I never got into the drones, just too many RC planes hanging around, mostly to look at when the UL field is drawing me in. Our RC field is about max. 10 minutes from my house, and with the best grass you could wish for, great Club members looking after cutting the grass and irrigation needs.

I have only been up a very short flight in the Mainair Blade trike to date, and still finding little items to check and recheck to my satisfaction. It looks good in the hangar, will be quite fast compared to my little ATF and the first Maverick trikes by North Wing.

Blade in Hangar

Rans S-9 Chaos.

I have some RC models for you to look at, not fancy or expensive, but all tested flyers! I have given several away to young boys to perk their interest.

 I really need to start downsizing the RC room!

Gordon  Isaac