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To have items advertised or removed from the list, contact Cam at 250-374-4181 or  

To place an ad, send me the specs and relevant details, as you would like to see in the ad,  and the asking price. Include a maximum of 5 high-resolution photos (in horizontal format) I will do the rest.

I will not charge for placing ads, but will leave it up to you to help with what you think is a fair donation for my services.   (That will ensure that your ad will be shown for 6 months; after that time please let me know if you still want to renew it.)

Send by  eTransfer  to   Or to PayPal account     Or cheque to  C.B. Villeneuve, 2074 Van Horne Dr.     Kamloops   BC    V1S 1G3

If you find any missing pictures or broken links, please let me know as soon as possible so I can fix the problem.  

Hangars for Rent, Knutsford.

 For info, Bill Davidson 250-554-7007

Piper Super J4    $62,500.

Owner retiring - This homebuilt conversion is currently on 2000 floats with recent 2 part epoxy below waterline, wheels and skis are included in sale, so is a second propeller for wheel/ski use. Built in 1995 with 566hrs TTAF and 473SMOH on Lycoming 0-320B with light weight starter, alternator and new mags. 54 US Gal fuel gives it 7+hrs range. Large easy access baggage allows loads up to 8' long with hatrack. PA-18 Tail. Great Bush Plane! For more info please call Dick at 250 395 0591 or 250 395 4360. Ferry/Delivery possible. Asking $62,500. CAD


Single-seat  Thundergull    $18,500.OBO

Called the "Cadillac of ultralights"  in  many ultralight aircraft reviews for  it's  flight  performance and  speed range  of  the 20 foot wingspan with  dropped  tips  cantilevered wing  used  (no struts  or  wires ). Unknown  hours, but  very  strong  electric start 503  DCDI Rotax with "inflight adjustable " 3 blade  Ivo  prop. Has EIS info for  motor , etc.  in good  instrument  panel.  Cruises at 85 -100 mph.  Radio & headset may be available  separately.  10 gallon US gas tank. Huge  flaps. New  battery. Wing and  body  covers plus hangar  protection. Just  replaced  fan belt  and  Lexan windshield.  The  prop  is  worth $1,600.00 US alone, Asking price  is  $18,500.00 CDN  Contact Gordon  Isaac at 250-549-1608 or  email


PPG Trike    $8,000.

PPG Trike for sale. Generac 50hp V-twin engine, 72" 3 blade GSC prop, foot throttle.  Has around 160 hours on the trike. It comes with 2 wings.  Apco Play 42 (100 hours) & a Powerplay Sting 250 (Red, 60 hours)   Also comes with an intercom system & Icom A6 radio with 2 headsets.    Wyoming,


 Murphy Maverick    SOLD!



I have a QUICKSILVER MX 503 ROTAX needs a little TLC $3495.00  Call Mario 604-589-0555 


Lazair 2-seat ultralight    $9,000.

Lazair 2 seat ultralight aircraft, great fun way to fly, enjoy the open air feeling.  40’ wing span x 14’ overall length x 6’ tall. With 2 – 26 HP KFM electric start motor, all new fuel lines, new plugs, decarbon cylinders, 2 new props 36”x 15 pitch, 2 fuel tank total 12 gallon, dual electric fuel pump, gauges.  Halls airspeed indicator, battery voltage, cylinder head temp, altimeter, vertical speed, compass, turn coordinator, new seats.  Bungee landing gear with 6’ wide stance gear.   Asking price $9,000.CDN   Will deliver within 4 hours flight time(400 KM)  Floats and 0 time KFM also available for additional price.  Located at Chilliwack, BC   Ron Pankonin 604 991 0522 


Kitfox Mk1  2-seat ultralight   $20,000.

100 hours on 582 blue head motor, folding wings, heater, 3 blade IVO prop, gauges: airspeed, VSI, turn coordinator,  Exhaust gas temp, tack, compass.  STOL aircraft 63’ take off with one person 1/2 fuel.  Has trailer, save on hangar fee, can store in a normal garage.  New Bungee, new fluids radiator and Matco brakes lines, repacked wheel bearings.  Selling for a friend. Located at Chilliwack, BC. Asking price $20,000. CDN Will deliver within 4 hours flight time (544 km)Ron Pankonin 604 991 0522



I am looking for an engine for my Luscombe. I will consider anything from an A-65 to a C-90.  Must be certified and airworthy.  Email:     Jon


Complete rebuild 2012.  47 Hrs. on Airframe and Engine.  Light weight Polly covering.  Wide Landing Gear with Disc Brakes.  Strobe.  FUN TO FLY!  Located Calgary AB.  LOOKING FOR A   " VANS   RV-4  Contact: George  403-931-1645


Andreasson BA-4B     $25,000. OBO

Also looking for Vans RV-4



1995 Amphibious float plane.   $65,000.00 Cdn.

Amateur-built category.  It is one of a kind.  Modified Tripacer fuselage, designed wings, floats and automotive firewall forward.   TTSN – 1025.

