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Newsletter June 2018.

Previous Newsletter      May2018

Next meeting Thursday, June 14.

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse.

Editor's Notes

DDOS attack...

On Wednesday May 23, I got a nasty surprise, a message from my web hosting site telling me that my account was suspended; it had been under DDOS attack and thy were forced to suspend it. They were telling me to consider enabling Cloudflare DNS for my account to bypass the attack towards the server.

Nothing like that had ever happened in the 17 years I have been maintaining this site, and I did not have a clue what to do.  I deal with, and their customer support is the best! They were very patient as they guided me every step of the way; I downloaded and installed the software they were recommending, but there were many things to do to get the proper configuration.  It took two days to get back online, and I must give my sincere thanks to Michael J, Raymond K, Kevin A, and Philip W.

So, to anyone out there thinking about setting up a Web site, just get in touch with them at .

What is a DDOS attack anyway? The definition is : A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. They target a wide variety of important resources, from banks to news websites, and present a major challenge to making sure people can publish and access important information.

I still don't see what makes my web site worthy of such attention...

Then on June 4, to test my patience again, I faced another problem, this time it was all my fault. At the request of a seller, I was changing an ad in the Buy and Sell section; I modified it as requested, saved the file and uploaded it. Usually when I change an ad, that brings it back to the top of the page. It turned out that in doing so I had by mistake deleted all the ads above that one and a few others below.

So I did what should be done under the circumstances: a facepalm, call myself a few choice names, have another cup of coffee and spend the next 8 hours fixing my screwup. Then I saved copies in a few different locations, just to be safe!

Fly In: don't forget to go to the Salmon Arm Airport Appreciation Day on June 24.


From Dan Berwin

Some pictures that Dan took lately:

Above Cache Creek, looking East.

Floods on the Bonaparte River

Cariboo Highway and Loon Lake Road junction.

Floods on the Bonaparte River

The old McAbee Railroad Station

Dan flew to Knutsford, but there was nobody there...

From Jam Nademlejnsky

It was not easy for me to say the final good bye to my red AirBorne trike. I had very good memory from my 18 years of flying it to many exciting places. It allowed me to see places which majority of people would never had a chance to see. I sold it to a hang glider pilot from Powell River. I hope he will have as much fun as I did.


I was really pumped up to fly my new Apollo DeltaJet2 trike. I could not wait for new prop to arrive from USA, which I damaged during the trike transport from Winnipeg.

Innocent, beautiful morning, motorcycle trip in May 15th changed all my plans. Truck driver who did not pay attention knocked me off the motorbike while we were driving downhill on Summit Dr. After several somersaults down the road, I noticed that I lost a lot of skin from my legs and arms. I was cleaned, X-rayed and bandaged (very poorly) in the Kamloops hospital. After several days, I was told that I have torn tendon and badly damaged 3 muscles in my left shoulder. I will need surgery to, hopefully, fix that damage.

Right now, all my skin is back and I have just small bandage on my elbow. I am not in pain, but I cannot lift my left arm, therefore I cannot fly or ride motorcycle. I am driving, but with difficulty and especially in parking lots, where I need both hands. We were planning to start out motorhome holiday the same (accident) week. Instead, I had to ask my neighbour to park all my toys back into the hangar. It really sucks especially this year with so many beautiful mornings ready for flying. I can just dream and hope for that distant one day, when I will be ready again.

I was hoping to fly my new trike to Salmon Arm Airport Appreciation Day, in June 24, which will be again very exciting air show.


New in the Buy&Sell
in the last month.


1996 Titan Tornado II   $28,000.CAD

Rotax 912 (80HP).  350 HRS.  3 Blade Kiev composite prop.  2 wing tanks.  4.5 HRS flying time.  Custom made covers.    Contact: Tak Hirose Cell: 403-795-1708 (Anytime)  Home: 403-732-4616   (7:00pm-11:00pm)  [email protected]


BushCaddy R80

2009 BushCaddy R80 - first flown in 2016, Subaru EA81 with Johnson Reduction Drive -30 hrs TT and going up,  68" three bladed Ivo Propeller, Icom A200 Radio, Mounts for Aera 500 GPS and iPad Mini (units not included), 3 point Crow Harnesses, conforming foam on adjustable seats, extended baggage with door, 800x6 wheels on Matco Rims, dual brakes, new engine mount for Rotax 912ULS - match-drilled to firewall for easy engine upgrade if so desired. All manuals and spare parts kit are also included. This aircraft will fit most "BIG BOYS" no problem. UL - Training can be provided.   See it fly  Will be sold as BC Ltd. Company - Serious inquiries only please!  


