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Newsletter November 2018.

Previous Newsletter      October 2018

Next meeting Thursday, November 8.

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse.

From Kalvin Falconar


Last month my father Chris Falconar passed away peacefully at the age of 91.  Not only was he the founder of Falconar Avia Inc., but Chris developed a majority of the innovations the company delivered to the aviation world.  A summary of these contributions is available on the website here…

I have taken over helping Mel Locke with the sale of Falconar Avia Inc.  We are continuing to provide HIPEC, and Aircraft Plans, however the company is not at the same capacity without Chris.  If you have any outstanding questions, please reach out directly to Mel or myself. 

Fortunately, we have an agreement pending to transfer the assets of HIPEC. The new owner is very well suited for the continuation of the HIPEC “Flexible Fine Finishes” product line.  Once the final sale has happened, I will inform you directly and provide further information on the website.

Important: The Aircraft Plans business is for sale.  This would include the transfer of all masters, supplemental drawings, mods, STC’s and associated intellectual property.  If you are interested, please reach out.  A listing of available plans is on the website…

I know Chris and Mel have enjoyed serving aviation enthusiasts and homebuilders.  Neither wanted to retire.  However, this is too much work for Mel and it is time to transition.  Please connect anytime, as we would love to hear from you.

Most respectfully,
Kalvin Falconar

Falconar Avia Inc.
[email protected]
Ph. +1 (780) 465-2024

Mel Locke (Mobile Phone – Direct)  +1 (780) 991-2766
Kalvin Falconar (Mobile Phone – Direct) +1 (403) 585-2228

Please check us out on the web…


A Door in the Sky.
You might have seen this one before, but it is totally impressive!

Ever seen a twin J3 Cub?
While looking for pictures of J3 Cubs on the Web, I came across this one, and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me:

It took me a while to find more information about that contraption, and on the way I came across two more pictures as seen from a different angle:

A few years ago I had found an article about two brothers who joined two DeHavilland Beavers, but the fuselages were much farther apart. There is a good article about it here: and they even mention the Twin Cub.

I finally found the main article about the Twin Cub, but that page is VERY long, and I pasted the good part below. 

Jonathan Westerling reported, “Harold Wagner, Troh’s business partner, experimented with an airplane design at Skyport that was featured on the front cover of the June 1961 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.”  The article in the magazine written by Leverett Richards, reported how “Wagner, now co-owner of the Mixerrnobile Company and partner in Henry Troh's Skyport in Portland, recently built himself a ‘Piper Bomber’ from two Cubs."

His idea was create an “inexpensive twin-engine airplane” by mating 2 Piper Cubs together at the wing. Harold's “Twin Cubs” were also featured in the March, 1952 issue of the AOPA magazine.

The article reported, “Concerned over the high cost of even the smallest twin-engined planes, [Wagner] decided to make one of his own. He bought 2 Cub trainers, each with more than 1,500 hours on it. According to Wagner, the whole thing cost him less than $2,500. & took 2 mechanics 5 days to complete.

They simply hacked up the 2 planes & mated them. The most unusual feature is the overlapping propellers. The blades are only 2 inches apart, but - although the Wagner Twin has flown more than 25 hours - the overlapping props have caused no trouble.”

 An article by Leo Kohn in the November 1973 issue of Aero Magazine had additional information about the flight testing at Skyport: "On December 6 [1951], after Wagner ran taxi tests for about 5 minutes at Troh's Skyport to feel out the ship, he took it to the end of the runway, swung the tails around, and opened up the engines. To the consternation of many, the Wagner-Twin was flying.

It leapt into the air, and one prop did not blank out the other as the 'experts' had feared. The airplane handled quite normally with plenty of reserve power. Because of the dual power units, each could run at a lower setting & the airplane still fly better than in its single engine mode.

The name 'Wagner-Twin was registered & patents were applied for. The federal government was unyielding & while getting approval to manufacture & sell commercially is one thing and all kinds of difficulty and paperwork was to be expected, just putting up with the red tape to keep the research airplanes flying was hardly worth the effort." Eventually the 3 planes produced for the experiments were dismantled.



From Jan Nademlejnsky


201. My First Flight after Shoulder Replacement Surgery, Oct 11, 2018

It was the first flight with my steel shoulder. It was the result of being victim in motorcycle accident 5 months earlier. I feel that I am getting slowly back to my regular life again. I missed all that warm flying weather and now I am back into winter clothing again. It was one-hour flight around Kamloops to check my favourite places, Mount Peter and Paul and South Thompson River sand bars. It was good and uneventful flight.

 Picture Album


202. My First Cross Country Flight in Apollo Trike, Oct 14, 2018

It was beautiful fall day so I decided to pull my new trike and myself through some cross-country flight test. I flew to the second largest ski area in Canada, Sun Peaks. Ten minutes into the flight, my two GoPro cameras refused to record. Luckily, my wing camera was working. Resulting video is from one camera only versus my usual at lease three camera views.

