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7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse


At the end of July we had a pretty good thunderstorm around Kamloops, and I remembered finding on the Web some maps indicating where lightning was hitting. So I searched for it, did not find it, but came across another that was even better, showing what was happening in real time. Here it is:;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=;ts=0;y=50.5915;x=-120.1266;z=10;d=2;dl=2;dc=0; 

Near the top of this page, there are many links to Web sites for other flying clubs, and also for sites by our own members like Jan, Dan Berwin, Willy Trinker and Barry Meek. You should go there now and then to see what is happening. Jan is still flying often, but Dan's page is not there anymore. Now he shown his pictures on Facebook, and with his permission I re-published some of them here in this newsletter.

And its good to see that Bill Huxley is back in the air!

Some others might also send me some contributions for the next newsletters, and that would be totally appreciated.

There are also many new posts in the Buy&Sell because I had not published in June. My hit counter shown that the site is very popular all across Canada, and even in some states, and I find it very encouraging to hear many customers tell me how they appreciate my services and how many of their friends always look at the ads too.


I flew from Cache Creek direct to Bracewell Wilderness Adventures at the west end of Tatlayoko Lake.  I had explored it last week on the bike.   Strip is great.   4000 foot with some a road and some mowed hay.    Camped on the lawn by the lodge with almost a full moon. 

Next day the owner Alex and I flew the mountains at end of the lake and I then dropped him off and flew the lake and valley out to Tatla strip.  Very great morning.    Took a paddle board out on the lake for an hour.   I camped at Marten Lake about 3km from the strip and woke to another great morning beside the lake. 

Very amazing trip.

From Bill Huxley

Finally back in the air again after the Transport Canada false alarm regarding my wing attach brackets ( I replaced them all anyway). Also the COVID restrictions kept me grounded until July.  I am only flying locally at this time but it has been excellent flying weather for the past 3 weeks.

Ross Creek Landing's grass is the best it's ever been, thanks to the wet Spring.


Jan has been flying often lately. To see his pictures and videos click here or the link at the top of the page.


(Picture credit Air Safety Institute)


(Picture credit


Always very instructive.


On July 18, by 9am a few of us were at the airfield for some much needed maintenance. The abundant rain and then great sunshine had created a green lush jungle!

We had nearly half-a-dozen weed wackers to get rid of the grass around the hangars.  Some were getting rid of the junk and piling it up on a pile that Don Blair will later take to the garbage dump. (I should have taken a BEFORE picture!)

Bill Davidson flew in with his 185. Here is the strip after a while:

Darren was busy on the tractor.

Gerald and Ken planning their next step beside the junk pile.

There would have been enough hay for a few good sized bales!

The sign had been laying in the grass, and was re-installed on a hangar. The paint is flaking off, would need some TLC. Any volunteer with artistic abilities?

Wally was preparing a snack.

Hopefully, now the hangar owners will now be able to maintain their own area as needed. We can't expect for Darren to all the work by himself.


I got there early to check my trapline, Dean was already gone with his new trike. Roly Worsfold showed up to do more mowing with his ride-on, and was ready to start when Dean came back.

Roly Worsfold was driving his mower out of the way.

A closer view of his aircraft. Notice the wingtip washout.


For years at Blair Field we have been plagued with pocket gophers digging holes and making dirt mounds on the runway and around hangars. And for years I tried to fix the problem by trapping them.

I have been using those black tube-shaped spring-loaded traps available from Peavey Mart.

I can vouch for their efficiency! At the height of the infestation a few summers ago I caught over 75!  But this year I have been doing it for 3 weeks now, and so far got only 17; so it seems to be all for now, as there is no fresh dirt mound.  I worked myself out of a job!...  But I keep an eye out in case another group moves into the now vacant real estate.

If you have a problems with those varmints around your place, the above traps are the best thing to use. Some other suppliers will try to sell you devices that emit an ultrasonic noise, or make a thumping sound, but those are somewhere between scam and useless.




