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Newsletter April 2018.

Previous Newsletter March 2018

Next meeting Thursday, April 12.

7:30pm, Blair Field Clubhouse.

Transport Canada

Aviation Safety Letter

From Willy Trinker


“Winter!”  ..what’s not to like?


While most pilots stash their aircraft for the winter, some of us are really looking forward to carry on all year even if it means means swapping from floats or wheels to skis. I personally have been an advocate for plane skiing ever since Scott from Mountain Air Services took me for the first ever outing into the Kamloops Hills with his Dad’s Citabria. Needless to say, I’ve been hooked on the idea ever since!

However, ski flying is not just something to you pick up one day and is as easy as mounting a pair of skis on your trusty old birdie and the old “Hey, lets go!”. There is cold weather engine management, shock cooling, pre-heat, etc. etc.  To add more issues there is varying ski installations and again, not all are suitable for the mountain or a back country lake adventures, some are simply a runway to runway ski that prevents you from sinking out on the snowy part of 33 at CZML. How are the conditions on the destination end, over-flow, flat light, winds and drifting snow, crusts, powder, snow swamps and the proverbial GLIT that prevents you from taking off and reaching your lofty goals, guessed it right, it takes to two words to make that one. Next, how heavy is your aircraft? In my humble experience it seems like the lighter they are, the less work is involved. You swamp your PA18-180 you'll regret the moment you decided to mount the skis, you sink your SkyRaider 2 Ultralight and its not too big a deal, unless of course you break things in the process and can’t get home.


Avid MK4 & BushCaddy R80 on a Burger Trip to LacLaHache


As in everything, training helps but does not always prevent mishaps. Ongoing good judgement calls are in order since Mother Nature is relentless during the darker month of the year and a minor mistake may end up a major rescue. Ideally flying in a small group is best, or at least have a flying ski-buddy to back you up, come and get you, just in case the play time turns into major working overtime with your snowshoes and shovel. Just make sure you’re not needing 2 guys to rescue. Do we speak from experience here?

Pick your days; there is occasional some good early, prior to Christmas, ski flying. Honestly though, it does not get nice out until Valentines Day and up here in the South Cariboo it lasts usually into late March. That is based on straight skis, add some wheel skis and you can be like Clint, always ready, as he never takes his R2800’s off his Pacer. Alpine (above tree line) flying is actually better later  in the season, longer days, better snow coverage and a more consolidated snowpack make for easier and more fun (speak less work) outings. Again, know where you are going. Anyone been there before, any tracks, any reference, used in the past, used this year, used last week, ..rescue possibilities, back up plane and pilot, all these considerations should be a constant questionnaire going through a ski flyers mind and determine his or her choice of landing sites. Maybe for starters, the next lake over, with the highway right alongside it and the Burger Joint across the road might just be the place. Adjust your outing according to the conditions at hand, maybe a touch and go and the 180 back is the better choice and most likely better than having to press one of these covered over buttons on your Spot Tracker,’ve got one those, right!? BE PREPARED, sleeping bag, axe, saw, a few tools, survival gear, snow shoes, bring it, always! Trust the old timers on this, you’ll need it.


Citabria & Kitfox 2 ice fishing in the Quesnel


While this winter is slowly coming to an end, maybe start thinking about skis for next winter and extending your flying season. Not every winter is the same, there is good ones and there is so so. This one was a better one once again and I hate to see it all melt away. But there is always next year and one thing for sure, Clint is already ready again!  If you have an interest in ski flying and you’re the only one on your field, come and join us. A big shout out goes to Hans Hofmaier who has flown his SkyRaider 1 powered by an HKS four times from his home at Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island to the Cariboo. He enjoys our surroundings and the usually suitable ski flying conditions. Think about this for a moment, ..thats eight times across the Salish Sea, eight times across the coastal mountains, eight times crossing the Canyon all on skis in a little Ultralight.


Hans Hofmaier blowing some Cariboo Powder in his SkyRaider 1


We do hope there is more guys joining us next winter, given its a good one again. To finish off, our pilot refresher turn-out was beyond expectations with 31folks in attendance all in all. As for regular ski fliers locally here, about 10 to 12 guys fairly regularly, flying everything from UL’s up to Stinson’s and C-180’s. I guess thats what you get when you have 8 month of winter and 4 month of poor ski flying. Did we mention that winter is a great time for flying?!