Andreasson BA-4B     Reduced to $23,000. OBO



Also looking for Vans RV-4

The Andreasson BA-4B is a Swedish-designed sport biplane that dates from the mid-1960s.

This BA-4B is an excellent example of the type. It features all-metal construction, superior build craftsmanship, a 0-timed engine, terrific panel and a removable full canopy. It is built for small to medium sized pilots.     The builder, Gerry Theroux, is a retired aircraft maintenance engineer, and his experience with structures and systems on large airliners shows in the build quality and attention to detail that this BA-4B demonstrates.

Aircraft Features :

Lycoming 0-235-L2C 118 hp, O SMOH. Overhaul completed in 2015, engine properly preserved in a heated garage or hangar since then.  Will need proper break-in sequence completed. 2000 hour TBO.  Dual P-Mags allow variable and always optimal ignition timing. This translates to exceptional fuel economy and reliability. The ability to use automotive spark plugs saves even more money over having to use aviation spade plugs.

Oil cooler and remote oil filter. Propeller is also O time SOH.  Trio Avionics EZ-Pilot single axis (roll) autopilot. The EZ-Pilot is slaved to the included Garmin 296 GPS and will intercept and hold a course the pilot selects, or operate autonomously to any heading the pilot selects. It can slave to any GPS featuring standard NMEA data output

Panel mounted Garmin 296 GPS.   An MGL comm radio Mode C transponder. Standard ASI, altimeter, VSL, fuel gauge, and tachometer. Quad gauge for oil pressure and temp, CHT and EGT.  Full electrics with proper wiring and circuit breakers.   Electric pitch trim with electronic position indicator.  Flaperons, which will also work with the EZ pilot.  Adjustable rudder pedals. Cabin heat and cabin vent cooling.

4 full-span ailerons for exceptional roll control.  Fighter plane-style stick grip with switches for comm, trim and autopilot.  5-point harness.  55 litre fuel tank (14.5 US gal).  Spring steel landing gear, dual brakes and 6.00 x 5 tires.  Full swivel tail wheel.  Wingtip and strobe lights.  Full plans and a set of claw tie-downs

Additionally, the engine needs the initial ground run break-in, plus the standard in-flight break-in to seat the rings and to stabilize oil consumption.

The BA-4B is currently registered as an ultralight aircraft and has not yet flown. As an ultralight, it does not require the standard amateur-built restrictions such as staying within only 25 NM of the home airport for the first 25 hours of flight. The pilot has a lot more freedom to explore the airplane at his or her discretion.

The airplane weighs about 700 lbs empty, and as noted, it will best fit small to medium sized pilots. The rudder pedals are adjustable via turnbuckles, and there is some room for adjustment in the seat

This airplane will have outstanding performance with an excellent power-to- weight ratio, terrific climb and roll rates, and an estimated cruise speed near 150 mph! You won’t find that in other ultralight aircraft.

See this Wikipedia link for the design’s complete history:

If you feel the BA-4B might be right for you, please contact George Murray 403-931-1645   [email protected]et


Full Lotus 1220    $1,200.

Full Lotus 1220's with stiffeners for sale for $1,200. Needs a couple of bladders, so priced accordingly. Can arrange for shipping. Email Rob at [email protected]  



1-New rebuilt by Mitchell Tachometer $150.00    Contact. Al Tower   Phone  250-328-5010    e-mail  [email protected] 


Lazair 2-seat ultralight Now asking $9,000.

Lazair 2 seat ultralight aircraft, great fun way to fly, enjoy the open air feeling.  40’ wing span x 14’ overall length x 6’ tall. With 2 – 26 HP KFM electric start motor, all new fuel lines, new plugs, decarbon cylinders, 2 new props 36”x 15 pitch, 2 fuel tank total 12 gallon, dual electric fuel pump, gauges.  Halls airspeed indicator, battery voltage, cylinder head temp, altimeter, vertical speed, compass, turn coordinator, new seats.  Bungee landing gear with 6’ wide stance gear.    Will deliver within 4 hours flight time(400 KM)  Floats and 0 time KFM also available for additional price.  Located at Chilliwack, BC   Ron Pankonin 604 991 0522 [email protected] 


Challenger 2     $27,700.

