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Previous Newslette   November 2019

Next meeting Thursday, January 2020, maybe....

What's up?

Or  maybe it should be who's up?   Looks like only Jan is up despite the funny weather...  Everyone else is very quiet. Well, for all I know. Of course, from my house on a mild winter we are in the fog most of the day, so I can't see anybody flying anyway!

I have been too lazy to put out a newsletter earlier, but here it is!

I missed the Christmas Dinner, but Paul sent me a picture. Looks like Jim kept all the light for himself!   :-)


Wally's Rans is back on wheels.


OK, this one won't fly... That's Paul's Jeep on Dennis Lake. 10 inches of ice under 4 inches of snow.

Hangar For Rent

Hangar #6 was just rented, so only Hangar #7 is left . Lots of room in that one, 24 feet deep but the door open only to hardly 30 feet.  For details, contact Bill Davidson at 250-554-7007 or  

Harbour Air tested electric De Havilland Beaver

They are the world's largest seaplane airline, and they just went electric with the first of many electric Beavers.


160 kilometres for just $5.
Pipistrel is doing it!

 From Jan Nademlejnsky

 262. Flying to South Area of Kamloops, Dec 8, 2019

Nice flight to south area of Kamloops: Knutsford, Ajax and Afton mines and fields and hills all around. I bit turbulent air and up to 40 km/h head wind aloft.


Video   Pictures


261. Flying above Kamloops Clouds, Dec 3, 2019

It was almost beautiful day, but heavy clouds were hanging in the Kamloops area valleys. I squeezed between North Ridge crest and clouds into blue sky and warmer temperature. It was very pleasant flight but also surprisingly 40 km/h wind aloft while no wind at the airport. The lightly covered ground with snow makes everything more interesting to look at. The snow and dark ground create very contrasting lines and ridges which are well captured by my cameras.

Video   Pictures


260. Short Experimental Flight Backward, Nov 25, 2019

In my previous video, # 259, I was showing possibilities to kick back the Rotax 912 engine to run in reverse. Reverse running engine also produces backward force, because the prop is running in reverse. This is not very efficient way due to the prop leading and thicker edge now becoming trailing edge.

Here is about 2 min video showing my experiment, where I demonstrate that it could fly in reverse. I am some-what luckier than many other trike owners, because my wing is tight like drum and there is not a single wrinkle and flutter. This makes it easier and less risky.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.



259. Beautiful Day, but Unpleasant Turbulence, Nov 24, 2019

It looks like one of the last days of flying in above freezing temperature. It was beautiful day, with no ground wind, but 30 km/h wind just 2,000' above ground. Several times I was surprised with strong blast of air from nowhere and from ever changing direction. Eventually it became more peaceful at about 6000'. It was nice flight in this nature jewel all around us.

I was always thinking how to "drive" my trike from hangar, without heavy lifting and pushing it. This is problem now for my steel shoulder after the last year motorcycle accident.

Finally, I figured it out. I was inspired by my first "car" in 1967, three wheeler converted motorcycle, named Velorex. It was originally made for handicap people in communist Czechoslovakia. It was two-seater, 350 ccm, two stroke, two cylinder motorcycle engine, with max speed about 100 km/h (60 mph). It had very brilliant system to kick the engine in reverse so you could go backward, without getting out and push it back. Actually you could drive in full speed and use all 4 gears backward.

I tried the same idea with my Rotax 912 and it works. You could see it in my video. The problem is solved now. I don't want to brag, but I am very proud of myself. I am surprised that nobody else used this idea yet.

Video   Pictures


258. Flying over North Thompson River Valley, Nov 20, 2019

Finally, it was good flying day. I installed all my GoPro cameras, external batteries, GPS, Spot and another stuff, getting ready for beautiful weather waiting for me. I could not start it. The battery had not enough power to start 80 hp engine after below freezing overnight temperature. I knew already that there is not much life left in it. I move the trike back to hangar and uninstalled all the stuff again. Drove to downtown to buy battery and replace it, which is not easy in this trike. I was ready to go again after about 90 minutes.

It was very pleasant flight with warm sun on my back, with 5C down to 1C and back to 5C (41F - 34F - 41F). The sun was very close to horizon, which was not enjoyable result to shine into my face through two layers of Plexiglas (windshield and helmet). It was very good 90 min flight.

Video   Pictures

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1957 CESSNA 172     SOLD!


1996 Pelican PL Experimental  $24,900.

1996 Pelican PL Experimental( could be switched to advanced ultralight ). Rotax UL 80 hp, Approx. 440 hours and changing.  Engine hoses, stainless steel exhaust, control cables, spark plugs new in 2015.  King radio, transponder, intercom.  Vortex generators.  Federal 1500 skis.  Trike or tail dragger wheels ( can rig either way ).  Asking $24,900.  Plane is at Francois Lake, 15 miles south of Burns Lake , B.C.  Wings are off for storage and will be put back on when lakes freeze.  Mike O'Meara  250 691 1947


Aero Sport Power HIO-360-B2A    SOLD!

M760Q MicroAir Transceiver SOLD!

1989 Sylvaire Bushmaster II    $17,500.

Approximately 257 hrs, built in Alberta and bought from Saskatchewan. Has a four stroke, horizontally opposed,  4 cylinder,  water cooled Subaru engine with recent new pistons and engine work. 2 blade prop, fully enclosed wide cabin with side by side seats, dual controls,  heater (was flown in winter in Sask)  and has some insulated curtains behind the seats.  Good 800 x 6 tires and fabric, always hangared until recently. 2 place intercom, handheld radio with push to talk switch, external radio antenna and large fuel tank behind the seats. Insurance required by purchaser. Reason for selling- not flying now.   $17,500, John Eaton, 250-260-0095 cell and text or



Christavia IV, 4 place, tail-dragger, STOL aircraft PARTIALLY BUILT aircraft with PLANS. Includes extensive plans, some parts that are already built, plus additional pieces including chrome-moly tubing for fuselage. See photos, NOTE**chrome-moly not shown. A great winter project! $2,995. CDN    Phil and Cindy Levington   250-682-1188   Toll Free 1-877-682-1188    Cell 250-682-6929



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