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Newsletter April 2019

Previous Newsletter    March 2019

Next meeting Thursday, April 11, 2019.

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse.

Blair Field
I was there on March 31 and the field looked pretty good and dry. The fellow (Darren?) who mowed the grass did a great job; some of the grass was already starting to turn green too. Now give us a bit of rain...
One small problem is that the frost had heaved the deck again, and the door could not open all the way. But it might be OK by the next meeting.
Phil was there installing a new tail wheel system he built himself, and it seemed to work very well when he did a few taxi runs over bumpy ground.
Online buying
Need something like a digital thermometer for your aircraft? You can get items online, for 20% and sometimes 10% of the price you would have to pay here. I am all for encouraging local people, but there is a limit to how I will let them overcharge me.
In the past few years I have bought online quite a few gadgets from China, from Aliexpress. Items like LED lights, power supplies, temperature switches, etc...    Small stuff to keep me busy at my electronics workbench.  Their service is excellent, but usually don't expect to get the items in less than one month.  Usually it is two months. One thing only took less than two weeks to get here, that was a record.
Another record was broken lately; I had ordered an item on November 19, and received it on April 3rd. That is some 173 days!  I told the supplier it must have been a speed record for a two-man boat rowing across the Pacific from Dongguan to Vancouver, with a detour by the Galapagos Islands.  :-)
Despite that slow boat from China, I am still very satisfied with Aliexpress and would recommend them to my friends.
I got a shock...
Willy Trinker had mentioned it on Facebook, so a few days ago I check my natural gas bill. It was always being paid automatically on the equal-payment plan, so I did not worry and just threw the statement in a file without looking at it.
So I was shocked to see the March bill. Total of $191.01 when the gas itself is only $27.88
Anything wrong with that picture?  I think so!
I know, that has nothing to do with flying, but it does affect all of us.
Passenger drones
There might not be much of a future for this one:
But some others have potential for fun!
So many are working on the concept, someone is bound to come up with a great working design. It is just a matter of time.
Building WW1 aircraft.
I got that link from Paul Parsons. If you have 47 minutes to spare, you might find this video  very interesting.

From Jan Nademlejnsky

225. My Record Flight to Dunn Peak, the Highest Peak in Kamloops Region, March 30, 2019

I was always intrigued by the snowy peak on very distant northern horizon. I was very close to this region in Oct 29, 2018, when flying to Barriere, BC. I did not dare to fly there until I would learn more about this mountain.

The conditions were ripe for very good flight at 9:30 am, with blue, but hazy morning sky and +6C. Just before I strapped myself into my bird, I was visited by my flying club buddy. He told me about his nasty experience with extreme turbulence while flying his regular airplane there. This stacked in my head, especially, when in that mountain range. I was flying in the final stage at 11,175', well above the peak elevation of 8,600' to avoid the mountain turbulence. I stayed on the up wind side of mountain only and chickened out to fly around, hearing in my head his story of 1,000'/min downdraft.

It was very good flight without any surprises. It was another milestone flight with these, for me, record-setting values:

Distance: 184 km (114 mi)

Max Elevation: 3,406 m (11,175')

Delta elevation 3,053 m (10,015')

Average Speed: 116 km/h (72 mph)

Time: 1:35

Temper -6C to +8C (21 F to 46 F)

Video   Pictures


224. Flight to Second Largest Ski Area in Canada, March 20, 2019

It was truly spring day. I took off from Kamloops around 11am at +3C (1160') and experienced +13C over Sun Peaks at 7800'. I was actually hot in my winter clothing. Sun Peaks is the second largest ski area in Canada, while Whistles by Vancouver is the largest.

It was very pleasant flight with just small section with turbulence; otherwise I could listen to music and daydream. Actually, I was fully alert and waited for some nasty Kamloops area surprises, which, fortunately, never came.

I adjusted the angle of view of my camera mounted on the broomstick. The view looks good. This low tech camera mount was surprisingly very sturdy and fast to make. It would not win any industrial design price, but it cost nothing and worked perfectly. I cannot say the same about the GoPro overpriced mounts, which are good enough, but no good for my videos. I had to modify them to prevent vibrations.