172G PROJECT    $26,000. OBO

172G project. No engine, prop, or logs. Has Horton stall kit, wheel fairings and cowl.  Meter shows 2920. Disassembled and in Valleyview, Alberta. Call or text Lonnie @ 250-784-4434 Bruce Kutschke


1956, PA22-150     $20,000.

 (Plus PA-16 minus firewall forward)   

With Lycoming 0-320-A2B, 2648.0 TTSN, 1038.8 SMOH.   Complete airplane with sealed struts. No damage just needs recover.  Also have a complete PA-16 minus firewall forward that has been in super dry storage since 1970. This package is perfect to build an experimental Super Clipper but I am willing to separate. $20,000.00 for the pair.

Paul Schlecker 780-914-1945 stonyduster@yahoo


1956 PA18A-150, $60,000.

2541TTSN, 1308 SMOH on 0-320 A2B. Last covered in 1993 so fabric is good due to inside storage but wing tapes are bad so wings need recover. Also has some flap and trailing edge damage from storage. Runs great.

Paul Schlecker 780-914-1945 stonyduster@yahoo


1953 PA18A-135/150      $125,000. 

3040 TTSH, 150hp, 2214 SMOH. 2 hours on new cylinders, Borer prop 294 snew, mags 40 hrs. New Sutton exhaust, oil cooler, hoses, brake boosters, under seat battery. Atlee dodge ext baggage and long step. Really nice airplane. Refurbished in 1993, hangared since. 

Paul Schlecker 780-914-1945 stonyduster@yahoo


Lite Star    $28,000.

Homebuilt.  0290-d2 Lycoming 294 hr since O/H  Call Bob 250-245-3011


1967 C172 H SKYHAWK    $49,000. USD

1967 C172 H   0300 496.4 TSMOH TTSN 2591  C-FVBK  located in Penticton. A very straight looking and flying aircraft.  Well Maintained. Comes with fresh annual.  Larry Taylor   250-492-0810


 Cessna Wheel Pants    $1,490.

Full Set of Cessna Wheel Pants with Mounting Plates and Hub Mount Nuts.  Wheel pants sold as a unit of 3, no splitting/individual item sales. Excellent condition with a few small repairs. Removed in good order from a Cessna 150L.  Eligible for Cessna Models 150 – 207.  Check with your AME.  Rock Whitney  603-312-3598



1974 Piper PA28-151 Warrior.    NOW $39,000. OBO

1974 Piper PA28-151 Warrior. 3050 Total Time, 925 SMOH. Parked on Apron 3 at CZBB.CAD $39,000 obo. Please reply by email,


              Rotax Ignition Parts and Instruments

Turn Coordinator Falcon TCO2E-3-2       $500.  (with plug)

Altimeter  Falcon ALT20INF-3                 $425.

VST   8-310-20                                         $175. 

Rotax     Ignition ModulesX2                    $700. ea.

Rotax     Soft Start module                       $600.

Rotax     Ignition Coils  X3                       $250. ea.

Chris Courtenay BC


Jabiru Calypso Ultralight    $30,000.

2002 Jabiru Calypso 2200, with Jabiru motor.  This airplane has 563 TT hrs and 100 hrs STOH.  It has a new GT propeller 0830-02 of 100 hrs.  It contains an engine information system from Grand Rapid Technology, a Garmin 296 GPS, a transponder C mode, wheel skis, bush tires and regular wheels with wheel pants, canopy and wing covers. Paint : 9,5/10. Price: $30,000. For more info contact Denis at 418-566-5318,   Matane, Québec. 


RANS S7 c/w Czech amphibious floats    $50,000.


1991 RANS S7 short tail.  Rotax 912 ULS 100hp.  Czech 1150 Amphibious floats.  Hangared at Vernon airport.  $50,000.   Gary 250-470-7764


1968 Mooney M20C Ranger   $45,000

Last year for the Johnson Bar landing gear.  4780 hrs airframe, 1297 SMOH engine, 436 hrs since prop overhaul.  1600lbs empty, 2575 gross. 52 U.S. gallon fuel capacity.  Precise Flight speed brakes, LASAR cowl mod, flap gap seals, wheel well liners, and dorsal vertical fin seal.  2 Narco 810 radios, NAV824 VOR/DME, NAV121. AT150 Transponder, 406MHz ELT.  6 pack panel, wing leveler.  All new side glass. Original interior in decent condition, paint is as you see in the photos.  Reliable and well maintained aircraft, 160mph cruise, 80mph approach. Has been to Oshkosh twice and all over Southern B.C. & Alberta.  David Blom,  604-230-9802


AMPHIBIOUS 1450 FLOATS    $3,250.