It was the first time I really appreciated the wing speed trim and figured out how it supposed to be used. It is very good device especially in stable air and long flights.

It is interesting to compare my previous AirBorne Trike with the original Wizard wing and this Apollo with Cheval 14 wing. Both trips measured 135 km (coincidence). The AirBorne trip took 2:13 hours and this Apollo just 1:14 hour. The Apollo is really moving, but it still looks and feels slow in the air. Basically, I do not perceive any speed difference.

Picture Album


203. Short Test Flights by Kamloops Lake South Shore, Oct 15, 2018

When I was transporting this trike with just 9 hours on it, I damaged one prop blade. I installed new prop. The original owner told me that he set the prop pitch to 11.5 deg. I measured the same angle too. I originally set the pitch of the new prop to 11.5 deg. The static test, (trike was not flying, but it was reved up on the ground), produced only 4,000 RPM as versus desired of 5 500 RPM.

Eventually I ended up with 6.5 deg pitch and the engine produced max 5,400 RPM when not moving.

I noticed during my previous flight, that I could run the engine at max RPM in just 3/4 of throttle. This could be potentially dangerous to over rev the engine. I also noticed big difference in max RPM between static test on the ground and the actual flying. Based on the above I set the pitch back to 11.5 deg and took off for this flight. The pitch was too coarse with poor performance and 4,500 RPM max. I turned back and changer the pitch to 9 deg. It worked well during my following flight above.

Picture Album


204. Flying to Greenstone Mountain and Ajax, Oct 15, 2018

I set the prop pitch to 9 deg, based on experience during the previous flight. Everything looked good after take off, so I decided to fly straight south and uphill to Greenstone Mountain. Unfortunately, I ended up on similar peak, but not where I wanted to be. There was wind and practically no turbulence until I was close to the mountain ridge. The air was very turbulent and unpleasant. I did not want to push mu luck with my new steel shoulder, still untested in the battle. I decided to skip the Greenstone and turned back north. The unpleasantness turned again to tranquil pleasure flight. Flew over Ajax mine area and my favourite river sand bars. It was good flight

Picture Album


205. Flying to North of Kamloops to Barriere, BC. Oct 20, 2018

The lately, weather is almost every day perfect for flying, with no wind and turbulence. I flew north to small town on North Thompson River, Barriere. I flew almost straight line over the mountain to Barriere and followed the North Thompson River on the way back south. The flight was very uneventful, but the sky was hazy from cold morning fog. It was especially noticeable facing sun through fog and haze, large windshield and helmet face shield. This was not very good combination for taking pictures either. I still manage to bring and edit decent video and good set of aerial pictures.

Picture Album


206. Flying to Kamloops North Ridge, North Shore of Kamloops Lake and Sandbars, Oct 30, 2018

Nice flight into, still for me not known, Kamloops region. Nice scenery with many payers of mountains and hills. I wanted to test my Monster Vision 360 camera, but the battery quit in just 15 minutes

Picture Album


207. Flying to Kamloops South Ridge, Knutsford and Sandbars with Major Turbulence, Oct 30, 2018

It was my second flight of that decent flyable day. I flew SE towards Knutsford airstrip, but still did not dare to land there in this fast trike and with my low hours time on it.

On the way back towards the airport area I encountered very sudden, short but a major turbulence. Let's see if you have patience to wait for it. I never experienced this before: During this bouncing up and down like garbage bag in the wind, all of the sudden I felt very strong blast of air from my left side. It totally freaked me out. If anything it should be from the front and not from the side. Luckily for me, it lasted less them minute, but if definitely perked my attention.

I have very nice views of the ever-changing river sandbars, with very complex underwater formations.

Picture Album


208. Good Turbulence while Flying Apollo Trike, Oct 30, 2018

Just 2 min video showing sudden, and a bit unpleasant, turbulence during otherwise peaceful flight. 

Dan Berwin, Flying the Zenair 701.

Its an interesting plane.  Some pictures are local around CC and down the Thompson.

One trip with Dan Nelson on Oct.22 was over Deadmans Falls, across to Skoalt Point and then down to N Thompson.   We landed on a bar then I came home down Kamloops Lake. 

October 30, Flew to Dave Jones , we landed on a bar then we went to his strip; Then home into the sunset.  


October 22,  Went to Merritt, then Down Nicola and over Douglas Lake, then to Knutsford and home.  




On Tuesday October 30, Dan flew his 701 to Kamloops to join with Dan Nelson and Grant in the Supercub, and later with Dennis Seib in his Tripacer. Together they flew to Ross Creek to visit with Bill Huxley.


New in the BuyAndSell
in the last month.

(Or new asking prices.)

