langley Airport (CYNJ), Abbotsford Airport (CYXX), Chilliwack Airport (CYCW), Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK), Victoria Airport (CYYJ), Kelowna Airport (CYLW).

This is a partial list of our service area. If your airport is anywhere in the greater Vancouver area, Vancouver Island or Okanagan Valley, we can come to you. We focus on Single and Twin piston powered general aviation aircraft. We can clean anything from your two seater Cessna 152 to your 8 seater Piper Navajo.

To book your service, contact Chris at or phone 778-800-3768.


1998 MERLIN SWAN    $16,000.OBO

This airplane has been hangared, it has a 75 HP continental engine. SMOH 472 hours TTAF 72, this is a basic ultralight class. Immaculate interior and exterior, fuel tank capacity is 92 L, comes with FEDERAL skies 750 lbs. Please contact Rick at 780-865-0605 or by email at

Also looking for a Flight Com 760 or equivalent, c/w dual headphone jacks.


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  Newsletter Editor: Cam