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Newsletter June 2017.

Previous Newsletter May  2017

Next meeting on Thursday, June 8, at 7:30pm.

Clubhouse, Blair Field.


At the May Meeting...

Dennis was the Chairman, and he presented us with an idea he had read: some Flying Club had lowered their annual  membership fees to one dollar.  As we have some money in the bank account, Dennis made a motion that we do the same and see what the results will be. It was adopted.

Those who were absent in May can discuss it at the next meeting this coming Thursday June 8.

Blair Field BBQ

 We had our first BBQ of the year on June 3rd. Despite the wind, Dave Jones and Bill Davidson flew in. Thanks to  Darren Watts and Dennis Seib there was lots of food.  I took a few pictures, and so did Jan.

You don't usually look at Dave's aircraft from this angle, but my drone did, before take-off.

Some time later, from a different angle.

Bill's Cessna.

After the aircraft left, I sent the drone up for a view of the field.


Are you flying to Savona on July 1st?

We are having a July 1st celebration at our local park...   I am wondering if you might be interested in doing a fly past of airplanes on July 1st anytime between 11 am and 2 part of our celebrations.

Look forward to hearing from you..

Thank You

Barb Gale President of Savona Community association        250-6373-2700

Landing with a head wind

Maybe Dave Jones could do that!


From Dan Berwin

 I did not make it to the Cache Creek Fly-In, but Dan sent me these pictures:

Flood at Hefley Creek

Wally Walcer  lost a good part of his property when the raging creek started to erode the banks in early May.

As it appeared on Google Earth before:


 Then on May 13, a drone view:

Most of the trees fell down into the creek, so did his suspension bridge and most of his gardens.


From Jan Nademlejnsky

155. Testing my New Wing from North Wing, Quest GT5, May 12, 2017

It was long process since Dec 2016. I took advantage of the North Wing Christmas discount and ordered their latest model with high performance numbers, Quest GT5. It took 5 month to get it, because it had to be test flown by local dealer. He was in mercy of weather and other delays. Anyway, it is on my Airborne trike and this is the first video. So far I did not find any suitable bracket to mount a wing camera, so I used only control bar cameras.

I made 3 take off and landings and then I went for it. It was definitely different from anything I flew so far. During and after just one hour of flight I must say that it was a bit intimidating. This is not wing for beginners. Ease of handling, better control and experience in turbulence as book says... Not at all. I would say just opposite. I had to put much more hours on it, before I will fly some cross country. The video shows that there is no difference, or it feels worse while flying in turbulence in comparison with my previous Wizard wing. Only a time will show if I will master it. I am committed, because I spent fortune on it, so there is no turning back for me.



156. Flying Cross Country to Walhachin Area, May 14, 2017

Started early morning to avoid any major turbulence. I had to scrape ice form my car window, which is very unusual for Kamloops. This was my second flight with new wing. Flew about 42 km west (straight line) by following the Kamloops Lake south shore to Tobiano, Savona and small village Walhachin. Tested various combinations of engine RPM and speed at level flight. My conclusion was that it flies too slowly, because the wing hang post is too far back. I eventually adjusted it before my next flight (video # 157). Flight was very pleasant, except that if was very difficult to take any decent picture or video on the way back. The sun was too low and directly into my cameras.



157. Wing Test Flight, May 14, 2017

After I just finished previous flight (video #156), I moved the wing (hang glider) hang point 0.5" forward to increase the cruise speed to specified level between 88 and 105 km/h (55-65 MPH). My speed was 74 km/h (46 MPH). I test flew over the NW Ridge and I was very happy with 85 km/h (53 MPH) which is very close to its minimal cruise speed range. I will fly this way for at least another hour and then move the hang point by another 0.25". So this is my plan for a near future. I have to find some GoPro attachment for my wing view; looking for some idea and solution.

I witnessed, and it is documented in this video, very interesting nature twist. Two days previously (video #155) I flew over the Tranquille Creek with very high water level. Normally this is just a wimpy creek. The creek looked to me totally dry this time while flying over at 9:11 am. This looked strange, because there was always some water, even in deep, hot and dry summer. Ten minutes after, on my way back (at 9:22 from picture time), the creek water was again spilled over its banks. How is this possible?