Engine – Ford V-6, 3.8.  All engine systems are modified for A/C use.  Horsepower = 225 at 4800 rpm.  Fuel consumption – 7.4 US gph at 18” manifold pressure.

Propeller – Ivo electric 80”, 3 blade, in-flight adjustable.  The engine/propeller combination is smooth and powerful.  The in-flight adjustable prop gives fine pitch for take-off, which produces lots of thrust to get on the step quickly on the water.

Wingspan – 37 feet.  Airfoil is 23012 NACA.  Large slotted flaps designed from wind-tunnel tests of the 23012 airfoil by Abbott and Doenhoff high lift devices.

Ailerons – Drooped differential and gap sealed.  

Wings – Are engineered for .6 g’s loading positive and 3.5 g’s negative. 

Floats – two fuel tanks, one in each float.  Two fuel pumps in each float.  Each tank is 22 US gallons capacity.  Fuel in the floats lowers the CG.  This aircraft is the only amphibious float plane that I know of that can land on the water wheels-down and not go upside down.  This is an excellent safety feature.  One float has 2500 lbs. of buoyancy.  The main gear is Cleveland 500-5’s.  The fronts are 4.5 x 10 inch. Oildyne hydraulic electric and Arco hydraulic cylinders extend and retract the wheels.

Seating capacity – four.  Lap restraint is in the rear and shoulder restraint in the front.

Gross weight – 2500 lbs.  Empty weight – 1540 lbs.  Time to turn over   Baggage capacity – 70 lbs   VNE speed – 135 mph   Cruise speed – 105 – 115 mph   Max. rate of climb – 1000 fpm   Stall speed – clean – 45 mph   Stall speed – flaps – under 40 mph   Trims – elevator is mechanical.  Ailerons and rudders have electric trims.   Automotive heater with defrost.  The heating system can not be contaminated with exhaust gasses.   Lighting – Landing, navigation, strobe and panel lights.    

Instrument panel – Compass, airspeed, altimeter, tachometer, two turn and banks, two VSI’s – one 0-2000, one 0-4500, manifold pressure,  EGT, oil pressure, oil temperature, water pressure, water temperature, OAT, fuel pressure, fuel capacity – left tank and right tank, prop position panel meter, flashing warning light for wheels (extended or retracted), digital volt meter, red alternator idiot light, hour meter, advance and retard dual electronic ignition systems, battery back-up with charging circuit, VAL 720 VHF, Garmin transponder and encoder, Sigtronics 4-place intercom, tape deck and AM/FM radio, GPS docks on yokes, 12 volt outlets on yokes to run GPS’s.  ELT is an ACK 406.  Remote plug-ins for block heater and main and aux. battery charging and engine hour meter.    

Equipment = two paddles, float pump, axe, air pump, first aid kit, Halon fire extinguisher, life jackets.

Located 108 Mile BC Call Mike 250 791 6437.or  


Aircraft engine     $7,500.

2300 cc Valley engineering / Culver props USA Volkswagen based aircraft engine. rated power 110 hp. Has re-drive reduction and swings a 74 X 55  inch tractor prop, Beautiful wood Prop included with engine. Engine barely broken in, comes with pretty much everything to install. $7,500.  YouTube video engine running on test stand.      Call Phil,  Canadian Museum of Flight 604-530-9799 or email


Wing tip fairings   $250.

Wing tip fairings, brand new for Murphy Rebel, unpainted.  $250.   Call Phil,  Canadian Museum of Flight 604-530-9799 or email


Volmer Jensen Sportsman Flying Boat    $27,900.

