Hi Cam,

Hope you are doing well and hopefully enjoying the fresher air as these fires die down. We are pretty relieved here in Vernon that we had a considerable downpour this morning.0

I have just published an ebook on Amazon, “No Time for Fear: Lessons From a Lifetime in Aviation.” It’s primarily intended for aspiring and seasoned GA pilots, especially for those flying ultralights and homebuilts. I have included my experiences bush flying in the Yukon and gliding and hang gliding in UK, as well as years of instructing and building aircraft in the Kamloops area.

I’m hoping the book will make pilots more aware of human factors in grass roots aviation and I have tried to do it in an engaging and entertaining way.

If you want to take a look please try the link below or just search my name on

If you enjoy it I would appreciate a review and please let others know who might be interested as I have gradually lost touch with many Kamloops friends since I moved in 2003.

All the best,

David Skelhon