158. Short Flight NW Area of North Ridge with Rough Landing, May 18, 2017

I am still trying to fine tune my new Northwing GT5 wing. Moved the wing hang point another 3/8" forward and I felt that this is too much. I will back it up about 1/8".

It was sunny, warm, no wind and no scary clouds in the afternoon, just perfect day for flying. The scenery is always spectacular in Kamloops area. The ground is moving faster now with faster wing, so I don't have to increase the video speed. I flew over Frederick Rd, NE shore of Kamloops Lake and Mara Mount. The air was turbulent, but nothing to be afraid of. The windsock on my 09 approach showed very light head wind. I wanted to land as far East as possible to avoid long taxi to my hangar. The end of main runway is closed for nearby construction activities. I was flying about 20' above the runway when suddenly I ended up in very violent, gusty crosswind of at least 25 km/h. The video shows my struggle to stay on course and to make it safely down. I had to wait for proper position in my oscillation to drop it down. In that time I still did not know what happen until I saw the other windsock which was fully erected at 90 deg across the runway. The flying conditions changed almost instantly from very good to very dangerous. I was glad to be down, but had hard time to taxi in this strong cross wind. It is not easy to manage large wing in these conditions.

I could cause this air movement, because sometimes even bird can trigger the warm/cold air to move. Everything is in balance, until the warm air cannot stay still any more or something pushes the warm air into motion. Warm air above the runway suddenly rises up and it is replaced by cold air from the North Ridge, which flows horizontally from north.



159. Still Testing New Wing and Old is Sold, May 20, 2017

I moved the wing hang post about 1/8" back (see my previous video), as I determined during my last flight. This time the setting was perfect. I watched the videos from my previous flights, looking for the answer to why I had a hard time to take off: I was not pushing the control bar far enough before the lift off. I pushed it the same way as with the Wizard wing without even thinking about this step. This time my first and any other after take offs were as normal as they should be, with the bar a bit far forward. I am still too hot on landings and looking for that magic sweet spot on my speed indicator.

I had beautiful morning flight. When I came back, my Facebook friend from Alberta and his wife were waiting for me to buy my trusty AirBorne Wizard wing. I had almost nostalgic feelings to let it go, because I had so much fun and memories under this wing. Hopefully, he will have as much fun as I had.



160. My Length Record Flight from Kamloops to Salmon Arm, May 26, 2017


Well, finally I did it. I decided to fly to Salmon Arm municipal airport, true test of my new, 50% faster, "Northwing Quest GT5" wing. I woke up early to perfectly sunny and no wind day. I pulled Salmon Arm airport info (GPS, elevation, radio frequency and runway numbers), packed my 4 cameras, 3 GPS, bunch of spare batteries, 20 L of extra mixed fuel in canister and in about 40 minutes I was ready to go. The day was perfect and about 17C, but I still dressed in my full winter gear. It is not fun to be cold and no way to change it. I was glad I did that. I was taking short cut over to mountains and there was still snow under me at 6000'.

The only negative was very low rising sun blasting into my face and very hazy day. We had a lot of rain this month and several very hot days causing all that moist air hanging low above ground. It was not easy to take good pictures in these bluish conditions.

I made it to Salmon Arm with no problem, just too many flying people and no traffic control which I am not use to anymore. Finally, I found slot to drop in. It was hot already, so I had to unpeel my winter clothes. One pilot offered me coffee, used toilet, visited one fellow, exchanged few questions about my flying machine, changed batteries in cameras, GPS and topped my fuel. After 45 min I was in the air again for my trip home 100 km away. I was glad to have my GPS, because I was flying in wrong direction, because my head compass (in my brain) flipped over again. It took me about 3 minutes to synch my head compass with the GPS. Very few bumps when crossing the peak reminded me that it is not over until it is over. The rest of the flight was more pleasant with sun off my face. The true flying time was 2:10 hr for 197 km. This is very good for cross country flying. My engine RPM went up now from 4300 to about 5100, but the fuel consumption is almost the same at about 10 L/h. This indicates that the wing is much more efficient and cuts better through the air. The wing is pleasant to fly in a still air, but heavy in bumps and manoeuvres. It does not like to be pushed around. It has direction control delay, which could cause serious over control to beginner when used to more responsive wing. My best behaving trike was Sabre 340. The wing was perfect and extremely pleasant to fly the first minute. I cannot say that about my Wizard, Streak and this GT5. These need time to like them and eventually love them.