Reputed to be the most successful of all home built amphibian flying boats.  Fun to fly.  Radio, Mode C Transponder.  Lycoming 0-290G 125 hp engine.  Total time on both  approximately  370 hrs.  PH250 733 0808  JOHN FAUX <>


1986 Mooney M18X (C-GXTR)

Legendary performance. Responsive, predictable. Stick control. Retractable gear. Fly open canopy. Oh what fun!  Short field operation. High altitude operation. Lots of fuel. 117MPH to 130MPH @75%.  Low cost of ownership (1953 Mooney Mite rebuilt in homebuilt category by AME for his personal aircraft).  683lbs empty, 1025lbs gross. Continental A-65.  364hrs TTSN. 198hrs SMOH.  Try your offer (Value equal to mid time C-150).  1(780)679-6549


2004 Quad City Challenger II      $24,000.

C-ICZH registered Advanced Ultralight w/ 960lb GW

- 503 Rotax - Spare Re-furbished Prop - Spare Fuel Pump - Spare throttle Cable - Spare Spark Plugs - Cabin Heat - All Receipts and complete logs Comes with new fiber glass main landing gear, hydraulic brakes, after market nose gear suspension, snow skis, radio with external antenna, new intercom, and headsets.

ALT EGT CHT ASF Fuel Gauge New Analog Tach + min Tach with/ HR Meter Tinted Lexan Light Engine Services Throttle Quadrants Strobe Lights Burns premium fuel with 2 stroke mixing oil Cost effective flying

Also comes with two additional 5 Gal (10 Gal) wing tanks which pump directly into the main 10gal tanks. New strut fairing, belly cargo bag, and wing/plane covering if you want to store outside. Phone 403-872-9220  Email:


2003 Sonex       $23,000.


2003 SONEX amateur built. 80 HP Aerovee. 520hrs TTSN airframe and engine. Cruises at 125 MPH burning 4 GPH. Center stick can be flown from left seat or from the center for taller pilots. Conventional gear. Radio, intercom, ASI, VSI, altimeter, MAP, RPM, CHT, EGT, Volts, oil pressure/temp, ELT, compass. (No transponder) Canopy cover. New hydraulic brakes, rims. Flys fast at low cost. Stored indoors. $23,000. Located at CYPE. Contact Ryan 780-219-2800 or


1982 Yarrow Arrow   SOLD!

MSquared Sprint 1000     NOW $21,500. CDN

This heavy duty quicksilver clone sports a 1600 pound max gross, dual controls, 912S at 265 hours, EIS, airframe converted from amphibs 15 hr TT, clear coat UV protection, always hangared, switching to trikes  John 250-668-9596


J3 Cub Project  $15,000.

1946 Serial # 21034 Canadian registered. TTSN 2905, C-85 37 hrs. SMOH with started, 2 new 11.5 gallon STC'd wing tanks, Mcauley prop, hyd brakes. Metal spar wings. All surface ready for fabric. Clean and straight. Majority of parts for completion are included. Rod Lee  604 836-3143    Located in Delta, B C


2006 Flight Design    $93,000

2006 Flight Design CTSW located in Calgary, AB Canada. Currently 792hrs Registered as an Advanced Ultralight, comes with Bose blue tooth enabled head sets.  All glass panel with coupled GPS Auto pilot. Has optional tundra wheels and standard BRS ballistic emergency parachute.  Has All options and equipment. Video link: Located at Okotoks, AB airport (CFX2)   Carl Denis   Email:  Ph: 403-478-8200


1947 Cessna 140   $22,000. OBO



1965 Cessna 150E     $27,000.

For Sale 1965 Cessna 150E Texas Taildragger 0-200 with 1392 hrs SSOH. TTAF 4460, Millennium cylinders, Compression 76, 78, 76, 78. Straight tail, Manual flaps, Droop wing tips, Leading edge cuffs, New Scott tailwheel, New ignition harness and spark plugs, Full Tanis heat system, Ski fittings, Stall 35 mph full flaps, Logs since new, Annual due March 2018. Reason for selling bought a 4 place. Pictures are of Plane with Maule tailwheel. Plane located Valleyview Alberta. Contact Kevin Petryshen at 780 524 6555 or email at 


Wanted: ski attach brackets

Wanted: ski attach brackets for Stinson 108-1-2 or -3. Go around gear leg to attach cables and bungees. Part number sarb- 2500. Contact Kevin Petryshen at 780 524 6555


