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Newsletter July 2018.

Previous Newsletter      June2018

Next meeting Thursday, July12.

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse.

Salmon Arm Appreciation Day

The weather was just great. Jan gave me a ride on June 24, the parking lot was almost full by the time we got there by 10:30 and the show had already started.

Lots of aircraft were on display.

Jan took many pictures you can see here:

Ross Creek Fly-In July 1.

I had planned on taking that one too, but I had to stay home working on a front wheel bearing on the Yaris. But it seems I did not miss much, as shower after shower kept coming down on the area.

Kamloops Flying Club Fly-In Breakfast, July 8.

I was just having breakfast at home when I remembered that one! I jumped in the Yaris and made it there by 8:20.  (Yaris all fixed now!...)  It was a perfect day to fly, and I would have been up too if I still had wings. I had to leave for home at 9:30, but there were lots of aircraft already and more were still coming in.

(I took some pictures with the iPhone, the quality could be better!)

I had a look at Jan's new aircraft. Nice machine. Too bad he will not be able to fly it this year, going into surgery for his shoulder at the end of July. Good luck, Jan!

More aircraft were still coming in.

That great looking powered glider sure caught my attention! A STEMME S10-VT that came from Kelowna.

Mooney M18-X

While placing the ad a few days ago, I looked at the specs and found that the take-off weight is 1025 lbs, which is less that the maximum allowable for an ultralight!  On the original the take-off weight was only 780 lbs, and the stall speed only 43mph. That would qualify as an ultralight!


New in the BuyAndSell
in the last month.

(Or new asking prices.)


2005 Flight Design CTSW    Now asking $73,500.

2005 FLIGHT DESIGN CTSW.   100 HP Rotax 912ULS 200hrs. In flight adjustable pitch prop.  Dynon EFIS-D100, Avmap EKP-IVGPS, Trutrak Auto Pilot, Garmin GTX mode C Transponder, SL40 comm. Leather seats, professionally maintained, always hangared, TTAF 1500hrs.   115-120 kts cruise. 5 gph 34 gal tanks.   Located Calgary AB. Canada.  Larry 403-850-0067.  email: [email protected]


175 Cessna Refurbish Project    $13,500.

1963 175 Cessna CF-UUJ Lycoming stc'd 0-360, 756.7 hours, TTSN @ 1494.0 hrs on airframe when stc'd.  Serial #175-57037 TTAF 2250.7 hrs as of July 6, 2018 Last annual July 26, 2000 #1-78/80, #2-74/80, #3-79/80. #4-80/80 Engine Serial #0-360-AIG/6  Bought this project, above my pay grade, great project for someone with more time and ability.  Would make a nice flying ship or float plane.   Call for details, Leigh Shook 250-401-1425   [email protected]


Husky Bushmaster Ultralight. $28,500. OBO

Plane was totally rebuilt in 2011 with all new coverings and paint, rib stitched. 2636TT which will increase as flying regularly. rebuilt Subaru EA81 that now has 136 total hrs. 15 gal fuel tank and 3.5gph burn. New 27.5" bushwheels. New carb. New alternator. New drive belt. New suspension bungees. New taiwheel. New seat covers. Comes with skis for winter flying. Has great heater for winter flying. 3 blade IVO ground adj. prop as well 2 blade wood prop. Set of lotus float with extra bladders and all hardware to install (have never been installed). Gps. Incredible roomy 2 place side-by-side that I bought and took my license in, great easy flying plane and hate to sell but needing to upgrade to a bigger plane.

Located north of Saskatoon Sask. Contact Jason  text 306-220-6779. Or [email protected]



1986 Mooney M18X (Mite)    $30K CDN

Legendary performance. Responsive, predictable. Stick control. Retractable gear. Slide canopy open prior to or mid-flight. Short field operation. Suitable for grass strips. High altitude capabilities (to 19000’ASL).    Lots of fuel - 29 US Gal (6Hrs @ 75%). Electrical system with Nav Lights.    683lbs empty,1025lbs gross. 364hrs TTSN. 198hrs SMOH Continental A-65-8F. Low cost of ownership (1953 Mooney Mite rebuilt in homebuilt category by AME for his personal aircraft).    Try your offer. Anticipating 25K US - 30K CDN (includes accessories and 2nd parts plane).     

Article - Mooney M18X

Video - Mooney Mite C-GXTR Down Low      

1(780)679-6549 Kevin [email protected] 


67 Cherokee     $35,000.

160HP,  500HRS on factory  Lycoming oh,  great easy to fly plane, Metco wing tips and strobes, Garmin 327 mode C , icom flip flop,  Garmin 496 GPS,  [email protected] CYJA Jasper Ab  780-852-8208


Andreasson BA-4B     Final price reduction: $20,000.

The Andreasson BA-4B is a Swedish-designed sport biplane that dates from the mid-1960s.

