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Previous Newsletter October 2019

Next meeting Thursday, November 14, 2019.

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse.

If anyone, anywhere, has aviation related stories or photos they would like to share, send them to me and I will be happy to publish them.
There were only four of us, it was a very quiet meeting. So we just sat by the furnace trading tall tales. Hopefully the November meeting will see a larger attendance, as we have thing to discuss with the election of a new executive.


There is a hangar vacancy at Blair Field.  Hangar #6 is now available for rent.  $1,200. for one year. The hangar is not large enough for a full size aircraft, but will suit an ultralight like a Murphy Renegade or a Pietempol.  For details, contact Bill Davidson at 250-554-7007 or

Aviation Safety Letter

If you haven't received it yet, here is the link:

Flight from Tillamook to Alaska

By Pete Iverson, Soldotna AK

(Sent to me by Dan Berwin.)

AlCan October 2019

Oct 11   Mom gave ride to Tillamook, OR.   Bob made wheel chocks.  Mary? Gave me xtra good paper towels and protein supplement.  Flew with Jim who built the plane; pulls to the left in air and on ground.  Made some adjustments.  Weighed gear and loaded plane.  Took off for Alaska! Made Port Angeles at dusk.  Met a kid named Alex from Switzerland who had just stopped to watch a homecoming game in Port Angeles.

Oct 12  Made it across border.  Abbottsford.  Radio mike is always on. Tower said they could only understand me 3 mi out.  Transponder works intermittently.  Clear Customs with phone call.  Stuck at Cache Creek. IFR ahead at Williams Lake.  Daniel Berwin gave me a ride, dinner and family rate at hotel his wife worked at.

Oct 13   IFR @WIlliams Lake and Prince George.  CC good w/2K ceiling.  Daniel took me for a ride in his Zen Air 701. Fun plane.  Clouds broke as soon as I called it at 1700. Dark at 1830.

Oct 14   Weather still 900@WL.  Daniels buddy at 108 Mile said its good there.   1600 took off for 108.  Fueled up at 108 Mile 3-5K broken.  Made to Mackenzie at dark.  Taxi driver not driving? Girl at hotel had her dad swing by and get me. S&R at airport. Canadian Thanksgiving day, Taxi taking night off.  Snow in forecast

Oct 15   Low clouds and rain at Mackenzie.   Hung out in Trench Feul office with Vickie. She loan her car as needed to run to town and affered to cook lunch! Great hospitality!  Went to dinner with a few pilots from Palmer headed to high desert fly in. Scott, Sara and Ema. All flight instructors or working on it. They are waiting on weather too.  Snow at Watson Lake.

Oct 16   Fog, rain in Mackenzie all day. Trench closed.  Let snow Watson Lake.

Oct 17   Fog all morning.  Took off for Watson Lake at 2 pm.  Landed on strip just before Fort Ware and added 5 gallons. Weather marginal.  Made it 1/2 hr past Ft Ware and hit 0/0. Turned around and landed Ft Ware.  Local(DJ) gave ride to "camp". Camp is for visiting workers, teacher and officials. Dry bed and warm food. The visiting dentist gave me some Tylenol and a construction builder gave some essential mint oil to rub on my calf. I heard a pop when I was trying to push the plane. Think I tore a muscle in my calf. Limping at 1/2 speed.

Oct 18  Fog all day.  Social workers out, construction guys in.

Oct 19  Fog burned off by 10. WL still IFR.  3:30 pm WL VFR. Took off.  Trench CAVU. 30 miles out from WL fog.  Found a hole above lake. Came out 1/4 mile from threshold with 400ft ceiling.  Slept in pilot lounge on airport. Taxi driver not answering to get to town and hotel.

Oct 20   Watson Lake.  Fog 300í all day.  Bummed a coffee off the flight service guys.

Oct 21   Departed at 3:30 PM for Whitehorse. Brkn at WL, fog 1st hour till Teslin.  Landed at dusk Whitehorse, clear -5c COLD!   Met Kyle and Sarah Cameron, they let me park in their hanger, fed me dinner and stay in extra bedroom. Very nice! Stayed up till 1 am visiting and talking airplanes!