These are Czech Aircraft Works amphibious 1450 floats. I’m asking $3,250 for them. Comes with spreader bars, no rigging. Located in West Kelowna. Can call or text Harry Donnelly  at 250-469-4527. 


 RV 6 stab and rudder kit, plus RV 6 plans  $750.

Complete Van's RV 6/6A empennage kit.  All parts still unwrapped in original box. (cost $1,200.US )  Also includes one full set of RV 6/6A construction plans ($250.US)  Asking $750.  Call Larry at 1 250 540 4280


Series 3 Lazair     $7,500. with BRS

This is a Series 3 Lazair that is 90% restored...Engines have 30 hours TTSN and fitted  with new custom carbon fibre Prince props.  Includes Ceconite to cover wings.  Asking price with BRS chute fitted $7,500. without BRS chute $3,500. Call Larry at 1 250 540 4280


RANS S-12 AIRAILE   USD$29,500.

Hangared Rans S-12 Airaile 912 UL 2 hrs since IRAN by Rotech. 3 blade DUC prop. New fabric, new glass, new Hager hyd. brakes, 18 gals. In 2 wing tanks, fresh new Endura paint. This aircraft is ready for summer fun or training. $29,500. USD. Call 306-749-7701 for more details.    Birch Hills Sask     Ron Court 


Sonerai2    $17,000.

Sonerai2 489 TT  A/F  & Limbach 2000 engine. Warnke prop. Dual tanks . King KX99 with ex. antenna. Garmin 90 with installed mount. This is one of the best of type.  Lost medical . $17,000. CDN. Phone Cal, 306-361-8460. If out of cell coverage  e-mail   


Digital Belite Airspeed Indicator    $100. OBO

I have a digital Belite Airspeed Indicator for sale. Comes with adapter plate. $100. OBO
Keith Horsburgh   403.502.6431


1977 Jodel    $19,000.

1977 Jodel 20 hrs on rebuilt 0-290 engine and prop. 27 gallons fuel, toe brakes, dual controls, sliding canopy. $19,500 Can. Will  provide additional photos to interested parties. Call Brent at 587 224 2519 Airdrie, AB


O-320 EXHAUST SYSTEM    $700.

For sale complete exhaust system for O-320, removed serviceable from PA-22. Heater inspected and found to be serviceable. Overall condition is 8/10.

$700 CAN. Can send more photos if interested.  Call Brent at 587 224 2519

For sale complete exhaust system for O-320, removed serviceable from PA-22. Heater inspected and found to be serviceable. Overall condition is 8/10.

$700. CAN. Can send more photos if interested.  Call Brent at 587 224 2519   Airdrie, AB.


Full Lotus 2150 floats NOW $8,000.

Contact Arnie at 780-832-9750 or


Balloon baskets and burners

The Canadian Museum of flight is reducing it collection of artifacts, and has one, 2-person basket with single burner and tank and a 4-person basket with double burner set up. They have been in dry storage for at least 10 years and would require rigorous inspection if considered for flight. Located at Langley airport CYNJ  Contact details are on photos 


CAP 2000 FLOATS    $10,000. FIRM

CAP 2000 floats with Heavy Duty Supercub gear. Rear struts have Atlee Dodge fittings.  Floats are in super nice condition.  There is one patch on the bottom just back of the step. (see pic.)  The tops are pretty much perfect (no dock rash)  These floats came off a supercub with doors on both sides so the left float has a step-rail as well.  The right float has a hatch. The serial numbers are consecutive.  I intended putting these floats on a Supercub and was in the process of stripping  and painting them colors to match the plane.  I stripped that black material from the bottoms, (the stuff that traps corrosion) so they are bare aluminum. The tops have a light coating of aluminum lacquer that is patchy and will strip very easily.   The gear and spreader bars are stripped to bare metal.  I sold the Supercub so the floats are being sold as is so the new owner can select colors to match the plane.  Price is $10,000. Canadian (firm) You will be hard pressed to find a nicer set of used floats. email  or ph. 250-587-6219 (Clearwater BC)