Rare 1959 C150.    $20,000. OBO

In great condition. 11100TT, 1621 SMOH TBO 2000.  King KY97 Com, GTX 32A Transponder, New 406 ELT,  Standard panel. Push Button Starter. Pitot Static recently done, next 2020. Burn rate 5.5GPH.  Logs since new avail. Great time builder, Well maintained (Commercial and Private). Cowl and side covers avail. New rubber.  Rated: exterior 7/10, interior 7/10. Fresh Annual June 2018  Call Bill 604-819-3620 or email [email protected]


 1947 Cessna C-140    SOLD!


Cockpit Intercom System  $200. OBO

6-place Intercom.  Contact  250-573-3714 home or 250-299-5607 or [email protected]


Ercoupe fuselage    Reduced to $500.

No papers, email [email protected]  for details.  Cranbrook BC


2012 Zenith CH701 STOL     $53,900. OBO







Finished in 2012 fully inspected. Flys great. Low and slow. Tundra tires. New Rotax 912ULS 100hp engine 43hrs. Full Glass panel Dynon D180 EFIS and AvMap EPKIV, Bendix King radio, carb heat, electric flaps, transponder, back up gauges, inboard and out board tanks 40gal, power elevator trim, Warp Drive 3 blade prop, leather interior, wing lights, vortex generators, ELT.   No time to fly and would like to sell. Hangared, never stored outside. Full builders log online. Located at CYBW Springbank    Contact Nick [email protected]




1961 Piper PA-22 Colt        $15,000.

PA-22-108x Owner maintenance. Airframe 4537 TTSN Engine O-290-D2 109 SMOH 36 gallons of fuel. Wing, Cabin and empennage covers. Located in Kamloops. Devon Fisher 778-921-2018


1977 182 Q       $85,000.

Airframe  10156.65 TTSN, engine 1784/ 2000 TBO, Prop 2015. This 182 is an ex- RCMP aircraft and is a pleasure to fly. I am selling it as I just don’t get time to fly. The annual was just done in September and the AME said he would be glad to talk to any perspective buyers. For more information and photos please call Bob at 250-449-1982 or  [email protected]


Garmin Map 76S.     Offers

Compatible with Mapsource program.   Uses two AAs. Batteries.  Has travelled a lot and never failed. Call Paul 250-299-5973 or [email protected] 


Ridge Runner 3S Kit     (Under Offer)

Above list found at

Complete Kit - please inquire. This was previously listed, still got it.  Serious Inquiries only please! Thank you!! Call  Willy T. for more info.  250 706 9496-- AERIAL ESCAPADES


Skis for CH-701    SOLD! In 3 days!


Subaru EA81 Engines & Parts    $2,500. FIRM!

1 Engine currently installed on aircraft with Dave Johnson 2.1-1 Reduction Drive. 

1 Engine 0 - timed with new pistons, rings, parts, belts, water pump, etc. 

1 Engine spare short block, 2 heads, oil pans. 

Will not separate - asking $2,500.- firm for everything ($5,000.- + invested)  ...flying with the Subaru. Everything firewall forward goes minus Propeller.

Call  Willy T. for more info.  250 706 9496-- AERIAL ESCAPADES


Rotax Engines    $1,750. FIRM

(Under Offer)

1-Rotax 503 DCDI with approx.200hrs TT, rebuilt top and carbs.

1-Rotax 503DCSI unknown hours, needs clean-up.

2-Gearboxes, 1-A drive, 1-B drive, both version 4.

1-Challenger reduction belt drive.

Carbs, 3-mufflers, muffler parts.

Will not separate, asking $1,750. firm!

Call  Willy T. for more info.  250 706 9496-- AERIAL ESCAPADES


Rand KR-2  Sold in 6 days!


Type C Rotax Gear Drive.    $1,200.

Type C Rotax Gear Drive.  Near new, complete service done.  Warranty as if factory new (18 months/100 hours).  Cost new is $2030.00... clearing out at $1,200.  Call Bob at Light Engine Service (250-832-8786)  [email protected] 


Rotax Type B gear drive.  $600.

Rotax Type B gear drive.  Fully serviced. Cost new $1,259.  Clearing out at $600.  Call Bob at Light Engine Service (250-832-8786)  [email protected] 


Rotax 447 (CDI ignition)   $1,500.

Rotax 447 (CDI ignition)   Recent full service and de-carbon.  New seals and wrist pin bearings.  Everything within specs.  Single carb.  Comes with exhaust manifold.  Mufflers available at extra cost.   $1,500.  Call Bob at Light Engine Service (250-832-8786)  [email protected] 


Certified Lycoming 0-235    $3,500. USD

Certified Lycoming 0-235 C1 115HP  TTSN 2836.4  TSOH 1432.3  Complete engine less exhaust system.  All logs. No prop strike.  Removed for 0-320 upgrade. Inhibited for storage.  Recent borescope check OK.  [email protected]  Cell 778-538-4422 Kamloops BC.


McCauley Prop.   $3,500. USD

Factory new.  Certified Zero time. Part# 1C90/ALM-7246. Serial# ZG40013. (Compare new at Univair for $4,961. USD)

Will sell engine and prop together for $6,500. USD.  Contact [email protected]  Cell 778-538-4422 Kamloops BC.


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  Newsletter Editor: Cam at  [email protected]