Oct 22   Depart Whitehorse 0930 for Northway.  Fog for 50 miles in/out Haines Junction. Border Patrol told me to stop and check if he had an agent available for Northway before crossing?  Landed in 3" snow at Beaver Creek, called Border guy and he ask why was I calling - Iím on the schedule for 1 at NW.   Fairbanks FSS called as landing NW. headset mic not working and handheld battery died mid sentence.  Cleared customs from 60 yr old female agent just transferred from AZ to finish her career. Still adjusting to the dark and cold. No nuclear material found in plane. Good to go!  Walked to weather station and called FSS. 1 hour over flight plan from WH. Didnít account for time change.  No fuel NW. Headed to Tok.  Plane ave. 6 gals hr last 4 hours. Lots of wind in Gulkanna plains. Bumpy for 2 hrs. Fog after Glk till Eureka lodge.  Landed Palmer 1815. Dark.  Gary let me park in Cruz hanger- very nice.  Stayed with Jed, Bradi and Orson. Hot food and warm bed.

Oct 23   Wind 22 gusting 30 Palmer & SXQ.  Stayed another night with Orson & family.

Oct 25  Home!  27 hours total flying time. 13 days from the time I left Tillamook until lands in Soldotna, Alaska. I learned a lot about waiting for the right weather before flying 2-3 hours and having very limited options.  The trip to Watson Lake went from a CAVU day to solid fog in 30 minutes. Time to work on an instrument rating!  Everywhere I stopped the people where outstanding! Even in the village I had numerous offers of places to stay. The pilot community was always fantastic in helping get me to a warm place to wait out the weather.

My advice to anyone planning to travel the AlCan in a plane is to wait until it is either fully summer or winter. The transition months hold to much fog too late in the day for the amount of sunshine that I like to fly in.  Overall a great trip just a week longer than I planned.

Pete Iverson


By the High Country Flyers.

They should have one with a built-in paint ball gun!


Happened in New Zealand, long time ago. Link sent to me by Joe Gagnť.

 From Jan Nademlejnsky

 257. Seven Years of Trike Flying in Kamloops in 2.5 Minutes

I took 30 random selected clips from my 7 years flying in Kamloops. I have 1663 video clips saved. I cut first 5 minutes out and then used the next 5 sec from each selection. The clips are not chronological, but in random order as these numbers were generated (in Excel).

Video   Pictures

256. Flying with Clouds to Chase via Paul Lake, Nov 3, 2019

I was one of my best flight without any nasty surprises. Almost 2 hour flight took me over beautiful hills and valleys and generally pleasure to look at scenery. I tried to bring the mood up with the Strauss Blue Danube music. This is how I usually feel when the conditions are right and the flying is pure pleasure. Turn the volume up and enjoy the flight with me.

Video   Pictures



255. Flying Kamloops-Ajax-Tobiano, Oct 31, 2019

One hour flight around Kamloops to Knutsford, flying club airstrip, Ajax old gold mine, Afton gold mine and Tobiano, golf course and residential resort. It was uneventful flight, but I missed the sunny sky. When I removed all the gadgets and cameras ready to go home, the weather changed to perfectly blue sky. Well, it was too late for me.

Video   Pictures

254. Flying in Kamloops Fall Colors, Oct 19, 2019

My second day of flying, while day before I went through some serious turbulence, this day was my redemption. It was very pleasant flight with some sporadic fluffy clouds and beautiful fall colors on the ground. Kamloops is a bit challenging to fly in, but when all stars line up it is extreme pleasure with so much of natural beauty all around to enjoy.

Video   Pictures


253. Beautiful Day, but Unpleasant Turbulence to Fly in, Oct 18, 2019

It was one of those autumn days full of fall colors, warm, sunny and no wind. It looked like an ideal day to fly. My fall color mood changed very quickly right out of the gate. It was very bumpy and getting progressively worse. It took me about 10 min to decide to go with it or chicken out and fly back. Eventually I did not want to push my luck and turned around.