2007 RV9A    USD$75.000.

Beautiful Airplane.   2007  RV9A in top shape !   TTAF 653hrs, TTE 275 hrs, Lycoming 0-320 160hp  Sensenich Prop Fix pitch 275hrs.  Slick Mag. 275hrs. Electronic Ign. 653 hrs. DYNON 180 with Auto Pilot. 327 Transponder Garmin ELT 406, Icom Radio 210, GPS 396 + 796  Antisplat nosegear and tail upgrade.  Always hangared, fresh annual inspection ! Price:  $75,000. USD  Contact: Roman Rotach, owner.    Location: Vernon BC, Canada.     Tel.   250-260-5787 evenings,  e-mail:



2001 Titan Tornado 2    $27,000.

2001 Titan Tornado 2 Advanced Ultralight.  Rotax 912 UL  Warp Drive Prop with nickel leading edges.  TTAF and Engine: 735 hrs.  Prop and Engine Rubber done 2 years ago.  ICOM Radio, Transponder, ELT, Intercom, GPS included.  135 MPH VNE Wing with spades.  Aircraft located at King George Airpark CSK8   Asking: $27,000. CAD or $22,000. USD  Contact Seller:  for more details.


  Need a Project Aircraft.   Will trade

Need a project aircraft. Willing to trade my 1980 low mileage Corvette and/or my 2003 HD RoadKing Classic.   Prefer a high wing aircraft - tail draggers or what have you. A flying aircraft will also be considered. Derek  780-619-1224   (I also use my cell # 780 619 1224 for texting)


Headset:  AVCOMM  AC-900 PNR    $175.

Ph 250-672-2316 Tom Sorensen


Breezy    $19,000.  OBO

Easy to fly, open airplane:  Piper J3 wing.  Tandem seating, tricycle gear.  Lycoming 0-235 (118 hp) TT 580 hrs.  Top speed 100mph, cruise 80 mph.  Empty weight 800, gross 1250.  Instruments: Alt, AS, VS, tach, compass, oil pressure, oil temp, EGT.  Lost medical, must sell.  $40,000 into it.  Asking $19,000.  OBO.  Craig Lytle,  604-467-3304


Jodel D-11        NOW $3,500.

First flew 1979, 314 TT. This aircraft is being sold as a restoration project, not an airworthy airplane. It will need dismantling and hauling away. The engine (Continental A-65) is off the airplane and needs some valve work, and the fabric needs replacing (last done 22 years ago). The wooden structure needs to be thoroughly inspected and repaired or refinished where necessary. It comes with another old A-65 that has a few useable parts. Asking $3,500. Located in Kamloops. Email   for details.


1973 Citabria 7ECA     $42,000.

1973 Citabria 7ECA  TTSN 6420 SMOH 1785 STOH 323, New wood spars and polyfibre covering 2001,  Fuselage recovered 1981,  New toe brakes, New adjustable front seat, New engine mounts, baffling and interior 2016, Icom 200, intercom, wheel pants and federal skis. Hangared. Asking $42,000cdn Home 306-928-4505 cell: 306-482-8119


14' Kevlar floats     $4,000.

Kevlar 14 foot straight  floats. ...never used....c/w custom alum: ...toe-behind trailer $4,000.   Lost medical  !!       ALLEN.     250-247-7440


CESSNA 172L     $72,000.

CESSNA AIRCRAFT 172L FOR SALE  Price: $72,000.00   Total Time Since New: 1475 hours  Looking for an amphibious ultralight trade. Dian Brown <>


Wheel Skis     $10,000.

Wheel Skis for Cesna 180.  Hydraulic Federal 2500, Teflon Bottoms 10/10. As new.   Jon Sarver   250-395-6659.  


 Stolp Starduster II Project      $11,000.


Starduster II Project for Sale.  $11,000.  Has CofA.  Pulled O-470 engine off for another project.  Around 300 hours flight time.  Throw an engine on, and you can be flying, but needs the finer details dealt with, repaint the cowls, paint the top of the fabric wing, from a fabric patch that needed to be installed.  Cover the ailerons in fabric, to protect the wood.   For more pictures, or details phone : Mike Martin 778-240-4419 or email


Wanted: Cessna 150/152

Wanted: Airplane production or homebuilt two place in the 15,000$ range. No "on condition" engine and must be flying. Will consider 1/2 ownership. Prefer Cessna 150/152. Located in Prince George.  David Wheatcroft 250-961-9377


Chinook Plus 2     $34,995.