This BA-4B is an excellent example of the type. It features all-metal construction, superior build craftsmanship, a 0-timed engine, terrific panel and a removable full canopy. It is built for small to medium sized pilots.     The builder, Gerry Theroux, is a retired aircraft maintenance engineer, and his experience with structures and systems on large airliners shows in the build quality and attention to detail that this BA-4B demonstrates.

Aircraft Features :

Lycoming 0-235-L2C 118 hp, O SMOH. Overhaul completed in 2015, engine properly preserved in a heated garage or hangar since then.  Will need proper break-in sequence completed. 2000 hour TBO.  Dual P-Mags allow variable and always optimal ignition timing. This translates to exceptional fuel economy and reliability. The ability to use automotive spark plugs saves even more money over having to use aviation spade plugs.

Oil cooler and remote oil filter. Propeller is also O time SOH.  Trio Avionics EZ-Pilot single axis (roll) autopilot. The EZ-Pilot is slaved to the included Garmin 296 GPS and will intercept and hold a course the pilot selects, or operate autonomously to any heading the pilot selects. It can slave to any GPS featuring standard NMEA data output

Panel mounted Garmin 296 GPS.   An MGL comm radio Mode C transponder. Standard ASI, altimeter, VSL, fuel gauge, and tachometer. Quad gauge for oil pressure and temp, CHT and EGT.  Full electrics with proper wiring and circuit breakers.   Electric pitch trim with electronic position indicator.  Flaperons, which will also work with the EZ pilot.  Adjustable rudder pedals. Cabin heat and cabin vent cooling.

4 full-span ailerons for exceptional roll control.  Fighter plane-style stick grip with switches for comm, trim and autopilot5-point harness.  55 litre fuel tank (14.5 US gal).  Spring steel landing gear, dual brakes and 6.00 x 5 tires.  Full swivel tail wheel.  Wingtip and strobe lights.  Full plans and a set of claw tie-downs

Additionally, the engine needs the initial ground run break-in, plus the standard in-flight break-in to seat the rings and to stabilize oil consumption.

The BA-4B is currently registered as an ultralight aircraft and has not yet flown. As an ultralight, it does not require the standard amateur-built restrictions such as staying within only 25 NM of the home airport for the first 25 hours of flight. The pilot has a lot more freedom to explore the airplane at his or her discretion.

The airplane weighs about 700 lbs empty, and as noted, it will best fit small to medium sized pilots. The rudder pedals are adjustable via turnbuckles, and there is some room for adjustment in the seat

This airplane will have outstanding performance with an excellent power-to- weight ratio, terrific climb and roll rates, and an estimated cruise speed near 150 mph! You won’t find that in other ultralight aircraft.

See this Wikipedia link for the design’s complete history:

See a BA-4B in action:

If you feel the BA-4B might be right for you, please contact 403-931-1645 [email protected]

Firewall Forward is worth more than asking price!


Merlin EZ 03     Reduced to $29,000. OBO

Merlin EZ 03, C-IKEA AULA. By owner, builder. A solid and great flying aircraft on wheels and skis. Roomy side by side, cabin heat. Rotax 912 UL 80 hp eng.& A/F 960 hrs s/n flown regularly and maintained. Strong reliable engine. Log book. Always hangared. Test flown annually by kit manufacturer. Panel: 5-pack steam gauges. Large luggage compartment. Diff. disc brakes makes turning around easy with the 9” tail wheel. 2 blade IVO ground adjust 74” prop. 45 litre fuel tanks each wing. Main skis + tail ski incl. Price: C$29,000. OBO. Andy Gustafsson Calgary  [email protected]


 1947 Cessna C-140    $22,000.


85 hp C-85-12 with mogas STC    5127.8 TTSN     2022.1   SMOH (engine on condition),  engine, windshield, wing and tail covers,  new wing, fabric 2016, new battery and new ACK 406 ELT 2017,  4 pt. harness,  wingtip strobes,  excellent glass and rubber, very good interior, invested $9,000. + in restoration and upgrades, annual due Oct. 2018, located CYXS, Prince George.   [email protected]   (250) 964-0075


J3 CUB with all THE GOOD STUFF !! $44,000. CDN

2461.7 TT , 158.8 SMOH , 85 HP, 29” Alaska Bush Wheels, 1400 EDO floats, 1500 Federal skis with oversized Teflon bottoms and new bungees and cables, vortex generators, new fabric on wings and tail feathers, new 6 inch Cleveland wheels and brakes, new wing tanks, new sealed lifetime struts, 406 ELT. Amazing performance and fun for all terrain and all seasons. Also comes with a truckload of new in-box parts for rejuvenating the fuselage including new wind screen, (the old one is still in very good condition,) new one-piece cowling, New boot cowl, new floorboards, $1,000. worth of paint to match the wings, (note everything is an excellent flying condition but the previous owner was gearing up to make this an as-new aircraft by redoing the fuselage to match the wings and tail. ) This little Cub has all the good stuff and is an absolute joy to fly but my upgrade has been purchased and will be home soon so this whole package has been fairly priced at $44,000. Canadian to get it out of my hangar and into yours!