Video   Pictures


223. Kamloops Flight Following North Thompson River, March 17, 2019

Another short flight to test my homemade camera mount, but mainly if the view would be interesting to watch. It appears that my broom stick camera mount and its attachment to the wing struts worked well with practically no vibration. I will leave to viewers to answer the question whether the camera view is interesting. The next time I will turn the camera more forward facing to capture the scenery too.

It was the first day of this winter season, when I was actually hot during the flight. Yahoo!

Video   Pictures


222. Kamloops Flight to North Ridge, March 17, 2019

Just short flight with my new camera mount and 360 Master Vision camera. It was disappointing test, because camera quit recording just after only 2 minutes. The camera manual says that it should be operated above 7C. The temperature was 3C to 6C. Obviously, that camera did not like it. I landed and installed GoPro camera to give me another angle of view. You could see the result in the next video.

Video   Pictures


221. Kamloops Flight to Downtown, Nicola Valley, Ajax, March 13, 2019

Beautiful day with now wind, ideal conditions to have pleasant flight. After take off I realized that I forgot my camera on the back seat. I had to turn around to retrieve it. Right after take off I noticed that this flight might not be very relaxing. The air was bumpy and the bumpiness was steady increasing during the flight. I also noticed when flying over the Knutsford area, that I did not buckled up after my camera retrieval. The flying conditions were not ideal for hands off flying. It took me two attempts to secure myself in the seat again. This was big relieve for me!

I had to change my original flight plan twice, due to the snow/rain in the areas where I was planning to go. I am very allergic to such combination of blue sky with cold clouds nearby. This always brings very nasty and sudden winds in Kamloops area. I made it home safely.

Video   Pictures


220. Kamloops Flight North Ridge, Tobiano, Afton Mine, March 9, 2019

I took advantage of the first warm and sunny day of 2019. Ground temperature was +2C and -6C in the air. I explored still snow covered country side around Kamloops. I flew west following the north shore of Kamloops Lake. Crossed the lake south to Tobiano Golf Resort and then east towards Knutsford. Several pilots reported show showers and significant turbulence nearby, but at that time I had totally blue sky above head. I could see heavy clouds all around which eventually started to created turbulence in my area. I decided not to push my luck and turned towards the airport. It was good day with beautiful scenery.

Video   Pictures

Buy And Sell

New (or modified) ads since last Newsletter.

1996 BUCCANEER     $12K.

I’m looking to sell this plane for my father.  It is currently being stored at King George Airpark, which is being turned into a blueberry farm. Plane needs to go by end of the month. We have12K in receipts. Ultralight basic, brand new Rotax 582, 0 flight hours just break in!. New windshield, new landing gear.  Please call 604-588-5120 for more information. Looking for 12k for the plane but motivated sellers !!.. Basically a free plane!    Jacob Deane Freeman [email protected]


2003 Sonex     NOW $27,900.

532 hrs. total on airframe and engine, Aerovee 2180 engine, 2 seat side by side, Icom radio, 125 to 130 mph on 4.2 gals per hr, 669 lbs. empty and  1100 lbs gross, carries 16 gals of gas, Gary May, Saskatchewan,  306-220-0836  [email protected] 


 1961 C-182D  C-FTGS      NOW $59,995. Cdn

7465 TTSN  1924SMOH  0 SPOH  Ex-military A/C.  820 Hrs since bottom inspection (new parts incl. bearings).  Compressions 68, 64, 72, 64, 78, 76.  Recent cylinder work.  Horton stall kit and B/M gap seal kit installed.  All accessories installed 2019.  KY86A digital Com, GTX 327 digital Txpdr, encoder, 4-place iCom.  Overhauled prop with sale. New ELT with sale. Many new parts. Expensive annual 2019. 0 snags on aircraft. After-sale support and upgrades by AME/Owner at reduced dates.  No major damage history, no corrosion issues. Ext 7/10, int 6/10. Good glass. Hooker harnesses. A/C located at Oliver BC. Delivery at cost. Shayne 250-688-1760 [email protected]


1946 Aeronca Chief       $23,000.

TTAF 1926 SMOH 726 Recent fabric 85 hp Continental no electrics C/W handheld radio intercom and sealed lead acid battery. Metal prop 800 X 6 tires. Always hangered, real nice shape. Contact Alvie (cell) 250-354-7141 [email protected]


SPRINT 1000     $19,500.

