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Previous Newsletter   January 2020   (not much...)

Next meeting: February 13, 2020

At the Blair Field Clubhouse


Still not much happening at this time of the year. A few of our member are Snowbirds, sunning themselves somewhere in the South...   But we could still have a social meetingat the Clubhouse on February 13. I was up at the field today, and I cleared the snow from part of the deck. It heaved up in the frost again, but not as much as last year, not enough to keep the door from opening.

The strong wind from this last week has produced some fairly deep snow drifts, and I had to shovel some to reach the generator; it was reluctant to start, but finally did it and I let it run while I was moving some snow. Unless there is another snowfall (none in the forecast...) there will be plenty of parking space; today it would have been possible to park ten vehicles in the area behind the first hangars. (Just take the first turn to the right.) Only the first section off the highway was a bit iffy.

So, on this coming Thursday evening I plan on getting there earlier to get the generator going and the Clubhouse nice and toasty.

From New Zealand

I am still in touch with Paul Parsons from Hamilton, NZ. He is showing his sense of humour by saying:  Our sunscreen provided free of charge from the Aussies who have a surplus of bush fire smoke on the other side of the Tasman Sea.

We know the feeling, we saw it all a couple years ago! Now if the snowpack keeps melting like it has been last week, we might look forward to a dry summer and more of the same!

Now that torrential rains have helped put out a few of those fires, Australia is facing the prospect of having to deal with floods and landslides!

When Paul sent me that picture a couple weeks ago, the temperature in his area was 20/30, and the humidity was 95%! Like living in a sauna!

Rust remover

Mark your calendars now, details to follow

The Kelowna Flying Club will be hosting our Rust Remover on April 25th. This year the focus will be highly relevant review and current airmanship. Our Speaker Faculty is being finalized. A more detailed email will follow.

Please inform your membership, we encourage our fellow aviators to join us for this event. The cost will be $30 per person.

From Jan Nademlenjsky

267. Flying to Savona and Downtown Kamloops, Jan 27, 2020

It was beautiful, spring-like day, but flying conditions were not too relaxing. I encountered a lot of turbulence. I tried different altitudes, over water, terrain with and without snow, but no luck. It really built a lot of anxiety when not knowing if this is how it will be or is it just warm up for the big one. I was already in several serious turbulences before, so I am not looking forward to experience it again. Eventually the air was much friendlier over the downtown to pleasure me down. Overall, it was good flight.

Video               Pictures



266. Kamloops from the above Clouds, Jan 22, 2020

The morning started very promising with sun, +5C, but forecast called for windy day. I waited till about 10 am, but there was no wind. I took my chances and I did not regret it. It was one of my most relaxing and beautiful flight. I was planning to cross Kamloops downtown and then south towards Knutsford. While closing towards downtown, I saw that there is no way for me to squeeze between the upper Kamloops and the cloud base. The area in front of me was totally in heavy clouds. I turned around west, where I could see some sun and traces of blue sky. It turned out as very beautiful day with all river and other valleys filled to the brim with clouds, but blue sky, +2C and practically no turbulence. My GPS was showing ground speed between 85 and 155 km/h, so there was significant wind aloft, but of course, I could not feel anything and even visually, it all looked stationary. It was dreamlike and spectacular day. I almost wanted to jump into those clouds and fulfill my childhood dream. The relaxation aspect of this flight is enhanced be music to turn viewers in the same mood.

Video               Pictures



265. Kamloops Winter Beauty from the Air, Jan 9, 2020


Kamloops terrain is very diverse, complex and beautiful. It is even more noticeable in snowy winter. All that beauty just pops up due to the contrast between white and every other color.

It was very good flight, but my fingers were getting numb which determined the flight duration. It is not easy to take pictures and fiddle in knobs in heavy gloves.

Video               Pictures



264. How Wing Trim Works in Flight, Dec 27, 2019

Short video clips from my last flight showing sections when I used the wing speed trim. It shows how the pivot point is moving in flight. You might need to run it several times to see the detail. Watch first time to its end where you will see it in slow motion.





263. Christmas Flying in Kamloops, Dec 27, 2019

Still cloudy airport area, but blue sky pushed through in many places. While there was no snow on the ground around airport area, the ground was well covered all around us. It was beautiful flight between, under and above clouds under sunny and very blue sky. This area looks (is) so beautiful that it is beyond any description. I am lucky to have this opportunity to see it from the above.

Video               Pictures


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