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To have items advertised, find details here.

If you find any missing pictures or broken links, phone numbers or e-mail addresses that don't work, let me know as soon as possible so I can fix the problem.   Cam at 250-374-4181 or [email protected]

1961 Piper PA-22 Colt        SOLD!


Aero 1500 Skis     $2,000.

Skis have very little wear. Rigging is for a PA-17 and would work on all Piper tail draggers with little modification.    Hal,  250-339-1173   Comox.   [email protected]


2024-T3 Aluminum

I have a roll of 2024-T3, .025 thick. 5-foot wide by approx. 10 feet long.  Offers?

Cam 250-374-4181 Kamloops.   [email protected]


1947 Cessna 140  SOLD!


Ercoupe fuselage    SOLD!


Rare 1959 C150.    $20,000. OBO

In great condition. 11100TT, 1621 SMOH TBO 2000.  King KY97 Com, GTX 32A Transponder, New 406 ELT,  Standard panel. Push Button Starter. Pitot Static recently done, next 2020. Burn rate 5.5GPH.  Logs since new avail. Great time builder, Well maintained (Commercial and Private). Cowl and side covers avail. New rubber.  Rated: exterior 7/10, interior 7/10. Fresh Annual June 2018  Call Bill 604-819-3620 or email [email protected]


Cockpit Intercom System  $200. OBO

6-place Intercom.  Contact  250-573-3714 home or 250-299-5607 or [email protected]


2012 Zenith CH701 STOL     $53,900. OBO







Finished in 2012 fully inspected. Flys great. Low and slow. Tundra tires. New Rotax 912ULS 100hp engine 43hrs. Full Glass panel Dynon D180 EFIS and AvMap EPKIV, Bendix King radio, carb heat, electric flaps, transponder, back up gauges, inboard and out board tanks 40gal, power elevator trim, Warp Drive 3 blade prop, leather interior, wing lights, vortex generators, ELT.   No time to fly and would like to sell. Hangared, never stored outside. Full builders log online. Located at CYBW Springbank    Contact Nick [email protected]




Garmin Map 76S.     Offers

Compatible with Mapsource program.   Uses two AAs. Batteries.  Has travelled a lot and never failed. Call Paul 250-299-5973 or [email protected] 


Subaru EA81 Engines & Parts    $2,500. FIRM!

1 Engine currently installed on aircraft with Dave Johnson 2.1-1 Reduction Drive. 

1 Engine 0 - timed with new pistons, rings, parts, belts, water pump, etc. 

1 Engine spare short block, 2 heads, oil pans. 

Will not separate - asking $2,500.- firm for everything ($5,000.- + invested)  ...flying with the Subaru. Everything firewall forward goes minus Propeller.

Call  Willy T. for more info.  250 706 9496-- AERIAL ESCAPADES


Type C Rotax Gear Drive.    $1,200.

Type C Rotax Gear Drive.  Near new, complete service done.  Warranty as if factory new (18 months/100 hours).  Cost new is $2030.00... clearing out at $1,200.  Call Bob at Light Engine Service (250-832-8786)  [email protected] 


Rotax Type B gear drive.  $600.

Rotax Type B gear drive.  Fully serviced. Cost new $1,259.  Clearing out at $600.  Call Bob at Light Engine Service (250-832-8786)  [email protected] 


Rotax 447 (CDI ignition)   $1,500.

Rotax 447 (CDI ignition)   Recent full service and de-carbon.  New seals and wrist pin bearings.  Everything within specs.  Single carb.  Comes with exhaust manifold.  Mufflers available at extra cost.   $1,500.  Call Bob at Light Engine Service (250-832-8786)  [email protected] 


Certified Lycoming 0-235    $3,500. USD

Certified Lycoming 0-235 C1 115HP  TTSN 2836.4  TSOH 1432.3  Complete engine less exhaust system.  All logs. No prop strike.  Removed for 0-320 upgrade. Inhibited for storage.  Recent borescope check OK.  [email protected]  Cell 778-538-4422 Kamloops BC.


