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Newsletter January 2019

Previous Newsletter      December 2018

Next meeting Thursday, January 10, 2019.

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse.   (Maybe...)

If you stayed in bed all day, it would be pretty boring, and you would have nothing to talk about. Or you could spend all day watching TV, and your life would still be quite uninteresting. But learn to fly and get your own aircraft, that's a new ball game.
Some people will wonder why you are doing such a "dangerous' thing. My answer has been that you have to live and do what interests you. Riding a Ski-Doo or a quad is fun too, but people doing those sports can end up as dead as when crashing an aircraft. But in the eighteen years I flew, I never had to open a gate and close it behind me...  That always gave me a kick!   I had a hell of a great time with my little ultralight, landing on logging roads, fields and frozen lakes.
I had adventures, like when a connector broke on an ignition wire and I was forced to land on a hillside and damaged the nose gear. An emergency fix with a nylon strap saw me airborne and safe at the field again.
And landing on Jim Farmer's irrigation circle south of Savona was a thrill too, going in for a coffee.  Going to Larry Dee's for apple pie and ice cream.  For cinnamon bun and coffee at Quilchena.  5279 feet ASL on a logging road on Mount Leslie. Landing by Brigade lake with a broken elevator wire...   Lost of fun!    Then a downdraft pushing the Beaver down by Jackson Road, ending with 7 days in the hospital . They say that "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."  I ventured a lot, and will fly again.
My brother Paul had his adventures too:

On the sixth of September 2003 I flew from my cabin on Woodlake and landed my Beaver RX 550 on the west side of Okanagan Lake across from Winfield. This first photo shows Winfield in the background.

A strong southerly wind came up while i spoke with some hikers there and when came time to go I taxied northward in that bay and took off on calm waters. For the first 300 feet at least. Past the point, the waves were much higher and I struck a couple of them pretty hard on the step before lift-off. 

All seemed OK and I continued on towards the bridge and landed in the calm lee at the east end by the park and the white sail-like structure at the west end of Bernard St. 

 Following this most exciting cartwheel on Shuswap Lake the day after I saw, on this next photograph, that  one of the cross-brace wires at the front of the floats was no longer under tension. 

Shuswap Lake

Following the incident, I cut the left float in half lengthwise and saw that some damage to the bottom of the float just ahead of the step had allowed water to cut a channel into the foam filled rear portion of the float. So you can imagine that on landings and take offs water would easily erode and create a cavity behind the opening. 

Between a shift inward of the rear of the float due to a loose bracing cable and water bringing the CG back, that last take off on the seventh was made most interesting.  Realizing that full right rudder and aileron were needed to maintain some sort of level flight, at about fifty feet i allowed the aircraft to veer left, kept the throttle open just enough for rudder authority and rather than smacking head-on into water at 65 mph. I cut the mags, went full left aileron to cartwheel (which I learned in judo ) and screamed something likely to offend a sailor. 

Moral of the story, do a walk-around prior to Every Flight

From Jan Nademlejnsky

214. First Snow in Kamloops Flying, Dec 27, 2018

I like when ground is covered by the first snow, but not everything is white yet. The terrain looks much better in that contrasts between the white snow and dark roads, streets and slopes.

It was good flying day.

 Video   Pictures

214. Short Flight over Kamloops North Ridge, Dec 15, 2018

I woke up into blue sky, no wind and above freezing temperature. I checked, as always, all my weather application, including Environment Canada Weather (EC) forecast. EC showed 5C and 30 km/h wind for every hour, including my wakening hour with absolutely no wind. This government site has the most useless weather information. It is obvious that during the sunny day the temperature will go up. All other weather applications were showing 5 to 10 km/h wind and of course variable temperatures per each hour. So I took a chance and went flying. I made just 40 min loop, because the EC forecasted 30 km/h wind was haunting me. I tested my newly installed electric carburetor heaters, which will give me more confidence in my machine in winter. Frozen carburetor in Kamloops area would not be fun. I cut my flying short, but the wind never came, while beautiful, spring like weather continued.    Video   Pictures

I made it into Kamloops Matters, local on-line headlines and short news.

The article is here.




New in the BuyAndSell
in the last month.

(Or new asking prices.)

Piper Cherokee 140 (160HP) $42,500.

DOM:1966 Lycoming 160hp. Total hours since new: 2,830.   SMOH: 1,382.   Top OH: 16hrs, complete tear down. Prop: 16hrs Since new. Annual completed: Nov 30,2018 In great shape, runs perfect, flies like a dream. Immaculately maintained. Located @ CFX2   Pieter: 403-606-2087     [email protected]


Miscellaneous avionics

Older style David Clark H10-86 Helicopter headset with Avcomm helicopter to GA adapter   $75.00    SOLD!


DM C63-3/A VHF-FM antenna 138-174 MHz   $100. for under fuselage attachment for marine radio or FM ground stations


ICOM IC-A24 Nav/Com transceiver with desktop charger $150.00     SOLD!


Two - Flightcom Classic 4DX headset  $50.00 for the pair     SOLD!


