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Newsletter July 2017.

Previous Newsletter June  2017

Next meeting on Thursday, July 13, at 7:30pm.

Clubhouse, Blair Field.


Wild Fires

So far the devastating wild fires in the area stayed at least 60 kms from Kamloops, but it could change any time. We have been lucky so far, but the valley here is tinder dry, and we badly need rain.  The smoke is so thick that from my house I can hardly see the mountains only 6 kms across the valley.  I could hear the fire bombers flying over, but could not see them.

View from my drone:

July 27, 3pm :  A friend just told that there are fires on the mountains on both side of Little Fort 85 kms North of Kamloops, and that the place had been evacuated... 

From Dan Berwin

Cache Creek airport lost the house and two main hangars.  No power or fuel.  Helicopters using it for fire fighting.   My plane has survived.

Staying with family in Kamloops.  I am in Cache Creek fighting fire.  Waiting to deploy.  Fire creeping down from north behind my house.



B-25 Aircraft

A restored B-25 bomber was in Kamloops lately.  To learn more about the type, see this video:


From Dennis Seib 

Thursday, July 6th, Dave and Gail Jones invited Lynda and I to fly to the North West arm of Shuswap Lake. Dave flew low and slow with his floatplane C-FBOO, and Lynda and I met them in Seymour Arm. This unregistered strip is a bit rough, but has lots of length. 


Near the lake shore is a small cemetery with about six wooden crosses. Sadly some of the grave markers were for deceased infants....


Photos of Shuswap Lake looking towards Blind Bay and Salmon Arm beyond. We had tried to find cooler air by climbing to 3,600 ft. on our way home.

From Jan Nademlejnsky

Last year (Sept 10, 2016), I made and submitted my video "Canada in a Day" to CTV, which was collecting videos from regular Canadians. They were preparing a video story about Canadians called "Canada in a Day" for 150 years of Canada celebration. My video was selected as one of 16,000 submissions. I had chance to see the result on June 26. The 2.5 hour movie was very soft stuff composition of a few sec from each submission. I was the only one flying right after the non flying Snowbirds near the end of the movie.


167. Flying to Cache Creek Airport, July 5, 2017

It was another, 133 km long, cross-country flight to small airport in Cache Creek. I took off at 7 am in already 26C temperature and no wind in Kamloops. The flight was very pleasant with practically no surprises. I was going up wind of about 18 km/h with no problem until I realised that it might be very interesting at the Cache Creek airport. It is single runway in N-S orientation on the side of high mountain. I was facing potentially 90 deg cross wind. The windsock showed cross wind from East, while I was all the time flying against the wind from West. I realized now, when writing this intro, that I was actually facing the bottom part of the downdraft on my approach. It was not pleasant to be bounced sideway. My touch down was not very good looking and I would say it was a bad landing.

I spent several minutes at the airport, took several pictures, replaced batteries in all my four cameras, and headed back to Kamloops. It was visibly faster going back with the 18 km/h tail wind.

I stopped by WW2 bomber B25, which was visiting from Arizona, USA. This rare airplane is one of only 3 in existence from 10,000 built. I took some pictures of my trike with B25 in background.

Video    Pictures


166. Canada Day Flying in Kamloops, July 1, 2017

It was a special day for Canada and Canadians, because Canady celebrated 150 years of its birth. A few days before my flight, we had a forest fire NW of the airport. I flew there to check out the damage. To my surprise, it was just small area, which looked more like result of a control burn rather then fire out of control.

Then I flew over Kamloops main landmarks, Mt Peter and Paul, downtown to check the early morning beginning of massive Canada Day celebration. Finally, I flew nearby the Afton gold and cooper mine. It was very good flying day with no weather surprises.

Video    Pictures


165. Flying to Ajax, Knutsford, Downtown and North Ridge Chasing Clouds, June 17, 2017

After I adjusted the camera bracket (see previous video # 164), I went up again to Ajax mine area, Knutsford and down south over Kamloops downtown. Then I spotted a band of reachable clouds over the North Ridge. I went to chase them with very strong urge to dive into them, but again I chickened out. There was not any danger to get lost or flying blindly, but the pure fact that air density is significant different in clouds form normal sky. I did want deal with any nasty surprise.

Video    Pictures


164. Flying to West of Tobiano to Check the Nature, June 17, 2017

I went for hike and discovered spectacular scenery few km west of golf resort in Tobiano on Kamloops Lake. I decided to check it out from the air too. Also I modified my new, homemade camera bracket and I found that the horizon was tilted. I adjusted the camera when I landed and then went again flying. Check next video #165

Video    Pictures


163. Checking Kamloops Overflowing Thompson Rivers, June 4, 2017

It has been annual ritual to go to see swollen North and South Thompson rivers in their Kamloops confluence. They carry water from the melted mountain snow and unusually high spring rain water. Initially it is interesting and beautiful, but eventually damaging to the lower elevation areas. I flew over both rivers to see how the high water level changed the character of the Kamloops valleys.

Video    Pictures

New in the Buy&Sell

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1948 Aeronca 11CC Chief Project 

$9,995. Firm.


3373 TTSN  1031 SMOH  0 since engine top overhaul. FWF restoration. Plenty of new skins, Interior extended cargo, Panel refurbished, Gear completely refurbished. Wing fabric in excellent condition, Fuselage fabric may need replacing.  Shayne  250-688-1760


 Murphy Maverick    $25,000.

With wing extension, 65 Continental. No electric.   Full VFR  panel, c/w skis.   TAT 315.7, engine SMO 66.4 Propeller Culver Valley Eng. 324 hours.  The plane is flown regularly 2 to 3 time week. Great carrying load and use 10 to 12 liter per hour. at 70 to 80 MPH cruise. The plane is base in Drayton Valley  AB    Contact Valerio Giaretta 780-850-2001 or Tom Shroder 780-914-4396  or Dan Pandure (Snow bird Aviation) 780-349-4159 


1947 Cessna 140   $24,000. OBO



1971 Cessna 150L    SOLD!

 Located in Kamloops.  Key points: Long Range Fuel Tanks -- Max Range (870 Mi.)  Endurance (6.5 - 11.7 Hr)  Vik Aeromotive Overhaul: 271 Hr SMOH  Click here for details. Rock Whitney  604-312-3598

170304-BS607    June 27

WANTED:    $100.

A scrapped fuselage, for 4130 tubing.  $100.

Albert 250-494-0482


Cessna 150K       Now $14,990.

1970 with 2600 tt. Icon radio, king transponder, 2 brand new mags, fresh annual, flown regularly. Great little plane. Selling because of RV6 upgrade Email  or call (250)447-6333, or text (250)442-7015.


MURPHY JDM 8 ULTRALIGHT    $9,000. obo.

This is a project aircraft that needs finishing.  Single seat aircraft. Aluminum construction with 24’ wingspan. Wings fold for storage.   2 sets of wings.  Now on tricycle gear. Weighs approx. 250#. Approx. 250 hr TT.  Needs mags on current engine, or a lighter 2 stroke engine. Must sell for health reasons.  Dan McGladdery  250-260-0700  Armstrong, BC


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