Starter kits for the Cont. A65  

Finally! A no-nonsense 12v electric start kit for the Continental A65. Suits both taper and flange shaft.
Bolt-on-and-go kit w/ss nose cone, $1,435.00 CDN.
Bare Bones Kit, everything you need to make your own kit included, water-jet precision finished starter motor mounting plate, $921.00 CDN.
All prices plus shipping.  The entire kit weighs 14pounds. Most of the weight is Aft of the engine mounting plane. (Hard to see is the water-jet cut motor mounting plate.) Contact Albert at 250-494-0482


1991 Merlin Sport 65    $26,500.

1991 Merlin Sport 65 Ultralight Price: $26,500.00 CAD Airframe: 401.7 hrs TTSNEW (aircraft flies regularly) Engine: 1772.4 hrs TSMOH Continental 0-200-A (100 HP, 1800hr TBO) Engine was removed from another aircraft after prop strike and repaired by Stauffer Aero Propeller: 401.7 hrs SPOH Sensenich 2 Blade Damage History: No damage history to the aircraft. Engine was pulled from a prop strike Cessna 150 Interior: Red Cloth with Grey panel 8/10 Exterior: White with Yellow and Black 8/10   King KT 76A Transponder Becker Comm Radio   Dual Sticks Cabin Heat New Battery Nav Lights and Strobe Always hangared.  Michael Wilton        403-829-0849.


MUSTANG II      CDN$60,000. OBO

First flew in 1983. Always hangared. Flies very nice.  160HP Lycoming, fuel injected, constant speed Hartzell prop.  440 Hrs on airframe.  200 Hrs since complete overhaul on engine.  440 Hrs on prop but it has been freshly overhauled.  I built the airplane, sold it to a fellow in the U.S. He registered it there. I bought it back and re-registered it in Canada. It has just completed a major inspection as per MD/RA requirements Everything works. Lost license. Contact C. Hawthorne, Grande Prairie, AB.  Home 1-780-539-1155 or Cell 1-780-518-2694


QUAZAR      CDN$40,000. OBO

First flown in 2012.  Always hangared. Flies very nice. 80HP Rotax 912, adjustable prop. It has Pulsar wings., the fuselage is my own design. 100 Hrs total time on engine and airframe. You can fly it for $20./hour.  Terra radio.  Terra transponder. Voice activated intercom.  Great airplane to build hours on.  Contact C. Hawthorne, Grande Prairie, AB.  Home 1-780-539-1155 or Cell 1-780-518-2694



1/ Kannard 406 ELT, built in GPS, and integ ant. c/w mount base, AV200 ant,RC 200 panelmount control and harness. $250.00   SOLD!

2/ Spark plugs RHM38E NOS 7hrs since new, 8 avail at $20.00 ea     Sold!

3/  nos UREM38e spark plug still in plastic $20.00 1 avail                    Sold!

4NOS spark plug gaskets, 24 in bag. $6.00                                          Sold!


5/ Escort 2 Nav Com, transmits, not receive, nice cond, $150

6/Fleet Canuck machined aluminium control sticks pr. $75.00               Sold!

7/ Piper tow bar, $35.00  SOLD!

8/ Maule solid tail wheel, mod SFSA, some wear but serviceable, $75.00  SOLD!

9/ Cessna 300 nav com, tray, harness, radio works but needs tuning rubber bands, $150.00

10 Venturi, 10 x 3 inches, c/w fittings and mounting bolts, just painted white, no dents.Sold!

11/ gauges,  T&B  VSI, Tach ETC non cert but work, $50.00 and up 

12/ NOS FLEET CANUCK inst panel top, $75.00                            Sold!

13/ used mixture Vernier control, $50.00

14/  NOS Cessna carb heat control 50.00

15/ Two Condor used tires, very serviceable, $75.00 pr    Sold!

