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Newsletter December 2017.

Previous Newsletter November  2017

No meeting this month


Christmas Dinner.

We had been invited to have the dinner with the main Kamloops Flying Club, at the clubhouse at the airport. There were less attendees than last year but everything went fine. Excellent food catered by the same fellow as last year, more than enough for everyone.

Harry and Pat Winterhalder came again, it is always a pleasure to see them. Some of the friendliest people in the world! 

I took a few pictures with my iPhone and downloaded them to my computer, intending to show them here. But count on me to screw up!  After I deleted them from the iPhone, do you think I could find them in my computer? Not at all!!! I looked all over, but they are hopelessly lost.  I can only hope that they were all bad anyway!

From Willy Trinker.

Lesson's be learned!  

Hello everyone, 

Just a quick heads up that while flying with a student yesterday (Nov. 17th, 2017) in his PA-17 powered by a C-85 we had a partial engine failure in the circuit. We were working on runway changes so at time of the failure a bit further out on downwind as usual and unable to return to the pavement, safety concerns with houses, power lines, highways etc. 

Anyhow, as I showed him once more pre-landing power reduction by pulling carb heat prior to throttle reduction the engine nearly died. Also the carb heat cable came out slightly further as it used to. I immediately pushed the nose down a bit, pushed the carb heat back in - no change 500 - 700 rpm rough at best. Reduce speed to best glide, look out below, check fuel, 3/4 tank, fuel valve on, bla bla bla ..while slowly sinking towards unfriendly terrain below. At this point I started cycling the engine and after several cycles it seemed to stabilize at about 1900 - 2000 rpm, ..time to look for a landing site, open terrain below and possibly nurse it back to the airport. No luck, can't maintain altitude so out over a small valley we go to get additional heights in the sinking game. It is also fairly open and has a few frozen ponds (barely frozen) in it that can be used as a last resort scenario. But no power lines, roads, houses, and if needed a bit of room to select the best bad place there is, since there really is no good ones. 

Knowing of an old airstrip in the area and realizing that going back to CZML was a no go we decided to use the old field. It has some fairly tall trees at the approach and a new fence (hard to see near dusk) about 1/3 down, ..never mind its all we got. Over the trees we go, lean it over into a nice slip towards the fence, level off, flare, touch down, roll out, full brakes, watch the ditch, big rock, bull wallows and and we come to halt, of all right side up and not a scratch on the plane. 

After shut down and inspection I put my fingers up the hot air bleed hole of the box and immediately could feel the butterfly valve laying on the bottom of the box. Upon removing the filter it was rather obvious that some really poor workmanship was to blame and a secondary, possible 3rd repair and brazing failed - see photos. It partially occluded the intake and reduced the amount of air needed for the engine to run properly.

So if anyone is using an old carb heat box, they are now 60 years old, things fail, don't be afraid to check it good on your next annual. Look at the welds!! Anytime you pull that filter, give that Butterfly Valve a good hands on wiggle, not just a visual. Ideally spend a couple hundred bucks for a new one and get a peace of mind with it.  And also, anyone telling you that certified engines are better than your Rotax, Subaru or Yamaha, because they never fail, ..I beg to differ. Certified Aircraft engines have problems too and I could go on for some time listing issues here. But the point here is, that a look is good, a hands on wiggle better and new box ideal. So for all those on this forum or maybe your friends that are bombing around with an old C-65, 75, 85, 90 you name it, ..maybe check that old airbox and the welds. Was a first for us, but there is lots of them out there. Stay safe! --

Best Regards, Willy T.  

AERIAL ESCAPADES     250 706 9496         


From Paul Parsons

Thought this site would be of interest to you and the club. It's produced by one of our Waikato-Thames Valley SAA Chapter members who flies his own classic lookalike - designed and built by him.     Paul 

From Jan Nademlejnsky

 Note: To see more of Jan's pictures, and in higher resolution, click on this link to his website.

Aviation business opportunity for some one: The owner of Czech manufacturing company, FloatsCz, is looking for Western Canada distributor. They are producing light aluminum floats. Check their website; it is impressive. BTW, the Czechs are very good in what they are doing and they have very long history in aviation manufacturing. They have the strongest economy and the lowest unemployment in Europe.


I updated my website Freedom of Flying. I took all my 2017 pictures (except the last one) and loaded them to my site provider. I created new picture gallery selector. I would like to ask you if you could give me some feedback. I need to know which format is better: The original by clicking on the main "Picture Gallery" or the new one by clicking on the upper last link "Gallery Test". It contains 2920 pictures which I took in 2017.

 My latest flights: 

180. Flight to Mt Peter and Paul, Downtown and Sandbars, Kamloops, Dec 4, 2017

Very nice but cold flight to very scenic Kamloops landmark, Mt Peter and Paul. It shows annotated views of both hills in unique perspective. I saw 'flock" of 8 eagles on the South Thompson river. Turn your sound on to heal relaxing music while flying with me in that beautiful Kamloops countryside.


Pictures           Video


179. Flight with Clouds, Kamloops, Nov 17, 2017

It was perfect day for flying: Stable air, sunny with fluffy clouds and +5C. I like to fly "with" clouds, which is above, below and around them. I followed the North Ridge east to Harper mountain area; Mount Peter & Paul surrounded with clouds and then back to Mara Mt and my favourite North Thompson River sand bars. The sand bar area is now larger then the water surface.


Pictures           Video

New in the Buy&Sell 

Note that I re-arranged this page and placed all the ads together, aircraft and parts. I also removed all the ads that had been there for over a year and the owners had not asked me to renew.


 Stolp Starduster II Project      $11,000.


Starduster II Project for Sale.  $11,000.  Has CofA.  Pulled O-470 engine off for another project.  Around 300 hours flight time.  Throw an engine on, and you can be flying, but needs the finer details dealt with, repaint the cowls, paint the top of the fabric wing, from a fabric patch that needed to be installed.  Cover the ailerons in fabric, to protect the wood.   For more pictures, or details phone : Mike Martin 778-240-4419 or email


Jodel D-11        $4,500.

First flew 1979, 314 TT. This aircraft is being sold as a restoration project, not an airworthy airplane. It will need dismantling and hauling away. The engine (Continental A-65) is off the airplane and needs some valve work, and the fabric needs replacing (last done 22 years ago). The wooden structure needs to be thoroughly inspected and repaired or refinished where necessary. It comes with another old A-65 that has a few useable parts. Asking $4500. Located in Kamloops. Email   for details.


Spray gear   SOLD!


This is Sorensen spray gear for a PA 12. It is complete, the tank can be used for hauling extra fuel if you don’t need it for spraying crops....tank holds 30  US gallons. Dan....250-318-3977


(For more ads, click here.)  VISITORS SINCE DEC. 03, 2017.

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