I was sorry to hear recently that two former members passed away. Ben Fouillard and Ken Martin are no longer around.

My ears still twitch when I hear an aircraft fly over, especially when it sounds like an ultralight!  Tonight I was in the backyard when I spotted one looking like a Searey heading towards Knutsford.  As it was just a few minutes before 8pm I thought he would not go far as it was almost sunset.

I grabbed my small drone and jumped in the car.

When I got to the airstrip the sun had just disappeared behind the hills. And there was no new aircraft around, or any flying in the area. Good time to fly the drone anyway.

When I fly it from my backyard, by the time I reach a hundred meters I start getting alarms about Wi-Fi interference. But at Knutsford the alarm came only briefly when at a few hundred, so I kept going up. All the way to five hundred.

I could not see any smoke from the Savona Mountain fire, or the Spark Lake. Sure is a great relief to breathe clean air again!

I notice that someone did an excellent job mowing the grass on the strip. I don't know who is flying out of there.

Last month I sold all the aircraft parts I had (all went to Alberta), so I definitely will not build another one. But the fantasy hits me now and then! For the moment I will fly the drones. I had been planning on joining an R/C club, but with the Delta variant wreaking havoc in the Central Interior I will be even more unsociable than usual! (Live squirrel or dead hawk!)