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Previous Newsletter   September 2020  

Next meeting: November 12, 2020

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse

October 3.

From Jan Nademlejnsky

Hi Cam, 

You missed very good Chili today at Flying club. 

I have 3 last photo albums from our Knutsford socials on my website. There are also some videos there too. If you want to use anything for your newsletter, then you could download it or refer to my links below:


Jan Nademlejnsky




It has now been over four years since the Beaver died!  Yeah, time flies and I don't...  A few friends have let me fly their aircraft since, and I have been fantasizing about getting my own again but kept is as a fantasy.

I still have more than enough material in my shed to build another ultralight, like I did with the Proton, but I realise that I don't have the patience and the stamina anymore for such a project. But that doesn't mean I did not dream about it and even made some plans. Now I am at the point where I would sell all my aircraft stuff and let somebody else have a go at it. It would be a great deal for someone wanting to rebuild a Beaver or two.

Months ago I went back to radio-control flying, and my son gave me a quadcopter for my birthday. The DJI Mavic Mini is more than a toy, it is a very stable machine that takes great videos. Then last month a friend made me an offer I could not refuse: he had a DJI Mavic Pro he did not have the time to fly anymore, and he thought I would have lots of fun with it, and he gave it to me! With all accessories and even the FPV goggles! (THANKS AGAIN Dean!)  I took them on a few hikes, but the conditions were not ideal and the results were disappointing! There will be better days ahead.

I also have been so busy with backyard projects in the past months, it surely cut into my hiking time! I have also been quite reluctant about going to meetings.

I have now been doing the Newsletter for nineteen years, and must confess that the sacred fire is dying. Probably time to let somebody else do the job!   Though the Buy&Sell section is doing great, better than I ever expected! But there I don't have to worry about finding ideas, people just send me their request and I place the ads for them. (I placed an ad yesterday for a PA-22 and it is gone already!)

Now getting a bit of nostalgia about the early years, let me re-publish a Newsletter from a long, long time ago:


June 2001 Newsletter.

Next meeting: June 16th, 2001.
Location: Knutsford strip.
Time: 10:00a.m.

Note: Instead of the usual second Thursday, this meeting will be on a Saturday. Let's hope we have great flying weather!

Club's sign at Knutsford

In a previous newsletter, I suggested that the old sign be re-painted and a phone number be added so that anyone interested could contact a member to get some information. Our newest member, Gene Zwick, volunteered and did an excellent job. An added feature was the way he painted the phone number on a piece of metal that you can slide out of a holding bracket when you need to change the number.

Many thanks to Gene for the great work! He is presently busy working on a Lazair, and we hope to see him flying this summer. He also has two SkySeekers that he has been renovating.

Invitation to Trail

I received this from Phil Molloy of Trail:

Our Appreciation Day (June 16th) is designed more for the local public because we have a number of local politicians who don't see the value in having a local airport. We have fixed wing and helicopter rides, radio controlled model aircraft displays and demonstrations, various restored cars on display, some aviation related displays in the clubhouse and a concession. We certainly encourage pilots to come for a visit. We spent a lot of time and effort this spring cleaning up the airport grounds and we'd like to show them off. Camping is available on the field for anyone who would like to stay over. Our long term plans include expanding with more events for visiting pilots hopefully as early as next year.

Phil Molloy.

Fuel price.

The price of fuel went up again!.......Last time I filled the jerrycans at Mohawk in Valleyview (June 1st.) the price for 91 octane marked gas was 78.9/liter. That's roughly $3.55/gallon. That means that I can fly for around $10.00/hour.

Who's flying?

Tony, Larry and Gerald have been up lately, mostly going for lunch at Quilchena. They flew over Stump Lake while Harry Winterhalder was fishing there for a few days. Harry refers to them as "The Knutsford Air Force"!

On May 26th, Bill Davidson was practicing circuits at Larry Dee's airstrip south of Pritchard; that strip is a bit of a challenge for a 185, due to the fact that both ends are obstructed by trees, and the center is lower than the ends. Bill said it was excellent training, and he's got it mastered.

