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Newsletter May 2017.

Previous Newsletter Apr  2017

Next meeting on Thursday, May 11, at 7:30pm.

Clubhouse, Blair Field.


Editor's notes.


Kamloops Rust Remover on May 27th. Details later.


Savona July 1st

We are having a July 1st celebration at our local park...   I am wondering if you might be interested in doing a fly past of airplanes on July 1st anytime between 11 am and 2 part of our celebrations.

Look forward to hearing from you..

Thank You

Barb Gale President of Savona Community association        

From Darren Watts

Hi Cam,

Could you please email the members and let them know that the south east end of the runway needs to be avoided as there is standing water on it that has been there for a few weeks. If we consider the road as the temporary  threshold of 31 the rest is pretty good. I don't need anymore of this to repair.  May 4.


From Monte Dauncey

The Kamloops Flying Club would like to extend an invitation to the members of the Thompson Valley Sport Aircraft Club to attend a special presentation on May 15th at the Kamloops Flying Club at 7:30 pm.

Aidan Kyne, from Victoria Terminal Control, will be coming to Kamloops to talk about flying in terminal C airspace around the lower mainland and Vancouver Island.  Specifically, he will address a) Best practices when flying in and outside of Class C airspace around the lower mainland; b) preferred (safest) routes for flying to various lower mainland airports, such as Boundary Bay, Langley, Pitt Meadows, Victoria, etc., c) best practises and tips for crossing the Strait to Victoria and other parts of Vancouver Island; d) best practices regarding radio procedures on initial contact and subsequent communication with terminal C airspace controllers.

Following Aidan’s presentation, there will be an opportunity for audience members to ask questions. 

There is no fee for this presentation but registration is required.  Space shouldn’t be a problem but we will limit registrations to 60.  Registrants must be members of either the Kamloops Flying Club, the Thompson Valley Sport Aircraft Club or the Vernon Flying Club.  Registrations will be accepted from May 8th to May 15th, space permitting, on a “first come” basis. 


When: Monday, May 15th at 7:30 pm

Where: Kamloops Flying Club 2845 Aviation Way, Kamloops

Bring: Vancouver VTA (paper or electronic) 

Registration: email 

Monte Dauncey

President, Kamloops Flying Club

From Dan Berwin


From Jan Nademlejnsky

153. Flying by following South Ridge and North Ridge on Return, Apr 30, 2017

It started as very interesting day with some low clouds as a residue from the previous rainy day. This gave me an opportunity to fly over them while following South Ridge east. The wind was very low and predictable with only mild turbulence. I crossed the South Thompson River to North Ridge at about 40 km east of the airport and followed it back west to the airport. I saw several groups of wild horses high on the very steep slope. I wished I could fully concentrate on filming and picture taking, but my priority was to fly safely. I had powerful zoom camera, but it is impossible to use with just one hand. It was very good day and perhaps the last flight with and under this slow, but very enjoyable wing. Brand new and 50% faster wing, GT5 by North Wing, to be delivered this month.

Video   Pictures


152. Flying 30 km North from Kamloops Airport, Apr 25, 2017

I always wanted to fly straight north over the not very emergency-situation-friendly terrain. Finally, I had enough confidence in my equipment to do it. It was almost continual uphill from 1200' to 7000', from 15C to -2C and snow covered terrain. The first half of the flight north was very beautiful, but the second portion was not very photogenic. Just forest and logging patches on rolling hills. It was interesting that I was flying north upwind. When I turned east to North Thompson river valley it was again upwind. As soon I turned down South in the valley the wind blew again against me and this continued all the way to airport, which was west of me.

Video   Pictures


151. Flying along the North Ridge to East of Kamloops, Apr 21, 2017

Two days before my flight, the weather forecast said that the wind will diminish from strong, gusty and from East to no wing at 10 am. I was ready at 9:30, waiting for the wind to get reasonable. Exactly, 10 am the wind stopped, slowly turned around 180 deg, but still below 10 km/h. Practically, no wind and the sun cooking, created very unstable thermal conditions. As I am used to it, I actually enjoyed some of those thermal bumps.

The Kamloops countryside is always spectacular, so no matter where I fly it looks interesting and beautiful. This flight was no exception. I saw many wild horses and I wished to be able to take proper picture of them. I use 35x zoom camera, but it is impossible to use it in flight while still in flight control. I only use a wide angle zoom and just estimate what I am taking picture of. There would be many opportunities for a passenger-photographer.

Video   Pictures

From Paul Parsons

Have we had enough of Battle of Britain Docos?. I found this one well worth watching. v=VdOMPVtFDkc

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