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Previous Newsletter   February 2020  

Next meeting: March 12, 2020

At the Blair Field Clubhouse


A while back in the October 2019 Newsletter, I briefly talked about my best days in the Flying Club, and my last words were "but the old days are gone." Those were the days when there was lots of activity at Blair Field every week end, and even during the week I was usually the most frequent flyer; but I have not flown since my crash in 2016, so I can blame the slow down partly on myself. And I can't make up my mind about when, if and how I will be airborne again!...

The problem with flying clubs is the difficulty in finding new flight enthusiast to come on board and take over. How do you deal with attrition? This new generation is on a different trip.  At one point, we even put on a display at Aberdeen Mall; there was some interest expressed, but nothing came out of our effort. I am always telling people how inexpensive it is to fly an ultralight aircraft, and how fantastic it is to be "up there" but have failed to make new converts.  In the meantime I keep busy designing and building my own radio-control models and looking forward to better weather.

I have searched the Internet for ideas, but declining interest seems to be a common problem for many flying clubs.  Somebody smarter than me will have to suggest a solution.


But we can't be too cautious.


I was told that if I had started buying Bitcoins when they first came out, I now could afford this neat toy!

They have my number, and they used it too often. Especially in the early morning! That is why I started disconnecting my phone from 9pm to 9am. Too bad, if somebody was trying to reach me in case of emergency...  Maybe on too many occasions I gave them an earful of the worst insults I could think of. They are a disgrace to their race.
They even have a way to make your phone screen indicate that the call is actually coming from the RCMP, the CRA or your bank.
None of them ever had a North or South American accent, or British, Australian, Japanese, French or Russian...  The RCMP recently arrested two of their Canadians accomplices, but I doubt that will slow them down for long.


Interesting phenomenon right here in Kamloops.


It happened on February 10. See details here    (Pictures from that same site.)

I have been unable to find any update on the pilot's condition. I only found that he is Kaylee Mortensen and just moved from Westlock Alberta. The Zenair 701 was built in 2002, and Kaylee refurbished it in 2016. Looks like the engine ended up inside the cabin...

The aircraft in better days. 2016 Westlock.

UPDATE:  In the latest Kamloops this Week paper

Attempted Theft

And then some bumbling idiot tried to steal a Beaver in Vancouver Harbour, and in the process badly damaged two other aircraft.

I sure hope they find the sucker! But from what I have seen happen in the justice system, he would be back on the street before the cops who arrest him are back home for dinner.


It might be happening too slow to notice in the animal kingdom, but technology progress goes all the time.

Coming soon to a backyard in your neighbourhood? Maybe not so soon, but eventually!

Somebody in the US was already flying one last year...

Progress should be embraced, not slowed down. If you live in the past, you have no future.

Cello music, anyone?

Relax! This has nothing to do with flying, but give it a shot! I always loved the cello, and I discovered this piece a month ago. I can turn up the volume to maximum on my old X-530 Logitech system and feel the pulses from the ported woofer mounted under my computer desk and the vibrations through the desk top.

XP-400 anyone?

Anybody has one of those on his aircraft? I hope not!


Bad enough to make a grown man cry!

From Jan Nademlenjsky


273. Low Level Flying by North Ridge. Long Version from just Front Camera, March 1, 2020

This is very little edited version of the previous video # 273. I used just front camera video running 2x faster. The perceived flying speed is between 200 and 250 km/h above fascinating and very complex terrain. I did it to show the real Kamloops beauty while listening to relaxing music. My very talented high school friend, Alma Mares, allowed me to use her instrumental music. If you like the music then you can contact Alma on Facebook for more info or buy her music on CD. I noticed that my YouTube videos are running at low resolution (360) on Facebook. The best is to click Pause after video runs and in upper RH corner click Setting icon. Change the setting to 1080. My videos should look perfect and far as picture quality is concern even on very large monitor (mine is 32). Low resolution video has very blotchy and annoying background.

Video   Pictures 1   Pictures 2



272. Low Level Flying by North Ridge, March 1, 2020

Favourable flying conditions allowed me to fly much closer then lately to the ground, so I could show the full range of the Kamloops beauty. The area east of the North Thompson River is especially beautiful and interesting. The high plateau between South Thompson River and North Ridge is deeply scarred into various patterns. It is interesting to see from birds view and from ground up too. On my flight back I passed airport west to Tranquille area. This is my popular place for hiking. I flew over and around Mara Mt to show big slabs of rocks on its south side. Then I followed Frederick Rd valley, Battle Bluff Hill, down to South Thompson River delta with my favourite sand bars. The ever changing underwater sand bars forms beautiful 3D pattern, where you could spot all kind of lookalikes, similarly to heavy clouds. It was excellent, 138 km long trip.

Video   Pictures 1   Pictures 2


271. Squadron of Vernon RV Homebuilts Visiting Kamloops Flying Club

It was unusual sight in the sky and on the ground to see and hear five, high performance RV homebuilts. They joined our Kamloops Flying Club for regular Tuesday coffee and donuts social gathering and pilot talk.

Video   Pictures


270. Good Flight to Harper Mountain and River Valley, Feb 24, 2020

I was planning to fly to Sun Peaks ski resort, but my fingers gave up about half way when temperature dropped from +3C to -5C. I changed my direction towards smaller ski area, Harper Mountain. It was very pleasant flight in beautiful natural surroundings.

Video   Pictures


269. Flying Kamloops, Showing Just Turbulence Section, Feb 15, 2020

This video, version 2, is edited so that only sections with turbulence are shown.

It looked like peaceful day for flying, but the reality was just opposite. As soon as I crossed North Thompson River, while flying east, the air bumps and kicks started to chase me. The turbulence was getting worse with every km of distance from the airport. Eventually, I had enough to fight it so I turned around back west towards the airport. It was getting worse before it calmed down. After just about 40 minutes I landed, because I did not know how it would shape out. I did not want to push my luck.

Video   Pictures


268. Flying Turbulent Kamloops North Ridge, Feb 15, 2020

It looked like peaceful day for flying, but the reality was just opposite. As soon as I crossed North Thompson River, while flying east, the air bumps and kicks started to chase me. The turbulence was getting worse with every km of distance from the airport. Eventually, I had enough to fight it so I turned around back west towards the airport. It was getting worse before it calmed down. After just about 40 minutes I landed, because I did not know how it would shape out. I did not want to push mu luck.

I was also testing another GoPro Hero 7 Black (3rd one), but the result was extremely disappointing. The stabilization did not work for some unexplained reason. The footage was practically useless and much worse then from my previous Hero 3 camera. Hero 8/B has Super stabilization, but it was horrendous in this case.

Video   Pictures

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1971 Cessna 150L Commuter   SOLD!

1650 Full Lotus Floats   $7,800.

Installed new on airplane in spring of 2016.  Flown for 2 summers 44 hours total time.  Rigging built by Ken Smith of Harbour Sport Aviation.  Dual stainless water rudders, heavy duty cross bars, stainless boxing wires, streamlined flying wires, new spare bladders.  Will crate at no charge.  Good as new for half the price!  Located in BC Canada. Call Murray at 250-695-6979   [email protected]



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