McCauley Prop.   $3,500. USD

Factory new.  Certified Zero time. Part# 1C90/ALM-7246. Serial# ZG40013. (Compare new at Univair for $4,961. USD)

Will sell engine and prop together for $6,500. USD.  Contact [email protected]  Cell 778-538-4422 Kamloops BC.


1946 Taylorcraft project.    $4,500.

This great little aircraft has not flown for some time and needs someone who is dedicated to restoring her to her former glory. Our Museum space is very limited, so it has been priced to move. Please use the email in the photo if you have any interest. Located in Langley BC. Canadian Museum of flight. 



Contact:   George Murray      [email protected]  403-931-1645


Wag Aero project    Price reduced.

Wag aero 2+2 project (PA-14 copy) 4 place, $2,000. OBO, Bearhawk wings, $3,000. OBO,  Nick 604 828 4366, [email protected]        


ZENAIR 701     $40,000.

The 701 has 252 hrs.  ALLEN    1-250-247-7440.  Nanaimo. B.C. [email protected]

Floats and Trailer   $3,500. 

ALLEN    1-250-247-7440.  Nanaimo. B.C. [email protected]


Zenair Zodiac 601HD   Asking Price $28,000. OBO

Engine 90HP  Subaru EA81 C/W Johnson Reduction Drive.  Dual Ignition.  Warp Drive Carbon Fibre Ground Adjustable Prop.  Electric Trim.  Empty Weight 675 lbs.  Gross Weight 1240 lbs.  Wing Loading   +/-6 G’s.  Fuel Capacity  15 US Gals. Contact  Ron Peters, Neuanlage, SK.  Ph. 306-229-7911 [email protected]


Bushmaster Parts.  Contact Ron for prices.

Bushmaster Parts are removed from wind damaged aircraft.  Engine Assembly, Cowl, Engine Mount, Firewall C/W Warpdrive Propeller, Muffler and Electric Start. Header Fuel Tank and Auxiliary. Instrument Panel C/W most gauges and Switches. Wheels, Fiberglas Seat Assembly. Building Plans for Bushmaster.  Contact Ron Peters,  Neuanlage, SK.  Ph. 306-229-7911  [email protected]


Jasco 150    $17,500.

Mfg date 1982.  2-place sport plane, 222.0 hrs TT.  C 85hp Continental, 672 hrs TT.  45 STOL Full flaps 40.  Low wing side by side tail dragger.  Full electronics.  Radio/ELT.  Dacron and paint on steel tube.  1500 GTW, dry wt 590.  120 mph cruise .  Mo-gas 3.8 gph.  300 ft take off @ 2000 ASL.  No AME expenses.  New Battery (2018).  New tires, upgraded to larger tires (2018).  Always stored in hangar.  Wing tanks.  Fuel capacity 30 imp gal.  Electric start.  Flaps.  Rib stitched fabric.  No damage history .  Have all logs and blueprints when was built.  Has been on floats and skis, presently on wheels.  Scott tail wheel assembly. 28.4’ wing span.  18.75’ length.  Rate of climb 1000ft/m.  Max luggage 100 lbs.  Steel tube fuselage and tail.  Wood spars w. metal ribs.  McCauley  prop.   I'm 3rd owner.  Dale Pouteaux 306-677-2338.   [email protected]


Lotus 1260    Offers.

Amphibious 1260 Full Lotus floats for sale. They are in great shape, I have never flown with them but they were on a Chinook Plus 2 912. I'm selling it as a whole, no parting of any kind. The only thing that might need looking into is the front wheel, the bearings and brake shoes might need replacing. I also have a few extra bladders, a paddle and 2 inflatable life vests to throw in.  Taking offers...  George  250-301-9637   [email protected]


Andreasson BA-4B     $18,000. CDN

(Low-ballers will be ignored...)