Flightcom IISX 2 place portable intercom and SR4 Expansion module to 4 place $50.00



Telex 62800.001 Microphone for GA $25.00   

Garmin GA27C MXC Remote GPS Antenna  $25.00

Two  ICOM IC-20 cigarette lighter cable for ICOM IC A6/A24/A25  $25. each  ONE  SOLD!

Two Pryme speaker/microphones for ICOM handheld radios  $ offers

ICOM OPC499 headset adapter for ICOM handheld radios $ offers

Payment with cash, e-transfer or Pay Pal prior to shipping

Frank Satre   Lac La Hache, BC   250-706-7751   [email protected]


2003 Sonex     $29,900.

532 hrs. total on airframe and engine, Aerovee 2180 engine, 2 seat side by side, Icom radio, 125 to 130 mph on 4.2 gals per hr, 669 lbs. empty and  1100 lbs gross, carries 16 gals of gas, Gary May, Saskatchewan,  306-220-0836  [email protected] 






Part No.


VAN'S PC680 Battery mount install Kit (New)

Van's A/C

ES PC680

$ 43.00

KUNTZLEMAN Double Dual Magnum 12 Volt light system (New); Includes: Controller, 2 red/green/white LED position and strobe streamlined combination heads and

50 ft. 5 conductor cable.



$ 400.00

COMANT VHF communication antenna

A/C Spruce


$ 240.00

KLIXON: Mil Spec 5 Amp Circuit Breakers; (New);

6 Available


2 TC-5

$17.50 ea.

KLIXON: Mil Spec 10 Amp Circuit Breakers; (New);

2 Available



$17.50 ea.

KLIXON: Mil Spec 15 Amp Circuit Breakers; (New);

2 Available


2 TC-15

$17.50 ea.

KLIXON: Mil Spec 30 Amp Circuit Breaker; (New);

(1 Available)


3 TC7-30

$ 47.50

PANEL LIGHTS: Red Dimmable Panel Lights (New)

(8 Available)



$12.00 ea.

BENDIX Magneto Switch: (Used); Without starter position; No key



$ 45.00

UMA 3 1/8 inch Airspeed Indicator; non TSO (New) 40-200 MPH

A/C Spruce


$ 160.00

WESTACH 2 1/4 in. square 2A1; 0-700 deg (f) non TSO CHT Gauge (New) with one matched sender.


10-01235 & 10-01226

$ 125.00

DAVTRON M803 2 1/4 in. Digital Clock (Used) with C307PS OAT probe.



$ 375.00

DAVTRON M301C Digital Celsius OAT gauge (Used) with OAT sender.



$ 125.00

WINTER WIQM2 Rectangular Slip Indicator (New)



$ 80.00

SKYSPORTS 2 1/4 in 12 Volt Fuel gauge with 24 in. bendable capacitive probe, (New)



$ 135.00

Contact: William MacLeod; Peachland, BC; [email protected]









Part No.


SCOTT Model 2000 Tailwheel Bushing (New)

A/C Spruce


$ 50.00

SCOTT Model 2000 Tailwheel Grease Retainer Spacer (New)



$ 9.50

SCOTT Model 2000 Tailwheel Greaser Retainer (New)



$ 8.50

SCOTT Model 2000 Tailwheel Cap Bushing (New)



$ 61.00

VAN'S 2-lever throttle quadrant (New)

Van's A/C

CT 42F-1

$ 51.00

VAN'S 55 inch quadrant cable (New)


CT Q-55

$ 67.00

VAN'S Steel Clevis (New)



$ 11.00

VAN'S "Bug nut"(New)



$ 16.00

VAN'S Tailwheel steering spring set (New)


Bag 487

$ 25.00

KOHLER Primer assembly (Used)


$ 95.00

CESSNA Fuel vent valve assembly (Used)


$ 40.00

NEWTON AERO Model A305-G/S non-locking screw in fuel cap (New)

A/C Spruce


$ 129.00

Anodized Aluminium tank Flange (New)



$ 11.00

3/8 in. Aluminium welding flange (New) (2 available)


AN 867-3

$10.50 ea

1/4 in. Aluminium welding flange (New)


AN 867-2

$ 9.50

Standard fuel finger strainer (New)



$ 6.75

SAF-AIR SA14 Drain valve (New)



$ 21.00

ANDAIR CK375 Fuel check valve (New)



$ 68.00

ANDAIR FS 20X1 female Fuel valve (New)



$ 240.00

VAN'S Cockpit light (New)

Van's A/C


$ 51.00

VAN'S Panel light dimmer circuit (New)



$ 38.00

VAN'S Master switch diode (New)



$ 9.00

TEFZEL Insulated # 18 wire (100 ft roll) (New)



$ 37.00

STAINLESS STEEL Experimental data plate (New)



$ 10.00

LEXAN Edger tool



$ 10.00

Contact: William MacLeod; Peachland, BC; [email protected]






SENSENICH Wood Propeller     $2,250.




Serial No.


SENSENICH Wood Propeller: W72GK 46; New Condition; 48.8 hrs TTSN (AME Verified); removed from C-85-12F amateur-built a/c; Suitable for (non Certified) Continental C-85 applications; comes with Continental Propeller Hub Flange (Crush Plate).


AC 3867


Contact: William MacLeod; Peachland, BC; [email protected]






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