2 seat, dual controls, EIS, 30 hr TTAF and 280 hr on 912S, 3 blade warp drive, clear coat UV protection on sail, $ 19,500 John  [email protected]


2005 Chinook Plus 2 BULA, $12,500.

Factory assembled
HKS 700e 4-stroke engine, 310 hrs TT, 800 hrs TBO
Electric flaperons
Dual throttle
Matco full swiveling tail wheel
RPS Recovery Chute
Altimeter, airspeed, VSI, magnetic compass, engine instruments
Microair 760 radio, DRE-201 intercom, Narco AT-50 transponder
Full airplane covers made by Arctic Covers

New GSC prop just installed, old blades available
New exhaust pipes, springs and muffler bracket
Ceconite covering in very good condition
Custom trailer available. Call for pricing

Located in Surrey, BC
Must sell. Priced well under real value for a quick sale.

Only serious buyers please.
Contact Sorin: (236)984-0408 or [email protected]



1985 Spectrum Beaver RX550

Reduced price, must sell.   $6,000.

Less than 300 hrs total.  Always hangared.  Rotax 503 DCDI.  Steerable nose wheel.  Differential brakes.  Extra fuel tanks.  GPS, radio & helmets.  Runs strong, flies tight. Chris(778) 549-0590 (Surrey, BC)    [email protected]       See video at         


1968 Cessna 172K      $65,000. CND

4714 hrs., 180 HP Lycoming  793 hrs., CAP 2000 floats, Hartzel 76" dia. C/S prop. 2 yrs old 41 hrs., Sportmans STOL kit,  ICOM radio  A210, Garmin transponder GTX327,  ACK  A-30 encoder, Kanad compact 406 mhz ELT. hydraulic launching dolly and 250 litre aluminium fuel transfer tank with 12V pump     100 Mile House, BC  [email protected]


Fisher Koala project.   Make me an offer

Serial # 08-8412, Reg Marks C-ICBW, Basic Ultralight Category. Kawasaki 440 motor with 350 hrs, 2 GSC SYSTEMS wooden props.  -2 options for tires; 1) Cleveland 600x6 wheels and brakes and 2) 850x6 tires with tubes plus new spring loaded suspension to replace original Bungee cord system.  -Fuselage covered with Ceconite (initial coat).  -New fiberglass engine cowl. All woodwork of entire plane has been checked and parts replaced as needed by an AME. Project comes with all original hardware, plus some extras and original plans included. Contact Bob 403 302-0943   [email protected]


Aeroquest Trike   NOW $16,500.

New Aeros Still 17 Wing, Rotax 503 DCDI with E - Box, Composite Arplast Eco Prop, Electric & Rope Start, Complete O/H on trike and Engine, New Crankshaft, 2 Hrs. T.T.  Electric Prime and Boost Pumps,  Training Bars, 2 Seat Dual Steering & Throttle Controls, Microair VHF Radio, Strobes, Trailer & Cloth Pod Cover, Manuals,  780-832-9750 Clairmont, AB, [email protected]  


1994 Rans S12   NOW $15,500.

1994 Rans S12, 325 hours,  Blue Head Rotax 582 with 208 hours, Good fabric, always hangared, all AD's done, including new tail boom, New wiring and panel with Becker radio/intercom, digital altimeter/VSI, EIS,Strobes, cabin heat, two 9 gallon fuel tanks, hydraulic brakes, Earth EX Lithium battery.  Registered basic ultralight, can be registered Advanced UL, great flyer!  Located in Creston, BC  Price $19,500.  Contact: Kasper Naef  250 505 2501  [email protected] 




Google earth Ref. 4947’42,16N 11332’14,29W  

1800ft. Turf Strip with 40X40 NEW metal Hangar.  This is a complete home site. Older, well maintained home, with huge fire place. Well treed with large garden . Buildings includes a 4-space carport, large self-contained work shop and a separate horse barn. Entire site was re-wired to 100 amp service in 2015. Hangar is wired for solar power. Wiring for emergency power in place.