Video   Pictures


252. Perception of Flying Speed from 9,000' above Ground, Kamloops Oct 6, 2019

30 sec video to show how perceived flying speed from 3 km (10,000') elevation looks extremely slow, while flying 130-140 km/h




251. Power off Glide from 10,000', Oct 6, 2019

I wanted to know what my trike gliding ration is while the engine is off. It took me 20 minutes to climb to my goal altitude of 10,000' (3088 m). I was climbing up at 600 fpm (3 m/s) which eventually dropped to 400 fpm (2 m/s) while maintaining constant 5,000 rpm on engine. The drop in vertical speed (performance) is natural, because the air is getting less dense with altitude. The view was spectacular and I felt like suspended in the air flying the Space Shuttle. I had practically no perception of speed from that height, but my ground speed was about 54 kn (100 km/h).

After I cleared with the control tower that nobody is in any hurry to land, I turned power off. This flight also gave me appreciation of the wing electric trim. I did not see any purpose of it when I made initial few flights, but now, I am singing different tune. It is excellent invention in longer and steady flights like this one. I trimmed it going up hill so if flew hands off the control bar and the same going down hill. I trimmed it going down to 50 kn indicated, which is actually 40 kn real, as I discovered in the first flights. It flew hands off and without unwanted turns or surprises.

It was peaceful downhill at steady speed covering 10 nm (20 km) distances. I calculated that my trike has 7:1 glide ratio. For every 1000' of elevation I could fly 7000' distance. Of course it will change with wind against or behind me. This glide ratio is very impressive for such heavy trike with small and fast wing. I did the similar test in Apr 2014 with my Airborne trike with Wizard wing ( I calculated 5:1 glide ratio on that slow trike.

Landing was uneventful and 60 kn (111 km/h). I could not restart the engine after landing, because the battery run out of juice. When you are in the similar situation you would appreciate the advantages of classical analog (gauge with needles) instruments versus all computerized stuff, which need a lot of power. I was prepared for this situation by carrying battery power pack and connected into the 12 V trike outlet. I kept all navigation lights, radio, transponder and all digital instruments on. I thought that the battery pack would be able to supply all needed power. Obviously it did not. You could see from the video that it was not big deal when I turned all power off. It was very happy day for me.

Video   Pictures

Buy And Sell

New (or modified) ads since last Newsletter.

Hangar For Rent

Hangar #6 is now available for rent.  $1,200. for one year.   Located at Blair Field, Knutsford. (Aircraft storage only.)  Suited for an ultralight, not for a full size aircraft, the last one there was a Pietempol.  For details, contact Bill Davidson at 250-554-7007 or  


Beaver RX-550        NOW $8,000.

-Beaver RX-550, two seater, C-ICQT, serial # BRX0092, year of assembly 1990
-Engine Rotax 582 gray head, completely rebuilt with 50 hours on the engine. Has Sprag clutch installed,
-On Puddle Jumper amphibian floats, tight, aluminum rims.
-Brakes installed along with front wheel steering.
-Ultralight rebuilt in 2014 from the ground up.
-Fabric in good condition UV protective coating, always hangared since rebuild.
-Warp Drive, carbon fiber prop, ground adjustable.
-Back up electric FACET fuel pump, water separator.
-Electric start.
-Includes two extra wing tanks not currently installed.
-Electronic Micro Tim Digital Barometric Altimeter
-Electronic LED fuel gauge, from Belite Electronics.
-Air speed indicator.
-Rate of climb.
-Exhaust gas temperature indicator both cylinders.
-Volt meter.
-Tiny Tack tachometer.
-Engine water temperature gauge.
-Intercom (Soft Comm), not currently installed.
-Includes two Faro-G2-Helmets, one large on Medium.
-Radio is an Icom IC-A24 hand held with external mounted antenna.
-Also included with the ultralight is a second RX-550 C-IJCK, for spare parts or could be rebuilt, no engine or fabric. Including a third set of wings no fabric.
-Never been on the salt water.
-Also included is a custom built trailer for transporting the ultralight.

$8,000. for everything including construction and engine manuals, misc. spare parts.