The Andreasson BA-4B is a Swedish-designed sport biplane that dates from the mid-1960s.

This BA-4B is an excellent example of the type. It features all-metal construction, superior build craftsmanship, a 0-timed engine, terrific panel and a removable full canopy. It is built for small to medium sized pilots.     The builder, Gerry Theroux, is a retired aircraft maintenance engineer, and his experience with structures and systems on large airliners shows in the build quality and attention to detail that this BA-4B demonstrates.

Aircraft Features :

Lycoming 0-235-L2C 118 hp, O SMOH. Overhaul completed in 2015, engine properly preserved in a heated garage or hangar since then.  Will need proper break-in sequence completed. 2000 hour TBO.  Dual P-Mags allow variable and always optimal ignition timing. This translates to exceptional fuel economy and reliability. The ability to use automotive spark plugs saves even more monnics EZ-Pilot single axis (roll) autopilot. The EZ-Pilot is slaved to the included Garmin 296 GPS and will intercept and hold a course tht selects, or operate autonomously to any heading the pilot selects. It can slave to any GPS featuring standard NMEA data output

Panel mounted Garmin 296 GPS.   An MGL comm radio Mode C transponder. Standard ASI, altimeter, VSL, fuel gauge, and tachometer. Quad gauge for oil pressure and temp, CHT and EGT.  Full electrics with proper wiring and circuit breakers.   Electric pitch trim with electronic position indicator.  Flaperons, which will also work with the EZ pilot.  Adjustable rudder pedals. Cabin heat and cabin vent cooling.

4 full-span ailerons for exceptional roll control.  Fighter plane-style stick grip with switches for comm, trim and autopilot 5-point harness.  55 litre fuel tank (14.5 US gal).  Spring steel landing gear, dual brakes and 6.00 x 5 tires.  Full swivel tail wheel.  Wingtip and strobe lights.  Full plans and a set of claw tie-downs

Additionally, the engine needs the initial ground run break-in, plus the standard in-flight break-in to seat the rings and to stabilize oil consumption.

The BA-4B is currently registered as an ultralight aircraft and has not yet flown. As an ultralight, it does not require the standard amateur-built restrictions such as staying within only 25 NM of the home airport for the first 25 hours of flight. The pilot has a lot more freedom to explore the airplane at his or her discretion.

The airplane weighs about 700 lbs empty, and as noted, it will best fit small to medium sized pilots. The rudder pedals are adjustable via turnbuckles, and there is some room for adjustment in the seat

This airplane will have outstanding performance with an excellent power-to- weight ratio, terrific climb and roll rates, and an estimated cruise speed near 150 mph! You won’t find that in other ultralight aircraft.

See this Wikipedia link for the design’s complete history:

See a BA-4B in action:

If you feel the BA-4B might be right for you, please contact 403-931-1645 [email protected]

Firewall Forward is worth more than asking price!


Lycoming 0-235 C1B    $24,500.

Lycoming 0-235 C1B with only one hour total time. This is a brand new engine rebuilt by the best man in the prairie provinces. Only the case is original. A lifetime engine waiting for a plane. It had a prop strike with a wooden prop but the engine was not damaged in the slightest. Crank dialed perfect. Fully guaranteed! Comes complete with log, mags and exhaust but no starter. $24,500.   Call Tom Schroeder   780-914-4396   [email protected]   Drayton Valley Airport, Alberta


Isaac's Fury II Biplane    $4,500. or $24,900.

Isaac's Fury II Biplane with 26 hrs TTSN. The best flying of my life! Needs tail and aileron repair. All logs and builder's drawings come with. Without engine: $4,500 OBO. With the above engine: $24,900.00 Firm.