16/ Like new 3000 lb 12 volt atv winch, used one year to pull plane into hangar $100,

 Barrhead AB.  Call Derek at 780 619 1224 for pictures I can text to you upon request 


Almost completed Epic 3000LS  NOW $55,000.

2015 Epic 3000LS with flaps, it is a cross between a Citabria and a Super-Cub, the kit was built by Nick Smith (BBI aviation, Smith Cubs) Citabria body with cub wings and landing gear, almost completely built, 0 time 150HP Lycoming engine, 850LBS empty, 1600 LBS gross, flaps, dual doors, float fittings, skylight, almost all the Fabric work done, prop, instruments, covering supplies and exhaust included. Needs about 100 hours more labour to complete. engine is installed, cowlings, engine baffles and windshield are fit, just needs one flap and one Aileron covered , the cowlings painted and the gauges put in. Comes with Scott 3200 tail wheel and 26" Bush wheels. I have everything to complete the machine except the time. The money could be better spent on rebuilding my property from the damage the 2018 wildlife caused. $67,500. invested not counting 600 hours of my time, will sell for $62,000.  Located in Telegraph Creek BC.  Contact: Russell Sampson @ (250-235-3295) or


Teenie Two    $10,000. firm.

Teenie Two built in 2013, I am not the builder.  Powered by 1600cc Great Plains VW, with a Revmaster RevFlow Carburetor. Top overhaul conducted less than 5 hours ago, new cylinders, pistons, and rings. Wood GSC prop 52"x37", cruise of 100mph at 3200rpm. Was built and inspected in amateur class, however registered as basic ultralight. Based at Courtenay airpark in the Comox Valley. Great fun to fly. Kelly Kuzyk  778-679-7386



The Kamloops Flying Club has approximately 600 square feet of office space available for rent with:

- airside access

- available aircraft parking

- 2 private offices

- large parking lot

- access to kitchen facilities

- access to classroom for up to 20 people

- access to large common area

- shared utilities

This area is perfect for any aviation oriented business such as a small flying school, satellite operation of a larger school, charter operation, or helicopter operator.

Rent TBN

Please contact the Club at  for more information.


SEAREY LSX $95,000 Can$, $70,000 USD

Kit s/n 1LK597C completed 2017, partner retired from flying.

TTSN 45 hours, Rotax 912iS TTSN 290 hours, flying and will change

Empty wt. 994, gross wt. 1500 pounds, always hangared Nelson BC

LSX model, fiberglass, ‘C’ hull, Friese ailerons, electric gear, flaps, trim

Dynon 10” Classic, FL-760 Comm, KT76A Xpdr, Artex 406 ELT

Cabin heater, custom tan upholstery, 3 pt. seat belts

23 USG fuel, PC 680 battery, LED wig-wag lights, gear alert

Fabric is Poly Fiber, paint is Endura polyurethane

Rotax 912iS fuel injected engine, oil thermostat, Tannis heater

Koolprop 72” 3 blade GA prop, scimitar composite blades

Towbar, paddle, engine and canopy covers, pitot cover

Spare oil, filter, tailwheel tire and tube

Contacts:  ph. 250-509-0395 , ph. 250-825-4652



I quit flying, but I still have lots of Beaver ultralight parts left, new and used.  That would be a treasure trove for anyone rebuilding a RX550 or RX35. I have two sets of wing platforms with better cables and eight turnbuckles. (Built by Jim Thibodeau.) A set of in-wing tanks. Many spare wing spars, used and new struts. Elevator, stabilizers, aileron tubes. Spreader tubes for wings.  Even some solid aluminum stock like 1.5 dia, by 8 foot solid rod, 1/2 inch rods, new tubes from 1.2 by 12 foot down to 3/8 inch. Used seat tanks, used sponsoons for single-seater on Full-Lotus. Boxes and boxes of fittings!  Hinges, turnbuckles and fittings of all kinds. New and used AN bolts, nuts and washers in sizes 3,4,5 6.  Various pop rivets.  Rolls of polyester pinking ribbons for recovering. Some Dacron aileron envelopes. Pulleys. Nylon tube saddles. Seat belts.    Even a 20-foot 5-inch 1/8 wall tube.  And probably stuff I forgot!