“Pizza & Beer” with some of the local fliers at Nick’s Rag & Tube - CZML



Pilot Refresher held on February 23, 2018 at CZML



With best regards, Willy Trinker     AERIAL ESCAPADES   250 706 9496


From Jan Nademlejnsky

189. Flying Buse Lake Area, April 4, 2018

Beautiful, but bumpy flight to Buse Lake. I was following the mountain ridges on both sides on South Thompson River. The Buse Lake is famous by changing color in the late summer from green to pink from plankton in the water. Check the Kamloops region beauty.

Video   Additional Photos 


 187. Nice Aerial View of Kamloops Area from South and all around, March 17, 2018

Another beautiful flying day. Flew SE to Campbell Creek Rd, north to Barnhartvale, North Ridge west over Mt Peter & Paul. Very nice view of the Mt Mara top and fly around perspective. Sand bars are always spectacular while flying south and then east over Kamloops downtown. Check it out.

Video   Additional Photos


186. Flying Loop Harper Mountain - Tobiano, March 11, 2018

It was perfect day for flying with blue sky and above freezing temperature. I was following Kamloops South Ridge east, then to Harper Mountain ski slopes north. I turned west over the North Ridge, then to south across the Kamloops Lake to Tobiano and finally east over the South Ridge back to river sand bars and airport. It was relaxing flight over very beautiful country site.

Video   Additional Photos

New in the Buy&Sell in the last month


1998 AirBorne Trike  $18,950. CDN  

AirBorne Edge X Trike for sale with

1. New North Wing Quest GT5: C$13,500.   2. Total engine Rotax 582 overhaul: C$4,300.   Asking C$18,950.

The Rotax 582, 65 Hp, 2 cylinder, dual ignition (4 spark plugs), electric carb heat. 5200 RPM at cruise speed 100 km/h.

This trike is in perfect condition. When the Lightwing Services took the engine apart in 2017 with total of 400 hours, the technician called me with news that the engine was in perfect condition and did not need any overhaul. I asked for complete overhaul anyway, including the crankshaft replacement, because I wanted this engine lasting my lifetime (I am 71 now). The original wing was also in perfect condition, but I wanted a faster wing and latest technology to last to my end. I bought New North Wing Quest GT5 in 2017, C$13,500. I installed it at 455 hours.

The trike is in perfect condition. I carried a passenger only once for 30 min. It has been always hangared and the wing never folded. No accident, hard landing, engine or structural failure. It has BRS installed in 2009. I installed electric carb heater, so I could have worry free flying in winter

This is 1998 model, which I bought in 2002 with 36 hours. Practically new engine after 400 hours overhaul (which was not needed), new wing at 455 hours, 482 hours now. BRS, Carbon fiber 4 bladed prop, new battery. It has Transponder with reporting elevation. I will move it to my new trike, unless the new owner wants to pay me extra for the new transponder (~$2,000?). I am buying new trike Apollo, DeltaJet2, with Rotax 912. Check pictures for instrumentation and video for additional information.

Addition Photos


How Trike (Motorized Hang Glider) Works, Feb 13, 2017

Several Trike Flying Days in Three Minutes

Flying Buse Lake Area, April 4, 2018 

Ask any question by email: 

Jan Nademlejnsky, P.Eng

38-1836 Greenfield Ave

Kamloops, BC V2B 8T2

Home: 778-470-0505


PIPER PA-17 VAGABOND        $25,000.CDN

FLY CHEAP • $25,000.CAD 1948 A-75-8 Cont. FRESH ANNUAL Mar 21, 2018. 2325 TTSN 166 STOH. NEW Prop, NEW Sealed Struts, Disc brakes, Brackett Air Filter, FWF done in 2014. • Contact Joel Ellis, Owner - located Surrey, BC Canada • Telephone: 604 619 2689 •  • Posted March 31, 2018


1968 Cessna 172K      $79,000. CND

1968 Cessna 172K 4700 hrs., 180 HP Lycoming  777 hrs., CAP 2000 floats, Hartzel 76" dia. C/S prop. 2 yrs old 24 hrs., Sportsmans STOL kit,  ICOM radio  A210, Garmin transponder GTX327,  ACK  A-30 encoder, Kanad compact 406 mhz ELT. hydraulic launching dolly and 250 litre aluminum fuel transfer tank with 12V pump  $79,000. CND  Frank 250-706-7751 Lac La Hache, BC.