The Beaver RX-550 has a reputation for being one of the best ultralights to fly, docile easy to handle and outstanding performance.

For information contact     Powell River BC


1965 Cessna 172F    SOLD!

DATUM 2000 WHEEL SKIS  $3,750.

Datum 2000 Lite electric retractable wheel skis. Only used one season. Rigging for Rans S7 with 1 1/4 axles and 800/6 tires.       Have various other homebuilt skis.    Peter Cowan   705 761 3370 

For more info, go to their Web site at


Box and Pan Brake     SOLD!

1974 Cessna 177B Cardinal      $74,900.

 3120 TTAF.   1220 SMOH.  114 SPOH (Due Feb 2027)      L/R Tanks (61gal us).  Maintained by Mountainaire Serv (Scott @ 250-376-3800).  NDH since import 1979 (No American Logs)   3-way front seats (Fore-Aft, Up/Down, Tilt Back).   10 years with current owner.  P&I 4&6/10.    Annual due Sept 20.  Wing covers and winter kit incl.   Reason for selling: Hanging up my wings :-(     Kamloops, B.C.


Renegade Spirit      NOW $18,500.

Murphy Renegade biplane.  Recently completed after long delayed build.  Equipped with a 0-170  continental 75 horse.  Plenty of hours on engine but runs strong. Long range tanks. Equipped with electric starter. Basic vfr instruments. Plane was build following homebuilt rules and was inspected mid build. Then registered as a basic ultralight after completion. Contact Craig at 604- 339-4073. Or  18500



1800 (could be cut back to 1500) New, un-started kit. Hardware packs unopened. It is for amphibs but I will likely sell without amphib parts. Kit located in northern Minnesota. Price is 80% new kit price $9,500. USD  ($12,500. if Amphib).


Cessna 140  $32,000.

Great condition 1946 Cessna 140 - TT ~4100, TSO ~900 on C-85 that is flown regularly so hours will change (~150hrs last 18mo). Fabric Wings with lots of life left, ~500lb useful load, push button start, spin-on oil filter STC, 150 Exhaust, Alternator, New battery, Shoulder Belts, Cleveland brakes, Scott tailwheel, Spare Seats, full Bruce Aircraft Covers. Exterior: 6.5/10, Interior: 6.5/10. Last Annual: 31 July 2019 with compressions: 74, 78, 74, 76. Located at CYYJ. More pictures and details available. Contact via email or phone:778-587-3711


Kehler 4200 SKIS $6,500. OBO

Kehler 4200 Hyd. wheel skis, currently rigged for Super Cub. Skis are approved on Citabria’s, Pa12, Pa14, Pa20, Pa22, Bushmaster, Citabria, Scout, Experimentals.  Extremely nice overall condition. Contact Rod at 403-852-6068


Stits SA3A    $2,500. OBO

Stits project that has flown approx 250 hr, and is currently registered so no need to involve MDRA. Needs recovering. Have 2 engines 0-290 G and 0-235 with log book .Engines are complete except for carb, and exhaust need rebuild. Have all instruments, ELT, 5 point harness, extra tires, and a complete set of plans that are alone very hard to acquire. This is a very complete project and could be flying with under 500 hours of work. Lost my work shop and have no place to work on it. Must be moved soon.   Aircraft located in Quesnel BC. Lots more pics on request.  Contact: David Shelby 250-925-4807 or at


1979 Cessna 172 Model N    $82,000.

Total Time 3366 hours Engine Time 1814 Since New  Standard 40 US gal useable fuel tanks Narco NAV/COM radio MK 12 E Narco Encoding Altimeter AR850B Cessna NAV/COM 300 RT-385A Cessna Transponder 300 RT-359A Cessna Autopilot Navomatic 200A AF-295B Cessna VOR/LOC/GS IN4442B Cessna VOR/LOC IN385A Cessna Glide Slope R-443B Cessna ADF 300 R-546E Heated Pitot Tube Ground Service Plug Receptacle