Two heads are better than one...

That's what my kid brother Paul says! (Even though he is not a bird brain...)

Two days after a windstorm brought down a pine tree that nearly crashed on a neighbour's house in Pritchard, Paul went to help him by cutting the tree into firewood and cleaning the mess. In the process he came upon an abandoned magpie nest with four chicks that were very hungry. He took them home and fed them, and they quickly imprinted on him. He built them a nest in a tree on his property and has been looking after them since. Now when he goes outside they come to him begging for food, and are not shy about it!

Magpies belong to the crow family, and they are very intelligent; when we were kids back in Quebec's countryside, we used to tame some crows almost every year, and they were wonderful pets. Mine came to greet me on my way back from school when I was still a quarter mile away. You never forget stuff like that.

New in the Buy&Sell 

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3 Hangars for Rent, Knutsford.

 For info, Bill Davidson 250-554-7007


I still have an extensive supply of Beaver parts, and have started a list you can see here. 

Cam 250-0374-4181

  1948 Piper PA-17              $12,000.

C-85, aux wing tank, MGL radio/intercom, upgraded wheels/brakes/tailwheel, OM reg’d, 100 IAS@2350 rpm TTAF = 3123 hrs, SMOH = 460 hrs

Located Kamloops, trades considered. 

Please call 250-571-1353 or email  for further info.   


  Sonex Kit - 80% Complete            SOLD!

2013 factory kit, fuselage/empennage/controls completed, 100 hp Turbo AeroVee, 2 props, 2 canopies, 2 cowls Precision built by six time builder. 

Located Kamloops, open to offers and trades. 

Please call 250-571-1353 or email  for further info.


Ercoupe   $20,000.

Estate Sale 2 Aircraft. Alon (Ercoup built by Mooney) 1966, best offer over $20,000. 3300 hrs TT, 1600 hrs.  C-90 engine $29,000 in refurbishing in 2014. Aircraft on Owner Maintenance since 2014.  Contact Ed D’Antoni 403-247-6621


1962 Rallye      $5,000.

Rallye  1962 1400hrs since new best offer over $12,000.   Continental 0-200 built by Rolls Royce.  Both Aircraft have modern King Radios and Transponders.  A zero time 0-300, engine, cowl, engine mount and all accessories available for $5000.00.  This would upgrade the Rallye 880 to a Model 885.  Engine is not available separately at this price. Modern King radio and transponder.  Contact Ed D’Antoni 403-247-6621


Cessna 140    $23,500. SOLD!

TTSN 2745. O-200 100HP engine 1205 SMOH. New battery 2015. Cleveland wheels+brakes. Scott tailwheel. Icom radio+intercom (2011) All the instruments work. ELT recertified in 2016 with new battery. Skytec lightweight starter. Alternator STC. New Champion plugs. Bendix Mags 500hr inspection (2016). Marvel MA35PA carburetor.   Jon Thomson (204) 939-0049


1954 Piper    $18,500. OBO

1954 Piper 22-135 4 seater for sale. 4100 TT. 209 hrs SMOH. New bungees, new heat muff, generator and regulator rebuilt this annual.  Great time builder and just fun to fly. True 110 cruise which makes BC smaller. Contact Lorne 250-307-4840 or email   Located in Vernon BC


RANS S7 COURIER.   $25,000.   SOLD!

Home built advanced ultralight on full Lotus floats.  Comes with wheels, Warp Drive prop with nickel leading edge 3 blade.  Dual fuel tanks, heating system, 228 hrs T/T. 582 Rotax with fuel mixture control.  Always hangared. Lots of spare float parts.  Radio, two head sets, intercom.  Lots of other features that didn't come with kit.      Smithers,BC    250-847-5497  Ask for Fred.        Serious inquiries only by phone, please.


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