1958 Piper PA22-160 Tri-Pacer.      $32,000.

Total time airframe 2112 hrs; engine O320 B2A 160 HP 202 hrs SMOH; propeller 5 year inspection 2014; lifetime struts and new fuel selector so no ADs for these; new carb 2013; new wheels/disk brakes 2015; new tires/tubes 2014; new battery 2015;  406 ELT 2015; new compass 2016.  Annual due Aug 2018; transponder Aug 2019; ELT Aug 2018.  Standard instruments, King KX 170BNav/Com, Bendix T-120 ADF, RT-159A encoding transponder, 2 place intercom.  Ceconite redone in 1984, hangared since 1983.  Located near Villeneuve AB.  Asking $32,000. for questions.


Ridge Runner 3S Kit      $7,500.


Complete kit, wings are partially done, some controls installed, needs a few minor storage rash repairs, included in sale are 2 Rotax 503 engines, 2 A-Drives, 1 Belt drive    ..all in all, the works! Will not separate items. First $7,500.- takes it all away. It's a deal at that, so the price is firm!!      AERIAL ESCAPADES        Willy Trinker.        250 706 9496


Piper Super J4    $62,500.

Owner retiring - This homebuilt conversion is currently on 2000 floats with recent 2 part epoxy below waterline, wheels and skis are included in sale, so is a second propeller for wheel/ski use. Built in 1995 with 566hrs TTAF and 473SMOH on Lycoming 0-320B with light weight starter, alternator and new mags. 54 US Gal fuel gives it 7+hrs range. Large easy access baggage allows loads up to 8' long with hatrack. PA-18 Tail. Great Bush Plane! For more info please call Dick at 250 395 0591 or 250 395 4360. Ferry/Delivery possible. Asking $62,500. CAD


Single-seat  Thundergull    $18,500.OBO

Called the "Cadillac of ultralights"  in  many ultralight aircraft reviews for  it's  flight  performance and  speed range  of  the 20 foot wingspan with  dropped  tips  cantilevered wing  used  (no struts  or  wires ). Unknown  hours, but  very  strong  electric start 503  DCDI Rotax with "inflight adjustable " 3 blade  Ivo  prop. Has EIS info for  motor , etc.  in good  instrument  panel.  Cruises at 85 -100 mph.  Radio & headset may be available  separately.  10 gallon US gas tank. Huge  flaps. New  battery. Wing and  body  covers plus hangar  protection. Just  replaced  fan belt  and  Lexan windshield.  The  prop  is  worth $1,600.00 US alone, Asking price  is  $18,500.00 CDN  Contact Gordon  Isaac at 250-549-1608 or  email


PPG Trike    $8,000.

PPG Trike for sale. Generac 50hp V-twin engine, 72" 3 blade GSC prop, foot throttle.  Has around 160 hours on the trike. It comes with 2 wings.  Apco Play 42 (100 hours) & a Powerplay Sting 250 (Red, 60 hours)   Also comes with an intercom system & Icom A6 radio with 2 headsets.    Wyoming,


Lazair 2-seat ultralight    $9,000.

Lazair 2 seat ultralight aircraft, great fun way to fly, enjoy the open air feeling.  40’ wing span x 14’ overall length x 6’ tall. With 2 – 26 HP KFM electric start motor, all new fuel lines, new plugs, decarbon cylinders, 2 new props 36”x 15 pitch, 2 fuel tank total 12 gallon, dual electric fuel pump, gauges.  Halls airspeed indicator, battery voltage, cylinder head temp, altimeter, vertical speed, compass, turn coordinator, new seats.  Bungee landing gear with 6’ wide stance gear.   Asking price $9,000.CDN   Will deliver within 4 hours flight time(400 KM)  Floats and 0 time KFM also available for additional price.  Located at Chilliwack, BC   Ron Pankonin 604 991 0522 


Kitfox Mk1  2-seat ultralight   $20,000.

