I thought you might be interested in the latest adventures of an old UL pilot.

About  2  weeks ago, I rigged up my little fishing boat trailer, went to Saskatoon , Saskatchewan, to pick up a 2008  Mainair BladeTrike with 582 Rotax and electric start.

The advertised low hours took me in for sure. I believe the 54 trike hours to be correct, however I never checked the wing bag  closely and now find the wing is much older, still in  reasonably good condition, thank goodness.

First thing was to go over every nut and bolt, etc. Also changed the 2 seat to one, so I could install shoulder straps for a  4-point configuration. The first item to correct was an oil change to the C-box. Over the years I have found a few  times where the guys forget to do the first needed 10-hour gear oil change! This one had lots  of crud at the drain, and the magnet was full of  "fines ". The oil change was way overdue.

I looked up the ownership history on the Canadian registry, and the fist owner was very helpful for information needed prior to a commitment to purchase. 

The first flight was brief, indicated the EGT gauge not functioning. Was very fast in flight and needed all my previous years of trike experience to be comfortable with this much motor  power and a needed faster landing speed. I was at 60 mph in cross wind with much to spare! My ATF trike cruise is 32-35 mph. The North Wing Maverick 447 cruise was 45 mph. Some  difference to get comfortable with!  

I am now able to prepare for a more enjoyable flight, having some idea of what to expect for performance. You know how the first flight take-off & landings are apprehensive, and HOLEY MOLEY, did I just do that!

Sure miss your flights into Procter Field and our early morning visits.

Please do a visit!

Gordon  Isaac