Call Tom Schroeder   780-914-4396   [email protected]   Drayton Valley Airport, Alberta


Single-Seat Thundergull     Now asking $14,000. OBO


Called the Cadillac of ultralights in many ultralight aircraft reviews for flight performance and speed range of the 20 foot wingspan with dropped tips cantilevered wing used (no struts or wires). Unknown hours, but very strong electric start 503 DCDI Rotax with in-flight adjustable 3-blade Ivo prop. Has EIS info for motor, etc. in good instrument panel. Cruises at 85 -100 mph. Radio headset may be available separately. 10 gallon US gas tank. Huge flaps. New battery. Wing and body covers plus hangar protection. Just replaced fan belt and Lexan windshield. The prop alone is worth $1,600. US.   Contact Gordon  Isaac at 250-549-1608 or email  [email protected]


Lancair 235/320     $49,000.CND or $38,00.USD

C-FONE looking for a good home. Completed but did an engine change so goes as 90%. 0 time since rebuild on 0-320, Slick mags, lightweight starter and alternator. King radio and transponder, standard instrument pack plus cht and egt, Garmin 196 GPS, upgraded landing gear. Needs final fit and finish especially on 320 cowl and carb heat. Has always been stored inside. Selling because no longer flying.  250-852-2274 text or email [email protected]


1994 Rans S12   NOW $16,500.

1994 Rans S12, 325 hours,  Blue Head Rotax 582 with 208 hours, Good fabric, always hangared, all AD's done, including new tail boom, New wiring and panel with Becker radio/intercom, digital altimeter/VSI, EIS,Strobes, cabin heat, two 9 gallon fuel tanks, hydraulic brakes, Earth EX Lithium battery.  Registered basic ultralight, can be registered Advanced UL, great flyer!  Located in Creston, BC  Price $19,500.  Contact: Kasper Naef  250 505 2501  [email protected] 


Refurbished 1983 Quicksilver MX    $8,500.

35 hp Rotax 377. 3.5 gph – rebuilt 2014. TTSO 65 hrs.  Spare Rotax 503 single ignition, 23 hrs TTSO ( unverified ).  52x32 Tennessee prop.  Fiberglass pod and wheel pants.  New updated 6” wheels and Azusa aluminum mags.  New Teleflex cable, and spoileron cables.  New updated drum style brakes and cables.  New battery.  New complete sail set and storage covers.  New fuel tank and seat tank 9.5 gallon capacity.  Strobes.  Ceramic coated exhaust system 2017.  BRS type aircraft recovery parachute system ( professionally repacked 2016 ).  Too much to list.

Instruments include :  MGL E3 engine monitoring system.  Instrument panel ASI.  New Hall wind speed indicator.  Tachometer.  Altimeter.  Compass.  

This is not a project, it is very clean, ready to fly and flown regularly. The Quicksilver MX line of ultralights is one of the most enjoyable and simple to fly on the market ( currently ). If you're looking for your first ultralight or just wanting an inexpensive aircraft to fly, this is the one. Just plane fun. Located @ CYQZ. Quesnel BC  [email protected]



1944 Ercoupe. $33,000.

Totally restored in the 90's, wings metalized rudder pedals with Cleveland brakes installed both sides. Rare wheel pants and main gear fairings. Two place Hooker shoulder harnesses. Airframe time 4090, engine time 1165, new Titan cylinders, very well maintained. Avionics include an Icom A100 com, Garmin 320A transponder, Icom A24 com/vor portable (hard wired to audio panel as com 2), custom built audio panel with pilot and co-pilot PTT, David Clark intercom, Garmin Area 500 GPS. A beautiful "safe" airplane with excellent paint and interior! 
Based at CZBB Boundary Bay Airport.  Mike Meakin [email protected] 604 880-4656


1996 Titan Tornado II   Reduced to $22,500.CAD

Rotax 912 (80HP).  350 HRS.  3 Blade Kiev composite prop.  2 wing tanks.  4.5 HRS flying time.  Custom made covers.    Contact: Tak Hirose Cell: 403-795-1708 (Anytime)  Home: 403-732-4616   (7:00pm-11:00pm)  [email protected]