100 hours on 582 blue head motor, folding wings, heater, 3 blade IVO prop, gauges: airspeed, VSI, turn coordinator,  Exhaust gas temp, tack, compass.  STOL aircraft 63’ take off with one person 1/2 fuel.  Has trailer, save on hangar fee, can store in a normal garage.  New Bungee, new fluids radiator and Matco brakes lines, repacked wheel bearings.  Selling for a friend. Located at Chilliwack, BC. Asking price $20,000. CDN Will deliver within 4 hours flight time (544 km)Ron Pankonin 604 991 0522



I am looking for an engine for my Luscombe. I will consider anything from an A-65 to a C-90.  Must be certified and airworthy.  Email:     Jon


Also looking for Vans RV-4

Complete rebuild 2012.  47 Hrs. on Airframe and Engine.  Light weight Polly covering.  Wide Landing Gear with Disc Brakes.  Strobe.  FUN TO FLY!  Located Calgary AB.  LOOKING FOR A   " VANS   RV-4  Contact: George  403-931-1645


Andreasson BA-4B     $25,000. OBO

Also looking for Vans RV-4

The Andreasson BA-4B is a Swedish-designed sport biplane that dates from the mid-1960s.

This BA-4B is an excellent example of the type. It features all-metal construction, superior build craftsmanship, a 0-timed engine, terrific panel and a removable full canopy. It is built for small to medium sized pilots.     The builder, Gerry Theroux, is a retired aircraft maintenance engineer, and his experience with structures and systems on large airliners shows in the build quality and attention to detail that this BA-4B demonstrates.

Aircraft Features

Lycoming 0-235-L2C 118 hp, O SMOH. Overhaul completed in 2015, engine properly preserved in a heated garage or hangar since then.

Will need proper break-in sequence completed. 2000 hour TBO.

Dual P-Mags allow variable and always optimal ignition timing. This translates to exceptional fuel economy and reliability. The ability to use automotive spark plugs saves even more money over having to use aviation spade plugs.

Oil cooler and remote oil filter.

Propeller is also O time SOH.

Trio Avionics EZ-Pilot single axis (roll) autopilot. The EZ-Pilot is slaved to the included Garmin 296 GPS and will intercept and hold a course the pilot selects, or operate autonomously to any heading the pilot selects. It can slave to any GPS featuring standard NMEA data output

Panel mounted Garmin 296 GPS.   An MGL comm radio Mode C transponder.

Standard ASI, altimeter, VSL, fuel gauge, and tachometer. Quad gauge for oil pressure and temp, CHT and EGT.  Full electrics with proper wiring and circuit breakers.   Electric pitch trim with electronic position indicator.  Flaperons, which will also work with the EZ pilot.  Adjustable rudder pedals. Cabin heat and cabin vent cooling.

Panel mounted Garmin 296 GPS

An MGL comm radio

Mode C transponder

Standard ASL altimeter, VSI, fuel gauge, and tachometer

Quad gauge for oil pressure and temp, CHT and EGT

Full electrics with proper wiring and circuit breakers

Electric pitch trim with electronic position indicator

Flaperons, which will also work with the EZ pilot

Adjustable rudder pedals

4 full-span ailerons for exceptional roll control

Fighter plane-style stick grip with switches for comm, trim and autopilot

5-point harness

55 litre fuel tank (14.5 US gal)

Spring steel landing gear, dual brakes and 6.00 x 5 tires

Full swivel tail wheel

Wingtip and strobe lights

Full plans and a set of claw tie-downs

There is a little bit of work yet to be done on the plane. The final aileron rigging is needed, and lower wing to fuselage gaps seals need to be installed. So do the lower wing tips.

Additionally, the engine needs the initial ground run break-in, plus the standard in-flight break-in to seat the rings and to stabilize oil consumption.

The BA-4B is currently registered as an ultralight aircraft and has not yet flown. As an ultralight, it does not require the standard amateur-built restrictions such as staying within only 25 NM of the home airport for the first 25 hours of flight. The pilot has a lot more freedom to explore the airplane at his or her discretion.

The airplane weighs about 700 lbs empty, and as noted, it will best fit small to medium sized pilots. The rudder pedals are adjustable via turnbuckles, and there is some room for adjustment in the seat

This airplane will have outstanding performance with an excellent power-to- weight ratio, terrific climb and roll rates, and an estimated cruise speed near 150 mph! You won’t find that in other ultralight aircraft.

We’ve tried to price this aircraft fairly considering the features and build quality versus the fact it’s only 99% complete and hasn't flown yet. The panel and firewall-forward together are worth more than the asking price.

See this Wikipedia link for the design’s complete history:

If you feel the BA-4B might be right for you, please contact

George Murray 403-931-1645


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