Exceptional Challenger 2, 2010, built in the home built class, many additional features. Includes: Mixture control, carb heat, Engine information system, ballistic chute, under seat storage, in-flight adjustable 3 blade IVO prop, new hydraulic brake system, integrated PTT control stick, 64 liter aluminum fuel tank, fuel sump system, advanced throttle quadrant, 582 Bluehead Rotax motor with 182 hours, always hangared, flown regularly, fresh inspection by Lakeland Air ready to go. Comes with full set of Turbulence covers, wheel pants and standard set of tires. Currently on Tundra tires. Very fast edition of Challenger. Cruises easily at 82mph and can cruise at 90mph if desired. To build approx. $60k. Priced reasonably at $27700. Call Rod Giles 250 428 5209. Serious inquiries only.  [email protected]


Merlin EZ 03     Reduced to $30,000. OBO

Merlin EZ 03, C-IKEA AULA. By owner, builder. A solid and great flying aircraft on wheels and skis. Roomy side by side, cabin heat. Rotax 912 UL 80 hp eng.& A/F 960 hrs s/n flown regularly and maintained. Strong reliable engine. Log book. Always hangared. Test flown annually by kit manufacturer. Panel: 5-pack steam gauges. Large luggage compartment. Diff. disc brakes makes turning around easy with the 9” tail wheel. 2 blade IVO ground adjust 74” prop. 45 litre fuel tanks each wing. Main skis + tail ski incl. Price: C$31,900. OBO. Andy Gustafsson Calgary  [email protected]


Slip Stream Genesis II.    $26,900. CDN

CFWLA  Built in 2001.   Rotax 912ULS 100HP.  2 seat side by side. Wing span 30'8"  Chord 5' Height 6' 3.5"   VNE 120 MPH.   Cruise 75 MPH.  Empty weight 750 Useful load 449. Fuel range 4.0 hours  Dual wing tanks.  TT 535 hrs.  Registered as Amateur Built at 1199 lbs. Can be flown with an ultra light pilot permit. Equipped with new 3 blade Warp drive prop, all the log books and build book. Includes 121.5 ELT, MAC stick elevator and aileron trim controls, electronic fuel pump, wing strobes, fuel miZer, cabin heater with 2 speed fan, Black Max brake system and Microair 760 channel radio.  Martin Nordstrom [email protected]  403-380-6918


MSquared Sprint 1000    NOW $20,900. CDN

This heavy duty quicksilver clone sports a 1600 pound max gross, dual controls, 912S at 265 hours, EIS, airframe converted from amphibs 15 hr TT, clear coat UV protection, always hangared, switching to trikes  John 250-668-9596  [email protected]


Northwing Navajo Trike    $17,000. OBO

Factory Refurbished Northwing Navajo Trike.  65 HP 582 Grey Head rebuilt by California Power Systems.   19 M Northwing Impulse Wing.  For Fast Sale Asking Only $17,000. OBO  Call Randy 250 307 7553 [email protected]


2006  Savannah    SOLD!

Full Lotus parts     OFFERS!

I have retired my 2150 full lotus. The hulls were getting shaky. I have everything else for sale, airbags, airbags fit all  Full Lotus floats 1650 and up, some new old stock, all the structural tubing, aluminum parts etc. Rick Porteous        250-675-4715.    Sorrento   [email protected]

2005 FLIGHT DESIGN CTSW. $79,500.

2005 FLIGHT DESIGN CTSW.   100 HP Rotax 912ULS 200hrs. In flight adjustable pitch prop.  Dynon EFIS-D100, Avmap EKP-IVGPS, Trutrak Auto Pilot, Garmin GTX mode C Transponder, SL40 comm. Leather seats, professionally maintained, always hangared, TTAF 1500hrs.   115-120 kts cruise. 5 gph 34 gal tanks. $79,500. CDN   Located Calgary AB. Canada.  Larry 403-850-0067.  email: [email protected]


Piper 18A CF-XNG Canuck  $85k

CF-XNG Canuck    Restoration Nov07-May10 - $85k   Owner Maintenance Category so  lots of options available.  Airframe about 3900 hrs, engine about 300 hrs. 2010 AeroSportPower wide deck 0320-B2C (175 hp burning premium mogas).   Airframe very good, tail section replaced, epoxy primed/sealed.  Tube-sealed.  Extra tie-downs in ext. baggage.  NEW: fuel lines, electrical, control cables, floorboards, interior panels, inst. panel, windows.  Sensenich M74DM (52”) & McCauley GM8241 (Borer) props.  Fabric headliner, Removable cross bar, lifetime sealed struts.  Lightweight alternator & SkyTec starter & Vetterman x-over exhaust.  Odyssey 680 battery under seat, digi tach, Stits Polyfiber fabric & paint in 2010.  Square Madras (droop) tips with tip markers & strobes.  SS lifting tabs, Defroster, Icomm IC a200 & IC 2100h radios,  flightcom  intercom,  Kannad 406 ELT.  Digital tach , Garmin196 GPS on panel.  Halon fire ext, map pocket, FS450 fuel computer connected to GPS.  Welded float fittings, EDO 2000’s.  Aero 2000 skis,  new Scott 3200 tailwheel main bracket, Cleveland 8.5 X 6 tires, 26" high.  No brakes installed.  Floor cut & hinged so easy to install.  Both sides lifting handles.  X-brace, & seatbelt tabs welded to floor frame, tail “box” reinforcement.  Reinforced carry-through braces @ wing root & lift strut.  Extended baggage, floor only w/extra tie-downs.  Atlee gear cables, FAD cargo restraint net.  Grease fittings front & rear stabilizer tubes.  Long fuel/entry step, FAD tie-down & spar reinforcement.  Aileron gap seals, flaps inboarded.  Pitot moved to near jury strut.  Tanis preheater strips (2) w/thermostat.  Quick release oil drain, oil FILTER, soft cooler lines, cooler flushed.  Welded float fittings & permanent Water rudder pulley mounts.  All new extruded aluminum stringers.  SS lower strap for tail brace wires.  [email protected]   250 742 3258