Well Maintained Windows are like-new with no scratches or distortion Starter (2010) Alternator and belt (2011) Vacuum pump (2012) Turn coordinator (2012) EGT meter and probe (2012) Muffler and two of four exhaust stacks (2012) Paint (2001) All Airworthiness Directives complete Comprehensive and well-organized log books since new/delivery IFR certification due Nov 2019 Propeller inspection due Nov 2020 Annual inspection due Nov 2019

Never a trainer, no Accident History, no corrosion, very tight aircraft to fly

Upgrades 180 hp Penn Yan conversion  Lycoming engine O-360-A4M  Sensenich 2-Blade Propeller Model 76ESPY-0-60  Maximum Gross Weight increased to 2550 pounds  Disposable Load 760 pounds with full fuel

Kannad Integra 406 GPS Emergency Locator - $1300 Pilot and co-pilot intertia reel shoulder harness - $1500 Whelen wing tip strobes and LED position lights - $1800 Teledyne Alphabeam LED landing light - $350 Precision Aviation Vertical Card compass -$360 Tannis cylinder and oil sump heaters -$800 Two  infinitely adjustable leather seats with headrests - $5400 Commercial grade carpet - $390 Two GPS: Garmin 196 and AvMap EKP IV - $2100, New Lord Shimmy Damper $1430

Frequently Flown  Based in Ontario since new   2019 – 25.8 hours  2018 – 28.5 hours  2017 – 32.6 hours

Includes Everything  Bruce’s Custom Cover, pitot cover and engine plugs - $500 Wheel fairings, Tow bar Parts and Service Manuals Astro-Tech LC-2 Chronometer Misc. spare bulbs, tires, etc.

Jay    780-267-8580


CESSNA AIRCRAFT 172L     $72,000.

Total Time Since New: 1475 hours.  Looking for an amphibious ultralight trade.


RV-6/6A Plans, $400.

Serial Number 21783. Never used. Includes full set of Drawings, Construction Manual, and Builders Licence, along with the optional Sliding Canopy drawings and instructions. Also, the receipt from the original purchaser that I bought them from.

Please contact: Chris 604-340-7176 phone/text 


Items for sale


Rotax oil injection pump, removed from 582. $250

Located at Chestermere-Kirkby Airfield (CFX8). Contact Bob Kirkby, 403-512-9158



503 Rotax Dual Carb dual ignition, B gearbox, approx 200hrs. $2500.00


Quicksilver MX Sport 2S.     NOW $13,000.

It's a two seater with about 330 hours on the frame, a new rebuild Rotax 582 Blue Head (just got about 25 hours on it), electric start and a Ballistic Parachute . Comes with altimeter, VSI, airspeed indicator, water temp and EGT and is set up for lights. It also includes wing covers ($3,000. value)   $16,000. or looking for a trade ... hang-glider, trike or Kitfox 

First takeoff with the new rebuild engine.

Photos from last year:

Max Fanderl  Phone 250 270 0396


1957 CESSNA 172     $24,000.USD/ $32,000.CDN

3950 TT, 2100SMOH, certified, current and flying. Last annual compressions 78/74/76/76/78/78 , 0-300 purrs like a kitten, great all around aircraft. Cheap to operate and needs nothing. Has VOR and can be used for night and commercial training if desired. $24,000.USD/ $32,000.CDN Call Trevor for more info 250-788-5336


 1961 C-182D  C-FTGS      NOW $49,995.

7465 TTSN  1924SMOH  0 SPOH  Ex-military A/C.  820 Hrs since bottom inspection (new parts incl. bearings).  Compressions 68, 64, 72, 64, 78, 76.  Recent cylinder work.  Horton stall kit and B/M gap seal kit installed.  All accessories installed 2019.  KY86A digital Com, GTX 327 digital Txpdr, encoder, 4-place iCom.  Overhauled prop with sale. New ELT with sale. Many new parts. Expensive annual 2019. 0 snags on aircraft. After-sale support and upgrades by AME/Owner at reduced dates.  No major damage history, no corrosion issues. Ext 7/10, int 6/10. Good glass. Hooker harnesses. A/C located at Oliver BC. Delivery at cost. Shayne 250-688-1760



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  Newsletter Editor: Cam

250-374-4181 (9am-9pm)