Cam at 250-374-4181 Kamloops BC.

1993 Rans S7 Courier UL    $65,000.

For sale 1993 Rans S7 Courier,  378 hrs total time, 912 Rotax, 1200 Czech amphib floats, wheel penetrating skis, King radio, VG's,  Aileron spades, Strobes. ground adjustable Whirlwind 2-blade prop.   Contact Wally 250-578-7343 Kamloops BC 


MOONEY C-GPGS   CA$55,000. or US$40,000. SALE PENDING

1964 m20c #2740 ew 1565 gw 2575, TT 3308, TSMOH 617, since new prop- 244, cowling mod, one piece window, Hartzel blended airfoil prop in 2015 (eliminates eddy current and rpm restrictions) Garmin GPS 430, last IFR CERT Jan 2018, new canopy cover & cowl plugs , new LED landing light, compressions @ last annual  77/78/76/76 ,  CA$55,000. or US$40,000. Been a fantastic aircraft for me but now have a new mission. Based in Chetwynd BC, call Trevor 250-788-5336



CESSNA 210-GNQP   CA$75,000. or US$55,000.

Fresh prop OH at last annual, good till 2029, STEC autopilot, Garmin 150 XL GPS with moving map tied to autopilot, IFR certified , HORTON STOL kit , built in oxygen , 406 ELT,magnetos just overhauled, new battery, new plugs, new engine mounts and hyd power pack OH less than 100hrs ago, new gear saddles 175 hrs ago, rear gear door removal stc. TT 2923.3, TSMOH 1364, TSPOH 30 , compressions @ last annual (Oct)75/75/76/76/75/75.  Excellent flying machine, turnkey, ready to go anywhere, hangared/based in Chetwynd, BC .    CA$75,000.  or US$55,000.  Call Trevor 250-788-5336


1989 Sylvaire Bushmaster II    $17,500.

New info

Approx 260 hrs on 4 stroke, horizontally opposed, water cooled Subaru EA81. New pistons, rings, and refinished heads -$2500 engine work due to poorly installed valve seat flex coil. 2 blade, refinished GSC wood prop with leading edge inserts, 44" enclosed cabin with heater, insulated curtain behind seat, large poly tank approx. 4 hrs range. 2 place intercom with PTT on stick for dash mount ICOM w/ external antenna. Wide stance, 800x6 mains, new tube in left ($280) and new tailwheel and control springs ($140). No longer flying. $17,500. 



The owner of that project sadly passed away before completion, and all the parts have been sitting in a Kamloops garage for years. To see what a completed aircraft would look like, check here   Anyone interested can get in touch for details with Dennis Seib, 250-573-3714 or


Honda Fit L15A1 engine     OFFERS

Anyone interested in a Honda Fit L15A1 engine with aftermarket SDSS computer system for aviation use and an air trike's gearbox on it. And a Kool prop 72" for tractor use on the Honda or as a pusher prop for a Rotax? The prop is good for 130 hp. This is all brand new stuff except for the engine (it had 14,000kms when pulled) it is all quite dusty, but has been in dry storage since I got it all.  I will consider parting out. I have 5k into this and no longer need it.  Call or text Charles at 604-997-4845


CYKA Hangar       $170,000.

CYKA Hangar for sale. Like new 5 years old. Shareholder ownership. 43ft wide x 36ft deep. 18 ft height clearance opening with Bi-Fold door.  Quality built with finished walls and very efficient gas radiant heat. Water and plumbed for bathroom.  250 318 6886


Renegade Spirit      NOW $18,500.

Murphy Renegade biplane.  Recently completed after long delayed build.  Equipped with a 0-170  continental 75 horse.  Plenty of hours on engine but runs strong. Long range tanks. Equipped with electric starter, no hand propping. Basic VFR instruments.  Plane was build following homebuilt rules and was inspected mid build. Then registered as a basic ultralight after completion. Contact Craig at 604- 339-4073. Or 


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