1986 Mooney M18X (Mite)    $30K CDN

Legendary performance. Responsive, predictable. Stick control. Retractable gear. Slide canopy open prior to or mid-flight. Short field operation. Suitable for grass strips. High altitude capabilities (to 19000’ASL).    Lots of fuel - 29 US Gal (6Hrs @ 75%). Electrical system with Nav Lights.    683lbs empty,1025lbs gross. 364hrs TTSN. 198hrs SMOH Continental A-65-8F. Low cost of ownership (1953 Mooney Mite rebuilt in homebuilt category by AME for his personal aircraft).    Try your offer. Anticipating 25K US - 30K CDN (includes accessories and 2nd parts plane).     

Article - Mooney M18X

Video - Mooney Mite C-GXTR Down Low      

1(780)679-6549 Kevin [email protected] 


J3 CUB with all THE GOOD STUFF !! $44,000. CDN

2461.7 TT , 158.8 SMOH , 85 HP, 29” Alaska Bush Wheels, 1400 EDO floats, 1500 Federal skis with oversized Teflon bottoms and new bungees and cables, vortex generators, new fabric on wings and tail feathers, new 6 inch Cleveland wheels and brakes, new wing tanks, new sealed lifetime struts, 406 ELT. Amazing performance and fun for all terrain and all seasons. Also comes with a truckload of new in-box parts for rejuvenating the fuselage including new wind screen, (the old one is still in very good condition,) new one-piece cowling, New boot cowl, new floorboards, $1,000. worth of paint to match the wings, (note everything is an excellent flying condition but the previous owner was gearing up to make this an as-new aircraft by redoing the fuselage to match the wings and tail. ) This little Cub has all the good stuff and is an absolute joy to fly but my upgrade has been purchased and will be home soon so this whole package has been fairly priced at $44,000. Canadian to get it out of my hangar and into yours!

Fresh June annual, new tail screw assembly and tail feather bushings, Price $44,000. CDN. $35,000. without floats, $32,000. with 600x6" wheels and no floats, bush wheels or skis... And also possible trades (up/down/pr sideways) for something fast and/or aerobatic or interesting Trevor Larsen 250-788-5336, [email protected]


1985 Spectrum Beaver RX550 $10,000 (firm)

Less than 300 hrs total.  Always hangared.  Rotax 503 DCDI.  Steerable nose wheel.  Differential brakes.  Extra fuel tanks.  GPS, radio & helmets.  Runs strong, flies tight. Chris(778) 549-0590 (Surrey, BC)  [email protected] 


Europa Classic - $44,000 CAD OBO

Europa Classic meticulously built by the current owner. This aircraft flies beautifully hands off, is very responsive, light, well balanced and fast, must be flown to be appreciated. A very clean A/C cruising at 150 mph at 5 gal/hr or faster at different prop setting, climb is over 1000 fpm with two on board! Low stall of 50 mph makes this A/C and easy transition for capable tail dragger pilots or those that want something more challenging to land than a tricycle. The owner has test flown and checked out multiple Europa owners and can assist with transition training. The A/C is flight proven with over 500 hrs TT and has been flown all over east to west, south to north. Always hangared with no damage history.

Rotax 912 ULS, 100 hp, Warpdrive, ground adjustable propeller. Retractable mono-wheel with dampened suspension. Empty weight 830 lb, gross weight 1370 lbs. Go to for more info and pics. Hangared at Pemberton BC.

Contact friend of the owner Joel Griffiths at [email protected]  or 604-966-1316.    


CAP 300 Floats    $7,500.

CAP 3000 straight floats w/ Cessna 180-185 rigging.  Clean tight and in great shape. Big hatches.  $7500.00 OBO  Kamloops, 250 318 6886  Clive  [email protected]


Misc. Aircraft Parts

Such as: Flightcom Icom3, instrument panel cover, lap seat belts, fuel flapper valve, inline filter,  aileron hinge, float funnels, Lyc oil strainer, etc...