Chinook Plus 2 on full lotus amphibs.  Rotax 912 with only 30 hours.  Micro radio.  Garmin area 510 GPS.  Tons of extras including the original wheels to make it a land only aircraft.  Many spare parts.  2 Lightspeed noise canceling headsets.  1 Spot tracker GPS ELT.  A great flyer, tons of power and climbs like a rocket. Located at Airspeed High Ultralights at Courtney Airpark.  $34,995.  Contact Mark 604-603-8632 or email 


2004 Arrow Quest    $21,000.

2004 Arrow Quest / Air Creation ultralight trike, New Aeros Still 17 Wing c/w Training Bars, Rotax 503 DCDI, E Box with Electric & Rope Start, Engine overhauled with new crankshaft, 2 Hrs. TT since break-in, Dual Bing Carbs, Intake Silencer, Arplast composite ground adjustable Eco Prop, Electric Prime and Boost Pump, Nose Gear Brake, Hydraulic / N2 filled Shocks, MicroAir VHF Radio, Strobes, Pod Cover, Trailer, Trike & Wing Manuals, Complete Professional Ground Up Rebuild, $21,000, Negotiable, Possible Delivery. Contact     Arnie  780-832-9750  or e-mail

More videos  sttps://


Miscelaneous for sale    Offers

Garmin Map 76S. Compatible with Mapsource program.   Uses two AAs. Batteries.  Has travelled a lot and never failed.

Icom IC-A6 and two Avcomm AC-200P  When new, the A6 is $350. and the Avcomm $125.  The adaptors have a PTT connection for when they are connected to handheld radios.  The headsets are good quality and one has a volume control on each side. Comfy, clear sound.

Instruction books

Call Paul 250-299-5973 or


15 ft Puddlejumper Floats     $7,000.

Puddlejumper Floats 15 ft .  New Black Max Hyd. brakes, wheels and tires.  Water rudder no real time on the floats.  All mounting hardware, heavy duty nose wheel $7,000.   Call John 250-832-1845


2003 Europa XS     $33,800.

2003 Europa XS, Rotax 914, new coolant lines, carb diaphragms, new carb mounts. Airmaster AP300 warp drive prop, Becker radio/ transponder, Bendix King Gps,   70 hrsTT,   Call Gord at 250-803-1655


1989 Kit Fox 1  $33,000. or trade for land

1989 Kit Fox 1 - $33,000.00 or trade for land This sweet amateur built aircraft is s/n 002, #001 is in the Denny KitFox factory. Complete rebuild, new tires, rims, brakes (BlackMax), new 503 Rotax motor with 2 hrs on it (had proper break-in). Fuselage stripped, magnafluxed and painted. New medium wt. poly-fiber with Endura paint and new Lexan. Comes with skis and Full Lotus floats with new covers/airbags and rudder. Have all original books and manuals. Test flown. Call Neal 403-598-5155


Challenger II LSS    $30,000.

Challenger II Light Sport Special. It has tons of extras and low low hours, it has been stored indoors since it was built, it has the 583 Rotax engine. For more info contact Al at 250-261-0532


1946 Cessna 140      $28,500.

TTAF 3973.6 , 850 SMOH, C-85,Fresh Annual.  New items incl : 406 ELT, Battery, Carb, Mags ‎, Starter, seat/shoulder Harnesses, Mixture Control, Fuel Selector Kit, complete Bruce A/C cover system . 720 CH, xpdr Alt Encoder, strobe, hand GPS, good fabric wing . $28.5k, Vernon BC, 705-606-1591 


Wanted:  Cessna 150 or 152

Would prefer later model but willing to consider all.  Must have low to mid time engine, full logs, NDH and have excellent maintenance.  In other words I'm looking for a top notch aircraft!  Ideally located lower mainland or Van Is.  Martin.  Text 604-818-3844


2004 Rans S10 Sakota         $35,000.

Rotax 912 80hp.  110mph at 4gph 23gal. tanks.  Mgl extreme mini efis. Backup steam gauges on pass. Side Mgl g-meter for aerobatics Narco Transponder and encoder Pointer ELT Icom A210 radio Strobe/Nav lights 350ttsn Time will change plane fly every weekend Aircraft just returned from Oshkosh and was on EEA homebuilder live TV Will consider trade on aircraft to do my PPL on.  Pieter


ERCOUPE CONT 85      $20,000.