My Beaver was airborne at 6:15am on May 26th. It was great flying very calm, so I gained altude and went straight over the hills, and one hour later I landed at Vic's strip just outside Armstrong. That's where my brother Paul temporarily keeps his newly acquired Beaver RX-550. Great grass strip, sloping up at the south end, which is great for take-off!

My next stop was at Harry Winterhalder's, south of Salmon Arm. I circled twice over his house, hoping to wake him up, before coming for a landing. When I went up to the house, his wife Pat told me he had just left for breakfast in Salmon Arm with some of the boys; she insisted that I use her car to go join them. I found him at the Country Kitchen in the Industrial Area, with John McDermott and Doug Pierce, Radio-Communication Tech for the Department of Highways.

Harry and his alarm system, Misty.

When we got back to Harry's farm, Bill Hansen was there doing some checks on his Chinook.

It was near 11am when I started back to Knutsford, the day had warmed up, turbulence was getting heavy on the hillsides; the Beaver is too light for those conditions. I headed over the hilltops, straight for Falkland; once there I turned north into the valley, until I got to the other valley going west to Monte Lake. That's where the turbulence became more severe. I have learned to handle that type of flying, but still haven't learned to like it! By the time I arrived to Monte Lake, there was an updraft waiting for me...and it was taking me up nearly 1000 feet per minute! A good way to gain altitude to go over the next hills!

Campbell Lake Range was not too bad, but I decided to land in a field by Curry Lake to make sure there was enough fuel in the tank to make it over Campbell Creek Valley. I topped off from the jerrycan, and was up again. No problem, except for a severe downdraft west of the valley. At Knutsford, the two windsocks were pointing in different directions! I came in through turbulence and crosswind over the pond, and had a fairly decent landing on #13. With 3 hours running time on the engine, including warm-up time, on less than 9 gallons, not too bad!

Zenair 701

I visited Robert Bacon at his home at Brigade Ranch lately, and had a look at how he is doing with the construction of his Zenair 701. He is now working full-time on it, and still figures he will have it flying by the end of summer. The wings, leading-edge slats, ailerons, rudder and tail section are almost ready; Robert even found the time to build some parts for Gary Friddel's 701. The work has not been started on the fuselage: right not it is only a bunch of metel sheets and parts stored in his shop. It will be powered by a Rotax 914.

Robert showed me the area where he plans on having his airstrip; he might even have two strips, in different directions. Last week I watched a 1-hour video about the 701 on Flightpath, and the performance is impressive! Robert will have no problem landing or taking off anywhere.

Some people have told me that they think the 701 is not a good looking aircraft...You know what they say about "the eye of the beholder"...I think that if I had one it would be the best looking in the world!

Airstrip page.

As you can see if you look at the new airstrip page, it is still at the construction stage. I keep adding to it as I get new information. I would like to add pictures to show what they look like from the air; so if you have any photographs you can share, please let me know, I will scan them and return the originals. They will be published on the page, with proper credit given to the owners.

Here is one of Harry Winterhalder's strip, taken with my digital camera on May 26th. (I am not too happy with the quality, and I hope those taken with the 35mm turn out better!) View from the south-west.

Something to sell? Something you want?

We will publish it on our Buy&Sell pages.

Newsletter published by Camille B. Villeneuve

I would welcome feedback, and some help with the newsletter. If you would like to contribute with photos, or your flying stories, or project updates, please contact me at 374-4181 or Dan Berwin at 376-7005

BACK TO 2020!




SENSENICH PROP      $1,250.

Sensenich 74x54 prop in excellent condition for experimental  Tel 604-819-3301 or


Used ultralight seats

The two black ones were on a Wizard. the others on the left are seat/tanks for a single-seat Beaver. The other is a back seat for a RX-550

More RX-550 Beaver seat/tanks and back seats

For more info: Cam at 250-374-4181 or


1994 BACK FORTY TUNDRA     $8,500. OBO

1994 Tundra 2-seater with a Rotax 503 with approximately 30 hrs on top end rebuild. 

Choice of props: Power Fin, Ivo or Warp Drive . 

Aircraft has been covered with Polyfiber. Has in-wing fuel tanks and full dual flight controls including steerable nose wheel. 