More pictures available upon request.

Parts List:

1 367 PULL UP HANDLE $30.00 $87.00USD
2 AN812-1 OLEO AIR VALVE $10.00 $13.89USD
3 BJ1000AH3D OLEO DRAIN VALVE $30.00 $75.00
4 ? OIL GALLERY CAP 0-200 $10.00 ----
5 MS28885-8 FUEL VENT VALVE $50.00 ----
6 ? FLOAT PUMP OUT FUNNEL $8.00 $11.33
7 ? EXHAUST HALF-CLAMP 0-200 $7.00 $33.00
8 62815 OIL STRAINER HOUSING $80.00 $82.50
9 62817 OIL STRAINER SCREEN $35.00 $50.-130.USD
10 ? C-150 DOOR ASHTRAY $7.00 ----
11 AMSAFE 4000 BLACK LAP SEAT BELT SET $35.00 $70.00
14 ? GENERIC MOUNT $15.00 ?
15 ? GARMIN 195-495 ANTENNA MOUNT $10.00 ?
16 ? RECESSED MIC/PH JACK $10.00 $21.00USD
17 0523816-1 HINGE USD $50.00 $75.00
18 1J10-1 INLINE FILTER $14.00 $32.50
19 C906-5 SWITCH USD $60.00 $100.00
20 S1673-1 STARTER SOLENOID $40.00 $102.00
21 ? AIR VENT $10.00 ?
22 AE80666 DRAIN VALVE 935 USD $60.00 $95.00USD
23 S1650-11 MASTER/ALT SWITCH SPLIT $20.00 $55.00USD
24 ? WING ROOT VENTS C-150-180 $20.00 $95.00
26 0513004-10 INST PANEL COVER. EARLY 172 $50.00 ?
27 ? WHEEL ASSEMBLY FOR PA-22 $50.00 ?
28 13889 WHEEL BEARING 1.5" ID $25.00 $50.-70.USD
29 SPA-400 SIGTRONICS INTERCOM $90.00 $100.-175.USD
30 ? PROP EXTENSION 0-235 $40.00 ?
31 AS1072-12 FIRESLEEVE  (104" AVAIL.) $15./FOOT $21.50/FOOT CDN


For details, contact Dwayne Porath  250-688-1760    Pictures available on request. [email protected]


Full Lotus 1220 $1,200.

Full Lotus 1220's with stiffeners for sale for $1,200. Needs a couple of bladders, so priced accordingly. Can arrange for shipping. Email Rob at [email protected]  


Mitchell Tachometer $150.00

1-New rebuilt by Mitchell Tachometer $150.00    Contact. Al Tower   Phone  250-328-5010    e-mail  [email protected] 


Lazair 2-seat ultralight Now asking $9,000.

Lazair 2 seat ultralight aircraft, great fun way to fly, enjoy the open air feeling.  40’ wing span x 14’ overall length x 6’ tall. With 2 – 26 HP KFM electric start motor, all new fuel lines, new plugs, decarbon cylinders, 2 new props 36”x 15 pitch, 2 fuel tank total 12 gallon, dual electric fuel pump, gauges.  Halls airspeed indicator, battery voltage, cylinder head temp, altimeter, vertical speed, compass, turn coordinator, new seats.  Bungee landing gear with 6’ wide stance gear.    Will deliver within 4 hours flight time(400 KM)  Floats and 0 time KFM also available for additional price.  Located at Chilliwack, BC   Ron Pankonin 604 991 0522 [email protected] 


Challenger 2     $27,700.