ASKING PRICE SLASHED  For sale Ercoupe Cont 85 500 SMOH. New prop, DG, HOR, Insturment lights, New battery, All metal, Rudder pedal 22,000$ Cad OBO Contact at 250-497-8555 • Contact William (Ray) P. Bernard, Owner - located Okanagan Falls, BC Canada •Ray Bernard <>  250-497-8555


Prop extension    $500. OBO

Sabre 4 inch prop extension with flange bolts and prop bolts as well as the bolt plate for front of prop, bolts are 7/16 and the unit was off a Lycoming D engine, it has about 25 hours on it, we changed to a metal prop so the extension also had to be changed.  $500.oo OBO  Gary  306-220-0836  near Saskatoon, Sask.


WANTED:    $100.

A scrapped fuselage, for 4130 tubing.  $100.

Albert 250-494-0482


J3 Cub Engine Mount $350.

J3 Cub engine mount $350.00 or swap for J4a mount.    Albert  250-494-0482 


Landing proximity sensor.    $34.73CDN

Landing aid; knowing how high from the surface after flaring is a most important aspect of a good landing.

This radar type sensor will help you do that and give your landing gear a break! On floats over glassy  waters or tail draggers on any strip.  Originally invented as an automotive parking aid, it is now available as a kit.

Installed near the front on floats or the landing gear it gives a visual indication @ 7-8 ft. and clear audio @ 5-6ft.  Kit includes on/off toggle switch and ear buds that are installed in your head set.

Price is plus shipping [save on shipping if you don't need the box].

WARNING: this kit does not in any way replace a persons ability to fly an aircraft without proper training!  Albert  250-494-0482 



Looking for a replacement blade for a ultralight 72" 3 blade Ivo prop, blade measures 35" tip to root.  Also interested in other similar size propellers or in-flight adjustable parts.  Call or text Sterling 250-263-56five3. Sterling Boettger <>


Wanted:  Cessna 152

Must be in top flying condition,  up-to-date inspection, well maintained and with reliable engine.

Contact Keith,    250-997-5575 in Mackenzie


Homebuilt project,  and 82" Sensenich prop.

(Photos will be posted later)

Low-wing homebuilt project, similar to Hawker Hurricane.  $1,000. OBO

82" Sensenich prop, new.  S/N43-B-9197    10EL43K15131-A    $1,500. OBO

Richard Lawrence,  250-991-7958     Quesnel,


  1948 Ercoupe Model “E”        NOW $23,000.


3600TT, C85-12F, 425 hrs SMOH - In annual to Aug ’17. Refurbished in 1995. VFR instruments with KY97A flip flop radio, Garmin GTX 320 mode C txpdr, ACK ELT, intercom, Sky-Tec starter, dual fork nosegear, Cleveland wheels and brakes, spin-on oil filter, lightweight Slick magnetos, Precision carb, bell washer landing gear kit, shoulder harnesses. 845# empty weight, 1400# gross weight, 555# useful load. Cheap flying at around 5 gph! Exterior / interior 8 out of 10. Includes canopy and wing covers and inlet plugs.  Nice 2seater  in excellent shape and flying. Hangared in Westlock, Alberta (CES4). Contact Dan at    or call 780-916-0480.


WANTED: Tail dragger   

I am looking for a small, happy, tail dragger.  Mode C XPDR, Mid-time engine. Interior coverings and external paint can be in any condition. Ideally night-VFR equipped.     604-612-1580   


KR2S Project        $6,000.

KR2S project for sale, 2180 great plains VW engine, prop, most engine gauges and flight instruments as well as miscellaneous hardware.  For more info contact B Valentine  250 746 9212 or   


WANTED:    $100.

A scrapped fuselage, for 4130 tubing.  $100.

Albert 250-494-0482


MURPHY JDM 8 ULTRALIGHT    $9,000. obo.

This is a project aircraft that needs finishing.  Single seat aircraft. Aluminum construction with 24’ wingspan. Wings fold for storage.   2 sets of wings.  Now on tricycle gear. Weighs approx. 250#. Approx. 250 hr TT.  Needs mags on current engine, or a lighter 2 stroke engine. Must sell for health reasons.  Dan McGladdery  250-260-0700  Armstrong, BC


Full Lotus parts

I have retired my 2150 full lotus. The hulls were getting shaky. I have everything else for sale, airbags, airbags fit all  Full Lotus floats 1650 and up, some new old stock, all the structural tubing, aluminum parts etc. Rick Porteous        250-675-4715.    Sorrento



Looking for Wag Aero Sport Trainer plans. Call or Text Mario at 1-780-852-8687