1973 Citabria 7ECA     NOW $39,500.

1973 Citabria 7ECA  TTSN 6420 SMOH 1785 STOH 323, New wood spars and polyfibre covering 2001,  Fuselage recovered 1981,  New toe brakes, New adjustable front seat, New engine mounts, baffling and interior 2016, Icom 200, intercom, wheel pants and federal skis. Hangared. Asking $42,000cdn Home 306-928-4505 cell: 306-482-8119 [email protected]


Kitfox Model 3   $30,000.CDN


Kifox Model III, Airframe TTSN 105.8 HRS. Engine: Rotax 582 Model 99 (Blue Head) TTSN 10 HRS. Rotax E Redrive 2:62, IVO three blade ground adjustable propeller. All logs since new. Construction manuals, HACman mixture Control, Cabin heater, Matco Tundra dual fork Tail wheel, Tundra tires on mains. Full Lotus floats with all rigging, Comes with transport trailer. All in excellent condition, always stored inside. $30,000.00 CAD  Located in Tumbler Ridge, BC  Email [email protected]   Phone: 250-242-8205


KITFOX II  Ultralight Folding Wing $20,000.USD

Beautifully finished folding wing aircraft completed in 2006. Rotax 582 blue head with 2.62:1 C-drive. Aircraft has s/n 002. Has cabin heat, wing tanks, Flightcom intercom, dual hydraulic brakes and GSC Systems 3 blade propeller. Features quick-folding wings that greatly simplify carriage and storage. Perfect for short runways and can be stored in regular garage. Comes with original builders manual, owner’s manual, some construction photographs and custom built trailer. Stored indoors so fabric is in excellent condition. Completely gone through just before pilot passed away. Asking $20,000USD. Located hour outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Contact:  Carey L. Daoust  206 Tuscany Meadows Heights NW  Calgary, Alberta  T3L 2L6  Cell: 403-710-2597  Phone: 403-374-1883 [email protected] 


Single-Seat Thundergull    Reduced to $16,000.


Called the Cadillac of ultralights in many ultralight aircraft reviews for flight performance and speed range of the 20 foot wingspan with dropped tips cantilevered wing used (no struts or wires). Unknown hours, but very strong electric start 503 DCDI Rotax with in-flight adjustable 3-blade Ivo prop. Has EIS info for motor, etc. in good instrument panel. Cruises at 85 -100 mph. Radio headset may be available separately. 10 gallon US gas tank. Huge flaps. New battery. Wing and body covers plus hangar protection. Just replaced fan belt and Lexan windshield. The prop alone is worth $1,600. US.  Was asking $18,500. Now $16,000.CDN  Contact Gordon  Isaac at 250-549-1608 or email  [email protected]


1994 Rans S12   $19,500.

1994 Rans S12, 325 hours,  Blue Head Rotax 582 with 208 hours, Good fabric, always hangared, all AD's done, including new tail boom, New wiring and panel with Becker radio/intercom, digital altimeter/VSI, EIS,Strobes, cabin heat, two 9 gallon fuel tanks, hydraulic brakes, Earth EX Lithium battery.  Registered basic ultralight, can be registered Advanced UL, great flyer!  Located in Creston, BC  Price $19,500.  Contact: Kasper Naef  250 505 2501  [email protected] 



2000, Challenger II Advanced Ultralight. 250hrs TTSN. 0 time on rebuilt Rotax 582 engine. Radio, Intercom, headsets, GPS, ELT, Electric start, Heater for winter flying, Puddle Jumper Amphibious Floats, Skis, Tundra tires. Winter Enclosure (tinted). Always stored in a hanger. This plane is ready to fly, winter or summer land, water or snow. • Contact Dale G. McKnight located Golden, Canada • Telephone: 1 250 272 6558 . 1 250 344 6894    [email protected]


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