Fresh June annual, new tail screw assembly and tail feather bushings, Price $44,000. CDN. $35,000. without floats, $32,000. with 600x6" wheels and no floats, bush wheels or skis... And also possible trades (up/down/pr sideways) for something fast and/or aerobatic or interesting Trevor Larsen 250-788-5336, [email protected]


1985 Spectrum Beaver RX550 $10,000 (firm)

Less than 300 hrs total.  Always hangered.  Rotax 503 DCDI.  Steerable nose wheel.  Differential brakes.  Extra fuel tanks.  GPS, radio & helmets.  Runs strong, flies tight. Chris(778) 549-0590 (Surrey, BC)  [email protected] 


Europa Classic - $44,000 CAD OBO

Europa Classic meticulously built by the current owner. This aircraft flies beautifully hands off, is very responsive, light, well balanced and fast, must be flown to be appreciated. A very clean A/C cruising at 150 mph at 5 gal/hr or faster at different prop setting, climb is over 1000 fpm with two on board! Low stall of 50 mph makes this A/C and easy transition for capable tail dragger pilots or those that want something more challenging to land than a tricycle. The owner has test flown and checked out multiple Europa owners and can assist with transition training. The A/C is flight proven with over 500 hrs TT and has been flown all over east to west, south to north. Always hangared with no damage history.

Rotax 912 ULS, 100 hp, Warpdrive, ground adjustable propeller. Retractable mono-wheel with dampened suspension. Empty weight 830 lb, gross weight 1370 lbs. Go to for more info and pics. Hangared at Pemberton BC.

Contact friend of the owner Joel Griffiths at [email protected]  or 604-966-1316.    


CAP 300 Floats    $7,500.

CAP 3000 straight floats w/ Cessna 180-185 rigging.  Clean tight and in great shape. Big hatches.  $7500.00 OBO  Kamloops, 250 318 6886  Clive  [email protected]


Bendix KY96A    $550.


Bendix KY96A Com Radio, complete with tray and all connections.  Price $550.   Contact George at     [email protected]


Misc. Aircraft Parts

Such as: Flightcom Icom3, instrument panel cover, lap seat belts, fuel flapper valve, inline filter,  aileron hinge, float funnels, Lyc oil strainer, etc...


Parts List:

1 367 PULL UP HANDLE $30.00 $87.00USD
2 AN812-1 OLEO AIR VALVE $10.00 $13.89USD
3 BJ1000AH3D OLEO DRAIN VALVE $30.00 $75.00
4 ? OIL GALLERY CAP 0-200 $10.00 ----
5 MS28885-8 FUEL VENT VALVE $50.00 ----
6 ? FLOAT PUMP OUT FUNNEL $8.00 $11.33
7 ? EXHAUST HALF-CLAMP 0-200 $7.00 $33.00
8 62815 OIL STRAINER HOUSING $80.00 $82.50
9 62817 OIL STRAINER SCREEN $35.00 $50.-130.USD
10 ? C-150 DOOR ASHTRAY $7.00 ----
11 AMSAFE 4000 BLACK LAP SEAT BELT SET $35.00 $70.00
14 ? GENERIC MOUNT $15.00 ?
15 ? GARMIN 195-495 ANTENNA MOUNT $10.00 ?
16 ? RECESSED MIC/PH JACK $10.00 $21.00USD
17 0523816-1 HINGE USD $50.00 $75.00
18 1J10-1 INLINE FILTER $14.00 $32.50
19 C906-5 SWITCH USD $60.00 $100.00
20 S1673-1 STARTER SOLENOID $40.00 $102.00
21 ? AIR VENT $10.00 ?
22 AE80666 DRAIN VALVE 935 USD $60.00 $95.00USD
23 S1650-11 MASTER/ALT SWITCH SPLIT $20.00 $55.00USD
24 ? WING ROOT VENTS C-150-180 $20.00 $95.00
26 0513004-10 INST PANEL COVER. EARLY 172 $50.00 ?
27 ? WHEEL ASSEMBLY FOR PA-22 $50.00 ?
28 13889 WHEEL BEARING 1.5" ID $25.00 $50.-70.USD
29 SPA-400 SIGTRONICS INTERCOM $90.00 $100.-175.USD
30 ? PROP EXTENSION 0-235 $40.00 ?
31 AS1072-12 FIRESLEEVE  (104" AVAIL.) $15./FOOT $21.50/FOOT CDN


For details, contact Dwayne Porath  250-688-1760    Pictures available on request. [email protected]


1996 Titan Tornado II   $28,000.CAD

Rotax 912 (80HP).  350 HRS.  3 Blade Kiev composite prop.  2 wing tanks.  4.5 HRS flying time.  Custom made covers.    Contact: Tak Hirose Cell: 403-795-1708 (Anytime)  Home: 403-732-4616   (7:00pm-11:00pm)  [email protected]



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