The property is located in it's own quiet valley with no nearby neighbours. There is very abundant bird and wildlife. It has a large sheltered area ideal for RV parking or camping. Could be used for small business such as market gardening or rental for social groups, or pasturing horses. 40-minute flight time from YYC and a 10-mile drive from Fort MacLeod.  Asking $600,000. OBO

Contact Alan McNeil   403-382-9689   [email protected] Additional photos available on request.


Zenair Zodiac 601HD   $28,000. OBO

Engine 90HP  Subaru EA81 C/W Johnson Reduction Drive.  Dual Ignition.  Warp Drive Carbon Fibre Ground Adjustable Prop.  Electric Trim.  Empty Weight 675 lbs.  Gross Weight 1240 lbs.  Wing Loading   +/-6 G’s.  Fuel Capacity  15 US Gals. Contact  Ron Peters, Neuanlage, SK.  Ph. 306-229-7911 [email protected]


1956 Cessna 180    $120,000.Cdn

1956 Cessna 180, light airframe, O470K, factory reman, Horton Stall Kit, 185 whl gear, 2870 Floats, Hyd Wheel Skis new Teflon, King Radio, ADF, Mode C, 406 ELT, New Goodyear tires & start battery.  Interior excellent condition, Cowling and wing covers, Rear Bench Seat.  Bush Seat, Rebuilt mags, One piece windscreen,Last annual May 12/18, TTE 916.9, Fast flying machine, TTAF 9078.9  hrs, Aircraft flying times will change,      Carl 867-334-4560 or Cory 867-332-4199   Aircraft located in Whitehorse, Yukon. [email protected]


Kingfisher Amphibian Project   $2,000. or trade

Fuselage on Gear, Plans, Motor mount, Fuel Tank, 4130 Steel Tail Group Parts Completed, Project has been stored inside. Internals of fuselage varnished. External covered in a layer of fibreglass. A viable project for those interested in working with wood. Approximate $2,000. value or trade for Geo Tracker, Suzuki toads (tow along), etc. in good running condition or other interesting projects.  780-832-9750    Clairmont, AB, [email protected]  


PIK20E motorglider.  OFFERS!

Canadian Registered Basic Ultralight Motor  Glider, PIK20E, for  sale in Vernon, BC. Open to offers for Spring flying season, a 1979 self launch motor glider with 49 foot  wing span. 46HP Rotax DC SI built for this purpose and conceals into body for gliding  purpose with a listed 40:1 glide ratio. 3 test  flights in late fall of  2018 to prove airworthiness and  several new instruments. Motor de-carbonized by Rotax mechanic. Check out the specs  online. Too much to enumerate in this advertisement. Must have glider lessons to fly safely! A custom fiberglass trailer is also for sale for  this  plane. Serious inquiries only.  For a reply / pictures  from Gordon  [email protected]


1973 Skylane 182P.  125K CDN

3212 TTSN. 990 SFRM 0-470R. 35 SPOH. Dual VHF Radio, Dual VOR, ILS, Marker lighting, ADF, DME, Bendix GPS, Mode C, two axis Auto-pilot 406 ELT & more. 1782lbs empty/1168lbs payload. Auto Fuel STC. 80gal long range tanks. New 8.00 main tires. Same proud owner for past 20 years. Nice paint and leather seats.   Plane located in Vancouver area, can deliver for extra cost. $125k CAD  Eric Lalonde [email protected] 778-668-5205 



(For more ads, click here.)

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