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Newsletter November 2017.

Previous Newsletter October  2017

Next meeting on Thursday, November 9, at 7:30pm.

Clubhouse, Blair Field.


From Jan Nademlejnsky

 Note: To see more of Jan's pictures, and in higher resolution, click on this link to his website.


178. Flight around Kamloops Lake, Oct 27, 2017

I had so much fun a day before that I decided to do the same again this morning. It was on cooler side (5C) and a bit haze in the air, but still beautiful day to fly. I decided to fly around Kamloops Lake, starting with north shore above the North Ridge. This area is very beautiful, but not very emergency friendly place to have engine out moment. The south shore has more places to drop it down in case of an emergency. It is very beautiful all around. I also encounter weather inversion. It was about 10C warmer at 5000' then 1000' above ground, where I usually fly. I run this video 3x faster so it is not boring. I also synchronised almost all video cuts into the music beat. Watch it and let me know if this video slowed your heart beat.

Pictures            Video


177. Flying above Nicola Valley Clouds, Kamloops Oct 26, 2017


It vas a crispy morning which allowed me to fly in beautiful, Kamloops area countryside. The Nicola Valley was totally covered by clouds and so I had an opportunity to fly over them. It was spectacular scene and very rare opportunity to do this. I then flew over my popular spots, Mt Peter and Paul. The air was very stable which happens very seldom there. My flight was topped off with beautiful fall colors near the airport. It was very good day.

Pictures            Video


176. Cold and Unpleasant Turbulent Flight, Kamloops Oct 23, 2017

This morning with no ground wind and 5C looked too good not to go flying. The first part was uneventful until I wanted to take a picture and realized that my Fuji camera is on the back seat. I had only slight hope that it is still there. I informed tower that I am changing my plan and going down. Eventually I reached back and was able to grab that camera. Yahoo! I did not loose it. I informed the tower that I changed my plan again to my original plan.

I experienced the effect of cold and warm areas from deep shade in valley on north side and warm sunny side on the other side of the ridge. This was coupled with the 18 km/h upper wind blowing over the ridge. It was wild ride.

It was short flight, because I am getting wimpy and less tolerant to the low temperatures. Now -5C is too cold for me while in Fort McMurray I used to fly down to minus 25C. The reality is that I used to have much better gloves, but now I operate too many buttons, which is impossible in some serious winter mittens. Now, my fingers quit first, which is not very pleasant feeling.

Pictures            Video


175. Short Local Flight in Beautiful Cloudy Sky, Kamloops Oct 11, 2017

The summed disappeared so fast. After almost month vacation, I had an urge to fly again. The sky was covered by very heavy but beautiful clouds, which would be perfect for picture taking. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. I had a few bumps on my way, but nothing extraordinary. Only the landing was not as I would like, actually it was bad in my books. The landing actually looked much better on video (even in slow motion) then during my landing.

Pictures            Video

New in the Buy&Sell 

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Note that I re-arranged this page and placed all the ads together, aircraft and parts. I also removed all the ads that had been there for over a year and the owners had not asked me to renew.

 Quicksilver MX    $4,000.

Started life as a '84 Quicksilver MX single seat. It has had the entire airframe reinforced with all new hardware installed. Comes with both a 35hp Rotax 377 and 50hp rotax 503 both are running. Currently on wheels but also comes with amphibious puddle jumper floats (could use a coat of paint).  One wing is almost complete and is almost ready for covering. Ribs are rough cut out for the other wing and will have to be installed (very easy to do in about an hour).  Comes with a huge assortment of new and used instruments, parts and AN hardware.  This plane is very close to being flyable. I estimate less then 80 man hours of work.  Many more photos and some videos here:   Contact Quintin at   250-589-9432


PK 1800 floats        SOLD!

PK 1800 floats for sale.  With serial # tags.  Super Cub gear.  Good condition.  $8500. OBO  Ken  250-319-0772


Wanted: Cessna 150/152

Wanted: Airplane production or homebuilt two place in the 15,000$ range. No "on condition" engine and must be flying. Will consider 1/2 ownership. Prefer Cessna 150/152. Located in Prince George.  David Wheatcroft 250-961-9377


1947 PA-12   $75,000. CDN    SOLD!

Chinook Plus 2     $34,995.

Chinook Plus 2 on full lotus amphibs.  Rotax 912 with only 30 hours.  Micro radio.  Garmin area 510 GPS.  Tons of extras including the original wheels to make it a land only aircraft.  Many spare parts.  2 Lightspeed noise canceling headsets.  1 Spot tracker GPS ELT.  A great flyer, tons of power and climbs like a rocket. Located at Airspeed High Ultralights at Courtney Airpark.  $34,995.  Contact Mark 604-603-8632 or email 


2004 Arrow Quest    $21,000.

2004 Arrow Quest / Air Creation ultralight trike, New Aeros Still 17 Wing c/w Training Bars, Rotax 503 DCDI, E Box with Electric & Rope Start, Engine overhauled with new crankshaft, 2 Hrs. TT since break-in, Dual Bing Carbs, Intake Silencer, Arplast composite ground adjustable Eco Prop, Electric Prime and Boost Pump, Nose Gear Brake, Hydraulic / N2 filled Shocks, MicroAir VHF Radio, Strobes, Pod Cover, Trailer, Trike & Wing Manuals, Complete Professional Ground Up Rebuild, $21,000, Negotiable, Possible Delivery. Contact     Arnie  780-832-9750  or e-mail

More videos  sttps://


Miscelaneous for sale    Offers

Garmin Map 76S. Compatible with Mapsource program.   Uses two AAs. Batteries.  Has travelled a lot and never failed.

Icom IC-A6 and two Avcomm AC-200P  When new, the A6 is $350. and the Avcomm $125.  The adaptors have a PTT connection for when they are connected to handheld radios.  The headsets are good quality and one has a volume control on each side. Comfy, clear sound.

Instruction books

Call Paul 250-299-5973 or


15 ft Puddlejumper Floats     $7,000.

Puddlejumper Floats 15 ft .  New Black Max Hyd. brakes, wheels and tires.  Water rudder no real time on the floats.  All mounting hardware, heavy duty nose wheel $7,000.   Call John 250-832-1845


1998 Chinook Plus 2     $8,500.   SOLD!

Chinook Plus 2 1998    503 Rotax    280 hours engine time, 640 hours Air Frame.  Icom A-3, Garmin 276  Registration C-IFQT. $8,500.   Call Mike at 250-253-0032


2003 Europa XS     $33,800.

2003 Europa XS, Rotax 914, new coolant lines, carb diaphragms, new carb mounts. Airmaster AP300 warp drive prop, Becker radio/ transponder, Bendix King Gps,   70 hrsTT,   Call Gord at 250-803-1655


1989 Kit Fox 1  $33,000. or trade for land

1989 Kit Fox 1 - $33,000.00 or trade for land This sweet amateur built aircraft is s/n 002, #001 is in the Denny KitFox factory. Complete rebuild, new tires, rims, brakes (BlackMax), new 503 Rotax motor with 2 hrs on it (had proper break-in). Fuselage stripped, magnafluxed and painted. New medium wt. poly-fiber with Endura paint and new Lexan. Comes with skis and Full Lotus floats with new covers/airbags and rudder. Have all original books and manuals. Test flown. Call Neal 403-598-5155


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