Exceptional Challenger 2, 2010, built in the home-built class, many additional features. Includes: Mixture control, carb heat, Engine information system, ballistic chute, under seat storage, in-flight adjustable 3 blade IVO prop, new hydraulic brake system, integrated PTT control stick, 64 liter aluminum fuel tank, fuel sump system, advanced throttle quadrant, 582 Bluehead Rotax motor with 182 hours, always hangared, flown regularly, fresh inspection by Lakeland Air ready to go. Comes with full set of Turbulence covers, wheel pants and standard set of tires. Currently on Tundra tires. Very fast edition of Challenger. Cruises easily at 82mph and can cruise at 90mph if desired. To build approx. $60k. Priced reasonably at $27,700. Call Rod Giles 250 428 5209. Serious inquiries only.  [email protected]


Slip Stream Genesis II.    $26,900. CDN

CFWLA  Built in 2001.   Rotax 912ULS 100HP.  2 seat side by side. Wing span 30'8"  Chord 5' Height 6' 3.5"   VNE 120 MPH.   Cruise 75 MPH.  Empty weight 750 Useful load 449. Fuel range 4.0 hours  Dual wing tanks.  TT 535 hrs.  Registered as Amateur Built at 1199 lbs. Can be flown with an ultra light pilot permit. Equipped with new 3 blade Warp drive prop, all the log books and build book. Includes 121.5 ELT, MAC stick elevator and aileron trim controls, electronic fuel pump, wing strobes, fuel miZer, cabin heater with 2 speed fan, Black Max brake system and Microair 760 channel radio.  Martin Nordstrom [email protected]  403-380-6918


MSquared Sprint 1000    NOW $20,900. CDN

This heavy duty quicksilver clone sports a 1600 pound max gross, dual controls, 912S at 265 hours, EIS, airframe converted from amphibs 15 hr TT, clear coat UV protection, always hangared, switching to trikes  John 250-668-9596  [email protected]


Northwing Navajo Trike    $17,000. OBO

Factory Refurbished Northwing Navajo Trike.  65 HP 582 Grey Head rebuilt by California Power Systems.   19 M Northwing Impulse Wing.  For Fast Sale Asking Only $17,000. OBO  Call Randy 250 307 7553 [email protected]


1973 Citabria 7ECA     NOW $39,500.

1973 Citabria 7ECA  TTSN 6420 SMOH 1785 STOH 323, New wood spars and polyfibre covering 2001,  Fuselage recovered 1981,  New toe brakes, New adjustable front seat, New engine mounts, baffling and interior 2016, Icom 200, intercom, wheel pants and federal skis. Hangared. Asking $42,000cdn Home 306-928-4505 cell: 306-482-8119 [email protected]



2000, Challenger II Advanced Ultralight. 250hrs TTSN. 0 time on rebuilt Rotax 582 engine. Radio, Intercom, headsets, GPS, ELT, Electric start, Heater for winter flying, Puddle Jumper Amphibious Floats, Skis, Tundra tires. Winter Enclosure (tinted). Always stored in a hanger. This plane is ready to fly, winter or summer land, water or snow. • Contact Dale G. McKnight located Golden, Canada • Telephone: 1 250 272 6558 . 1 250 344 6894    [email protected]



I am looking for an engine for my Luscombe. I will consider anything from an A-65 to a C-90.  Must be certified and airworthy.  Jon   Email: [email protected]   

Wing tip fairings   $250.

Wing tip fairings, brand new for Murphy Rebel, unpainted.  $250.   Call Phil,  Canadian Museum of Flight 604-530-9799 or email [email protected]


Landing proximity sensor.    $34.73CDN

Landing aid; knowing how high from the surface after flaring is a must. This radar tyor will help you do that and give your landing gear a break! On floats over glassy  waters or tail draggers on any strip.  Originally invented as an automotive parking aid, it is now available as a kit.

Installed near the front on floats or the landing gear it gives a visual indication @ 7-8 ft. and clear audio @ 5-6ft.  Kit includes on/off toggle switch and ear buds that are installed in your head set. Every aircraft should have one!

Price is plus shipping [save on shipping if you don't need the box].

WARNING: this kit does not in any way replace a persons ability to fly an aircraft without proper training!  Albert  250-494-0482 [email protected]