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Nov. 08, 2020.

Previous Newsletter   September 2020  

Next meeting: November 12, 2020

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse


I will not attend the next meeting. Someone already told me he will not going either, and suggested we even cancel the Christmas Party. That COVID thing, you know...  Also called "abundance of caution". If that virus does not kill you it might leave you damaged, and I am in no hurry to go. Rather be a live chicken than a dead fox.

Snow, damn snow, 18cm on Sunday October 25...  I have seen enough in my life, I wish I could do like the other frogs and hibernate until the end of next April!  I tried, but somehow always wake up before 7am! 

Now Nov. 8, the temperature went down to minus 6 last night in my area, good thing I have done all my work in the back yard. I will now be busy inside with R\C building and more experimenting with electronics. And I will be looking forward to nicer days to go fly my drones. Social distancing to the max!


I have been sorting out the aircraft stuff in my shed and came across this tool. Now I don't know what it is.  If anyone know and would have a use for it just come and get it!


Next is this belt for a speed reducing system. Anyone wants it? Free!


I also have those 12 Belleville spring washers. For the recycle pile, maybe?

I just got me a call from Swede Peterson somewhere on the Pacific, coming back down from Alaska on a boat that he built. Looks like he is having a great time! He sold his last aircraft last year, but says he is getting the bug again! I expect he will be coming by one of these days.

Like I said last month, I am running out of ideas for this newsletter. I have been doing it for 19 years and I should "quit while I'm ahead". If I received more contributions in the form of photos and stories it would be more encouraging to stay on. Thanks to Jan and Gordon for their stuff on this issue!

From Gordon Isaac

Thought you may get a chuckle when you learn that I have now assembled my 12th UL for  spring time 2021. It will have the Solairus soaring (strutted) trike wing manufactured by North Wing in Chelan, Washington. The trike was not totally complete at  purchase, the wing is one used  or the first Canadian electric trike ventures. It is a match to my current  ATF trike with a MZ34 2-cycle motor. This trike will use the 26 hp Cisco 2-cycle manual start. Our friend Leroy Procter donated a propeller. LOL!

I managed to transport the trike to Procter Field just hours before the blanket of snow visited. Had a very short test flight, found the propeller was biting too much air. The few flights I enjoyed this summer into fall with the NorthWing  ATF trike has given much pleasure and  revived my enthusiasm for light aircraft flying, having no desire to go anywhere for distance now. Heck, I may even get out the snow skis I built years ago for my first NorthWing Maverick  447 Trike for some winter "air time fix". 

Gordon Isaac

In this following picture of the Solairus trike wing, you can see the struts (no king post) allow me to place the trike into the hangar without having to take the wing down. It sure saves time, and my 80-year-old back appreciates it so much!


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South of Deadman Road by Savona, Flying West, Oct 14, 2020

Tobiano Golf Resort/Residential Area, Oct 14, 2020

Kamloops View from Dufferin Area, Oct 20, 2020


Several of Cloud Layers over Kamloops North Ridge, Oct 20, 2020


Glory-Optical Effect, South of Kamloops, Oct 31, 2020


Flying above COSTCO Area, Oct 31, 2020


One of my regular Buy&Sell clients who just placed an ad on my website forwarded me this email he received about it from "Peter Germann".  Notice his last words  CAN I TRUST YOU? Personally I think "Peter" should be thrusted into orbit around Mars!  :-)

-------- Original message --------

From: Peter Germann <>

Date: 2020-10-21 8:01 p.m. (GMT-08:00)

Thanks for your detailed reply which I appreciate so much.

I have properly reviewed the aircraft with my wife and we have accepted to purchase it! What is the last price of the aircraft? I still want to invest into more similar aircrafts for resale and rent! I believe you are in better position to assist me achieve this investment plan.

I wouldn't like you to expose this investment plan due to the Switzerland civil service act of March 2000 is against retired senior civil servants to have offshore investments, a panel of inquiry is been setup by Switzerland Government to investigate my assets as a retired Political office holder & Senior Civil Servant in Switzerland because there is allegation of financial wrongdoing against me by my office which prompted the government to gave me a compulsory retirement.

I cannot travel to your country to inspect the aircraft for now due to the nature of the panel of inquiry investigation, I will like you to personally and privately handle the purchase of your aircraft confidentially on my behalf and when the panel investigation is over, I will fly with my family to meet you to avoid being harass by our local security agents, and as well have a deserved retirement rest with my family.

Payment for the aircraft will not be a problem because i have funds in a depository and financial agency in London in my wife's name Corinne Doris Germann and I would like to make you the authentic beneficiary of the funds to enable you go to London in person and claim the funds as my beneficiary and help me with the aircraft purchase and relocation to your country.

The amount is $17.5 million usd cash and you will deduct payment for the aircraft, your expenses for the trip and a financial reward of 20% of the total funds for your help. The Depository will assist you with their banking agent that will help you open a non-residential bank account to lodge the cash without questions and for gradual online banking transfer to your country and after the claim you will send me USD$157,000 from the funds for my family relocation expenses /my wife medical treatment while you invest the balance in real estate development project.

I don't want to hide anything from you so that you can make up your mind, I will give you full details, and contact details of the depository and all valid claim documents for the claim once you confirm to me you can handle this transaction based on trust.




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  Newsletter Editor: Cam