We can deliver for a reasonable price.  We move many airplanes, so rest assured we can deliver unscathed . Call Phil 250-207-3777.


Murphy Rebel  $95,000.

With 1800 amphib floats, 0320, 160 Hp Engine supplied by Vike-Aeromotive in Kamloops.    22 Hours total time, engine, airframe and prop. Located on Salt Spring Island   Call Gary for details  250-527-9605 


2008 AMPHIB CHALLENGER II      $29,900.

C-FOOB, TTAE 154, Rotax 503

Puddlejumper Amphib Floats, Turbulence Seats, Interior & Full Covers Mode C Transponder, Comtronics Intercom & Headsets, Icom A6 Radio, Electric Start, Electric Fuel Pump, ELT, Many other details and extras.

To see a video of the Aircraft:

Aircraft was built with care. Registered as Amateur Built to reflect a higher build standard.

Can be flown with an Ultra-Light Permit.

Great Low Cost Time Builder.

Turn Key option to get you flying on floats.

Based @ CAK3

Contact Derek Tisdelle   604-728-3126


Advanced  UL CH701       $49,500.

- 3 blade Kool prop with metal leading edges

- Hobb's meter; original one showed 33 hrs on it and the current one shows 27 hrs (engine hours) on the 80 hp Rotax.

- has nose wheel collar and new bungee.

-VG's on the elevator  

-Radio is FL760 with push-to-talk button the control yoke.

-new liquid-cooled carb heat system

-fuel shutoff valves inside cabin area with master shut off on left side.

- always stored inside heated hangar

-service and maintenance manuals of all upgrades.

Please contact Bob at 403 302-0943 cell or 403 341-5256 landline or at



Rans S6 Coyote  SOLD!

1956 PA18A-150, SOLD!

1972 Grumman Trainer AA1B    SOLD!

 Dynon Pocket Panel      $1,100. 

      Aerovoltz batteries         $100.  

1)  - Brand new Dynon Pocket Panel with Synthetic Vision ( bought new at Aircraft Spruce but then went with certified instrument). $1,275 new plus shipping and taxes (over $1,500 total).

2)  - Two Aerovoltz batteries. Removed for upgrade.

All items for pick-up in Vancouver - no shipping. Ian Porter



I am not rebuilding Beavers anymore, but I still have lots of Beaver ultralight parts left, new and used.  That would be a treasure trove for anyone rebuilding a RX550 or RX35.

To get an idea of what I have, check here: Beaver Parts

Even more parts than I remembered! 30 milk crates, all kinds of tubes and ribs.

I have two sets of wing platforms, one with better cables and eight turnbuckles. (Built by Jim Thibodeau.)  The other set is the original type.  A set of in-wing tanks. Many spare wing spars, used and new struts. Elevator, stabilizers, aileron tubes. Compression tubes for wings.  Even some solid aluminum stock like 6061-T6 1.5 dia, by 8 foot solid rod, 1/2 inch rods, new tubes from 1 1/2" by 12 foot down to 3/8 inch. Used seat tanks, used sponsoons for single-seater on Full-Lotus. Boxes and boxes of fittings!  Hinges, turnbuckles and fittings of all kinds.

New and used AN bolts, nuts and washers in sizes 3,4,5 6.  Various pop rivets.  Rolls of polyester pinking ribbons for recovering. Some Dacron aileron envelopes. Pulleys. Nylon tube saddles. Seat belts.    Even a 20-foot 5-inch 1/8 wall tube.  And probably stuff I forgot!

You would need a 20-foot trailer with high sides to take it all away!

Any questions, call Cam at 250-374-4181 (9am-9pm) Kamloops BC.

 1961 Mooney M20B project           $11,000.  

1961 Mooney M20 B for sale. Total time 1977 hours, flight controls and tail are painted white. Seats are reupholstered and it comes with a new camshaft, lifters and four new cylinder assemblies. If you are interested email your questions to me at and I will do my best to answer them. Hangared at CYBP  Brooks Alberta.  Kent Torkelson  



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  Newsletter Editor: Cam