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Newsletter October 2018.

Previous Newsletter      September 2018

Next meeting Thursday, October 11.

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse.

Welcome to our new members!
Jaden Waterhouse rented Hangar #1 where he will be keeping his Citabria that will be flown from Calgary soon.
Swede Peterson already has his Pietempol in Hangar #6.
All the hangars are now taken, so let's hope there is more activity at the field next summer!
From Jan Nademlejnsky

I am still recovering from my motorcycle accident in May 15, 2018. I ended up with new, Titanium and CrMo steel left shoulder joint in August and have load restriction what I can do. I did not fly since July 26 so I got idea to show my flying beginning which started in 1974. I never took any flying lessons. What ever I know I had to figure it by myself.

I feel that my life is slowly getting into some normality again. The surgery went well and I healed quickly. When the surgeon verified that everything was OK, my wife finally allowed me to go motorhoming. So we went for nice holiday. Meanwhile my injured motorcycle arrived after 4 months in Moto Hospital. $11,600. later for repairs and $835 to "tow" it to Kamloops I could ride again. Just 20 km was enough for me, because I feel any bump in my shoulder. I will start flying again in October, 2018


193. How I Started to Fly in 1974

I never flew anything in my life. I built a hang glider from home available materials, made all the cable connections from cooper tubing. Saw the sail from poly rain coat material.This film sequence show how I learned to fly and learned to fly it in just couple of hours. Never stopped flying since except for 2 years in 1980 after my serious hang glider accident when my marriage was in jeopardy.


194. Rana Hang Gliding Beginnings in Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia, CSSR) 1974

Beginning of hang gliding in Czechoslovakia in very popular and ideal learning place, Rana near Louny.
This was one of my best time in my life to be surrounded by people similarly crazy and in love of this quickly developing sport. This movie shows the first accident on that hill.


195. Hang Gliding Pioneers in Rana, Czech Republic 1974

1974 beginning of quickly developing hang gliding sport


196. First in Flight Selfie Movie, Rana Hang Gliding 1974


Flying with my improved Dacron type cover material, which was significant improvement from the previous poly, rain coat, stretchable sail.
This shows my first selfie from mechanical (spring winding) movie camera. The movie film camera took just 3 min movie before if had to be rewound. I built camera remote control from the bicycle break leaver and cable. The trigger worked on the ground, but not in the air. Fortunately it stacked in ON position, so camera took just full film movie (~3 min). Yeh, how far it was from the GoPro.


197. Motorized Rogallo in Italy 1977

This was an excellent concept of hang glider replacing aeroplane wing. I flew very well. I wish someone developed and modernized this concept. I saw it in Italy during our time waiting for immigration to Canada.


198. Fort McMurray, AB, Flying Weight Shift Atlas 1982

The weight shift Atlas was the best concept and easiest flying machine. Easily transportable, but very poorly designed. I had several close calls with this machine: broken prop shaft, stripped prop dive belt, broken cable tong, flipped upside down on the lake with pontoons and many engine quits.


199. Fort McMurray, AB, Flying Weight Shift Atlas in Winter 1983

Winter flying on Snye, the most popular place for winter activities at that time


200. My First Float Flying, Fort McMurray 1983

My first ever flying on floats in 1983. I flew my weight shift Atlas made in Edmonton AB by Birdman. It was exceptionally easy to fly, but poorly design machine. I never took any lesson and I flew it perfectly the first time. The same on floats. I was very apprehensive after reading so many horror stories about float flying. I expected to die, but it was much easier that anything else.

Blair Field BBQ Sept.29.
We were lucky to get a beautiful sunny day. Clear blue sky, a bit cool, but in the sun it was perfect! Many came by air, it was great to see them all. Bill Huxley drove in, I had not seen him for months...


New in the BuyAndSell
in the last month.

(Or new asking prices.)

1946 Taylorcraft project.    $4,500.

This great little aircraft has not flown for some time and needs someone who is dedicated to restoring her to her former glory. Our Museum space is very limited, so it has been priced to move. Please use the email in the photo if you have any interest. Located in Langley BC. Canadian Museum of flight. 


Piper Cub Used Parts

Flying is good for you!

PA-11:    Horizontal stab and rudder.  2 nose bowls - one new.  Top-side and bottom cowlings.     Carb heat and cabin heat control.

PA18:     Nose bowl side and top cowlings.  One forward two rear floor boards.  One elevator, one rudder.  Assorted windows for templates.  One windshield.  Assorted fuel lines.  Two ash wing tip bows.  Set of bungee covers.  Set of header tanks.  Ignition switch.  Assorted wing root covers.  Set of fuel tanks. Three false wing nose ribs.  4: 0-320 Cermichrome cylinders, 220 hrs TT.

For info and prices, contact Dan Nelson 250-579-8083  [email protected]



Contact:   George Murray      [email protected]  403-931-1645


Wag Aero project    Price reduced.

Wag aero 2+2 project (PA-14 copy) 4 place, $2,000. OBO, Bearhawk wings, $3,000. OBO,  Nick 604 828 4366, [email protected]        


ZENAIR 701     $40,000.

The 701 has 252 hrs.  ALLEN    1-250-247-7440.  Nanaimo. B.C. [email protected]

Floats and Trailer   $3,500. 

ALLEN    1-250-247-7440.  Nanaimo. B.C. [email protected]


Zenair Zodiac 601HD   Asking Price $28,000. OBO

Engine 90HP  Subaru EA81 C/W Johnson Reduction Drive.  Dual Ignition.  Warp Drive Carbon Fibre Ground Adjustable Prop.  Electric Trim.  Empty Weight 675 lbs.  Gross Weight 1240 lbs.  Wing Loading   +/-6 G’s.  Fuel Capacity  15 US Gals. Contact  Ron Peters, Neuanlage, SK.  Ph. 306-229-7911 [email protected]


Bushmaster Parts.  Contact Ron for prices.

Bushmaster Parts are removed from wind damaged aircraft.  Engine Assembly, Cowl, Engine Mount, Firewall C/W Warpdrive Propeller, Muffler and Electric Start. Header Fuel Tank and Auxiliary. Instrument Panel C/W most gauges and Switches. Wheels, Fiberglas Seat Assembly. Building Plans for Bushmaster.  Contact Ron Peters,  Neuanlage, SK.  Ph. 306-229-7911  [email protected]


Jasco 150    $17,500.

Mfg date 1982.  2-place sport plane, 222.0 hrs TT.  C 85hp Continental, 672 hrs TT.  45 STOL Full flaps 40.  Low wing side by side tail dragger.  Full electronics.  Radio/ELT.  Dacron and paint on steel tube.  1500 GTW, dry wt 590.  120 mph cruise .  Mo-gas 3.8 gph.  300 ft take off @ 2000 ASL.  No AME expenses.  New Battery (2018).  New tires, upgraded to larger tires (2018).  Always stored in hangar.  Wing tanks.  Fuel capacity 30 imp gal.  Electric start.  Flaps.  Rib stitched fabric.  No damage history .  Have all logs and blueprints when was built.  Has been on floats and skis, presently on wheels.  Scott tail wheel assembly. 28.4’ wing span.  18.75’ length.  Rate of climb 1000ft/m.  Max luggage 100 lbs.  Steel tube fuselage and tail.  Wood spars w. metal ribs.  McCauley  prop.   I'm 3rd owner.  Dale Pouteaux 306-677-2338.   [email protected]


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  Newsletter Editor: Cam at  [email protected]